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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 397


Chapter 397: Chapter 397 - Intercepting with Brute Force

Chapter 397 - Intercepting with Brute Force

After Qin Nan left the place, he paid five hundred Contribution Points at another inn and stayed for the night.

“The main art of the Unconventional Pill Almanac is known as the ‘Path of Unconventional Pill-Refining’. The Demonic-Cored Highness had achieved the Greater Success Stage of this art, allowing him to become a tenth-grade Yue ranked Pill Alchemist. Therefore, with the help of his experiences, I’ll have a chance to master this Path of Unconventional Pill-Refining!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself while doing two things at once—comprehending the Path of Unconventional Pill-Refining, while practicing his Martial Skills.

“I only managed to upgrade my Golden Core with the Chaos Qi after it was formed. I no longer have any Chaos Qi within me, so how can I upgrade my Six-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul?”

Qin Nan continued to ponder.

He had been able to successfully form his Nascent Soul with the assistance of the Unconventional Pill Almanac alone. He did not play a part in it.

So how am I able to upgrade it myself?

Time passed gradually. Three days were gone in the blink of an eye.

The entire town turned exceedingly lively due to the arrival of Qin Nan, Ying Xunlong, and Xue Wuheng, as heated discussions took place between the cultivators.

Qin Nan slowly opened his eyes. In the past three days, he had mastered the basics of the Path of Unconventional Pill-Refining, a significant progress.

As for the way of upgrading his Six-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul, that would have to wait until he entered the Triple Door.

“Time’s up!”

Qin Nan rose from the ground and left the inn with a flicker.

The cultivators had all assembled in the town, a total of over two hundred people, resulting in a magnificent view. With a glimpse, Qin Nan discovered that most of the people possessed a cultivation of the Martial Ancestor Realm or above. Only a few were Martial Emperors.

In front of the crowd stood Ying Xunlong and Xue Wuheng, the two great geniuses who were both eye-catching.

“Look, it’s Qin Nan!”

“Such a remarkable aura, his cultivation is at least peak Martial Emperor Realm right?”

“Hehe, isn’t that nonsense!”


The entire crowd was immediately immersed in an uproar.

Ying Xunlong’s eyes glistened as he waved his hand and said, “Brother Qin, right here.”

Qin Nan wore a calm expression as he ignored the crowd and proceeded to where Ying Xunlong was. Along the path, he detected an icy glance coming from Xue Wuheng who was on his own.

“Brother Qin Nan, be careful of this Xue Wuheng. He might try to harm you.” Ying Xunlong transmitted his voice.

“Trying to harm me?”

Qin Nan frowned.

He was aware of the hostility displayed by Xue Wuheng, but there seemed to be no personal conflict between the two, right?

“Xue Wuheng is ranked seventh in the Qinglong Custodian ranking. He has an elder brother with the name ‘Xue Wentian’, ranked second. Previously, Xue Wentian had a chance of becoming a Prospective Saint, but due to your arrival, his name was erased from the list.” Ying Xunlong said.

“So that’s why.”

Qin Nan nodded his head.

Previously at the selection, he had been appointed as a Prospective Saint by Sacred Leader Qinglong. Until now, he was still clueless as to the benefits provided by the title, but he never expected it to be the reason that Xue Wuheng was being hostile toward him.

Qin Nan was about to continue speaking when a figure arrived from afar and uttered a roar, “Everyone, follow me!”

The crowd of cultivators immediately obeyed the instruction. Qin Nan withheld the doubts in his mind for the time being and followed behind the crowd.

A short period of time later, the crowd had arrived before a huge lake with the guidance.

The lake covered an area with a circumference of over three hundred li. The water of the lake was dark blue in color with continuous ripples on its surface. Apart from that, a small island could be seen in the middle of the lake, with three huge doors standing on the island.

“So that’s the Triple Door?”

Qin Nan unleashed his left eye of the divine God of Battle and observed the Triple Door. To his surprise, the doors appeared to be encapsulated within forbidding auras, preventing him from inspecting them.

“This Triple Door was built by the Triple-Stacked Martial Dominator of the Qinglong Sacred Area in the past. It was said that after failing to rank up to the Martial Highness Realm, he consumed all his energy and treasures to build these doors, to specifically train disciples of the younger generations. After acquiring a boat, keep in mind that each step forward in the Triple Door is extremely difficult. However, great benefits will be granted in return!”

The custodian explained in detail.

Qin Nan immediately understood it, as it was similar to the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods of the Mystic Spirit Sect. Each step further was equivalent to a greater benefit.


Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

“After arriving at the island, you can stay for a period of four months’ time. Early withdrawal is possible, allowing others to take the vacant spots. Alright, the phase of competing for the boats begins now!”

The custodian flung his sleeves, resulting in thirty jade boats appearing on the surface of the lake. Each boat could only hold a single person.


Many cultivators among the crowd who were relatively experienced immediately sprang forward. In just the blink of an eye, numerous figures could be seen arriving before the jade boats while unleashing their auras.


Countless explosions took place immediately, as the cultivators began to fight one another for the boats.

Ying Xunlong and Xue Wuheng dashed forward and landed on two of the boats. Apart from a few cultivators who tried to ambush them at the start, no one dared to challenge them at all.

“That one!”

Qin Nan unleashed his eyes of the divine Battle Spirit while observing the situation. He immediately discovered the cultivator competing for the boat beside Xue Wuheng turned out to be the weakest, with a cultivation of the first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm.

With a kick, his figure sprang forward like a missile.

“Qin Nan, you dare to target my boat!”

The first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator uttered a roar as he lashed out a punch without mercy toward Qin Nan.

There was no need for Qin Nan to withhold his strength in this battle. After all, his current cultivation was only at the peak Martial Emperor Realm.

“Great timing!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he hurled out his right punch. His body immediately exhorted an explosive strength as the punch collided with the fist of the first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator.


The first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator’s face instantly turned pale. Following this, his figure was sent flying by a terrible force.

The cultivators nearby were astonished. They had not expected Qin Nan’s flesh to be this outstanding, able to defeat a first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm opponent with a cultivation of the peak Martial Emperor Realm.

Qin Nan’s figure landed on the jade boat without wasting any more time in the battles. He then stomped his right foot on the deck, causing the boat to launch forward.

At that instant, a layer of ice suddenly formed on the surface of the lake, causing the jade boat to be stuck.


Qin Nan scanned his surroundings and immediately detected Xue Wuheng’s presence.

“I did remind you that those below the fifth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm should stay ten meters away from me. Last time was your first time breaking the rule, and you dared to break it again today. Even if you are a Prospective Saint, I will not forgive you!” Xue Wuheng spoke in a cold tone, “Leave the jade boat at once. Otherwise, I’ll show no mercy!”

The surrounding cultivators were shocked.

Xue Wuheng was going to attack Qin Nan?

Ying Xunlong frowned his eyebrows from afar, but he showed no sign of interfering, as he was interested to see how Qin Nan would deal with Xue Wuheng’s challenge.

“Ten meters?”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned icy.

This Xue Wuheng was quite interesting. Did he really think he was the Imperial Exterminator, not allowing anyone in his vicinity?

He had decided to forget about last time, but Xue Wuheng still insisted on him leaving his jade boat, which was equivalent to giving up on the chance to cultivate in the Triple Door. Did he really think he was someone to be bullied easily?

“Enough with your bullshit, bring your ass over here if you’ve got the balls!”

Qin Nan snapped.

“Courting death!”

Xue Wuheng’s face was filled with rage as he soared into the air with a kick and hurled a punch downward.

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