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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 395


Chapter 395: Chapter 395 - The Triple Door

Chapter 395 - The Triple Door

...Caomu Peak, somewhere deserted...

Qin Nan was busy reading the newly-posted honorable quest in the Qinglong Scroll, while the astonishment on his face showed no sign of dissipating.

The Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains was open to all cultivators under the Martial Dominator Realm, which took place at the Qinglong Sacred Area in three months’ time.

Although the details of the competition were yet to be revealed, it was said that the prizes were tremendous.

The first ranked would be rewarded with a thousand Primary Stones and three Dominator Weapons. The second ranked would be given eight hundred Primary Stones and one Dominator Weapon. Six hundred Primary Stones for the third, and so on… A difference of two hundred Primary Stones as the rank got lower. In other words, even the tenth ranked would receive two hundred Primary Stones!

How significant were two hundred Primary Stones?

Qin Nan would need to refine at least two hundred Yue-ranked pills to exchange for them!

The prizes were absolutely fantastic!

“If I were to come first in the competition, with the one thousand Primary Stones, and the extra ones after selling the three Dominator Weapons, it’s highly possible that I could level up the divine Battle Spirit to Di rank!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath, as his eyes turned fiery.

If a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit could place him at close to the top of the lower district among the geniuses, a Di-ranked Martial Spirit would definitely allow him to become the top genius of the lower district!

Who would stand a chance against a Di-ranked Martial Spirit?

“I must take part in this competition!”

Qin Nan instantly decided and proceeded to accept the quest.

However, at that instant, a voice appeared in his mind, which turned out to be Peak Leader Duanmu speaking in a serious tone, “Qin Nan, now that the situation has changed, I’m afraid someone has their eyes on you! It’s better if you don’t take part in the upcoming Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains. Someone might use it as a chance to harm you!”

“Someone trying to harm me? Who would that be?”

Qin Nan was startled.

Peak Leader Duanmu’s tone was filled with a hint of rage, “We still have no idea who they are, only a few suspects at the moment. Tang Qingshan and us are currently investigating it. However, we are confident that they have somehow found out that you are the person we’ve selected. Therefore, in order to stop our plan, they will be targeting you.”

“I see…”

Qin Nan nodded his head.

Although he was clueless as to what had happened at the Ocean of Death back then, one thing he could vaguely guess was that there existed some sort of secret at the Ocean of Death, involving a great conspiracy.

Otherwise, he would not be targeted out of nowhere.

“Thanks for the reminder, senior, but don’t worry. I’m going to take part in this Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains, and I’ll return alive!”

Qin Nan said in a calm manner.

He was not afraid of danger, nor death, as he was the bearer of the divine Battle Spirit.

That being said, Qin Nan could easily request Primary Stones from Peak Leader Duanmu and the others to rank up his divine Battle Spirit. However, Qin Nan was not willing to do so, as he believed that in the Martial World, it was extremely important to rely on himself.

The Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains not only provided him a chance to earn Primary Stones, it could serve as a training ground to him too.

“Fine, be careful.”

Peak Leader Duanmu clearly knew Qin Nan’s personality, thus he did not advise further. After telling him what he needed to pay attention to, his voice disappeared.

“Only those below the Martial Dominator Realm are allowed to take part in the competition. In other words, there will be lots of peak Martial Ancestor Realm experts participating in the competition. If those guys are planning to deal with me, they will send Martial Ancestor Realm—or even peak Martial Ancestor Realm—geniuses to do so!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement, as the blood in his body began to boil.

After joining the Qinglong Sacred Area, apart from Lin Xiaoyu and the others, he had yet to have an enjoyable battle with other geniuses!

This might be my chance!

“Three months are left until the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains take place. I should make use of this time to improve my strength, as it’s still too weak at the moment!”

Qin Nan soon calmed his thoughts while starting to plan his next step.

He currently possessed the Six-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul, which was equivalent to the sixth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm in terms of strength, but that alone was nowhere enough.

As for his initial plan to refine pills, now that he had made a deal with Princess Miao Miao, he no longer needed to worry about acquiring Primary Stones within this period of three months. Furthermore, he could make use of the time to improve his Pill Alchemy, to master the best pill-refining methods of the Demonic-Cored Highness recorded in the Unconventional Pill Almanac.

Until then, he would be able to refine Yue-ranked pills by himself to exchange them for Primary Stones.

“I remember that there are cultivation grounds here in the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

Qin Nan made up his mind and immediately took action by checking the Qinglong Scroll.

As expected, apart from the dojos at the sixteen mountains, there existed specifically built cultivation grounds in the Qinglong Sacred Area. One of them with the name ‘Triple Door’ instantly caught his attention.

“The Triple Door of the world, how many doors are you able to surpass? Each door represents a world, each door represents a forbidden ground!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself. With a flicker, he headed straight to the location of the Triple Door.

In the Martial World, one could not rely solely on fortunate encounters to improve their cultivation. As a matter of fact, the person should be more diligent after acquiring fortunate encounters. Only through diligence and resilience would one be able to improve themselves!

The Triple Door was located at the eighth mountain.

The entire eighth mountain looked ordinary from the outside, as it did not have anything extraordinary compared to the other mountains. However, when entering its boundary, an invisible force could be felt suppressing his figure.


Qin Nan’s body stiffened as if a huge rock was crushing downward from above, causing each of his actions to become more energy-consuming than normal.

“There exists a unique gravitational force here in the eight mountain. Once entering the boundary of the mountain, the gravitational force will be applied…” Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a gleam as he mumbled to himself.

In ancient times, many of the Atavistic Cultivators would carry a heavy sword or load on their backs while cultivating. However, this eighth mountain already possessed a natural gravitational force, making it extraordinary.

Qin Nan followed the instructions and proceeded forward. While walking, a small town appeared in his vision.

In the small town stood inns, etc. full of crowds, resulting in a lively scene.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the town stood two custodians serving as the guardians. As Qin Nan approached them, the two custodians immediately halted him in his tracks and said, “You will need to pay one thousand Contribution Points if you are planning to enter the Triple Door.”

Qin Nan could feel his heart aching. After making the payment, the custodian then said, “The Triple Door will be activated in three days. Feel free to take a rest in the town.”

Three days?

Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows. Wasn’t this Triple Door a mere cultivation ground, why do I have to wait for it?

With the doubt in his mind, he entered the town and decided to head over to an inn to gather information.

As he arrived at the entrance to the inn, a loud yell could be heard, “Did you guys hear? When the Triple Door is activated, Ying Xunlong and Xue Wuheng will be here too!”

After hearing this, the cultivators in the inn immediately uttered a series of gasps.

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