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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 393


Chapter 393: Chapter 393 - A Pleasant Giggle

Chapter 393 - A Pleasant Giggle

Tie Mu had spoken, and so had Chen Ying also. Therefore, there was no doubt that Qin Nan was really the one who refined the pill!


Envoy Zhu still could not believe it.

“It’s… it’s real.”

The more he asked about it, the more embarrassed Chen Ying felt, while her head had almost lowered to her waist.


Envoy Zhu could feel an explosion taking place in his mind.

In addition to him, the custodians could also feel their mind exploding!

They would not be this amazed if anyone else at the venue had turned out to be the one refining the pill instead, but Qin Nan was a completely different case!

Who was Qin Nan?

The genius in Martial Arts that the two Sacred Areas competed for!

And you’re telling me that he knows how to refine a pill, and his talent in Pill Alchemy is this terrifying?

Was he still f**king human?

“Qin…Qin Nan…”

After a moment of astonishment, Envoy Zhu glanced at Qin Nan and intended to say something, but he realized that he could not find any words at all.

“Greetings, seniors!”

Qin Nan brought his fists together and said in a sincere tone.

Although he had been left speechless when Envoy Zhu and the custodians completely ignored his presence, he did not show any sign of becoming angry. After all, they did not do it on purpose.


Envoy Zhu immediately nodded his head. At that instant, it felt like he was no longer an eighth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist, but rather an ordinary disciple who had completely lost his ground and panicked.

Not to mention the custodians, who all stood in place with blank expressions on their faces.

Cough...Cough…” Tie Mu tried to break the awkward situation as he spoke, “Envoy Zhu, according to the rules, now that Qin Nan has refined such a remarkable pill, we would normally reward him, but he is not a disciple of Caomu Peak...”

“Does that matter? He must be rewarded!”

Envoy Zhu immediately interrupted and said in a firm tone, “Not only will we rank him as a fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist, we will be recruiting him to our Caomu Peak too. Young lad Qin Nan, what do you think?”

After hearing this, not only was Qin Nan startled, the crowd of disciples was dumbfounded too.

Recruit Qin Nan to Caomu Peak?

Was this Envoy Zhu being serious!

Why would a Martial Arts genius like Qin Nan leave Duanmu Peak?

Envoy Zhu swiftly let out two coughs. He completely forgot about this as he was lost in his great joy. However, as he reminded himself of the current situation regarding the two existing factions at Coamu Peak, he immediately made up his mind and clenched his teeth as he spoke, “Young lad Qin Nan, your talents would definitely go to waste if you chose not to pursue the path of Pill Alchemy at Caomu Peak! Consider this, why don’t you become a specially-recruited disciple of our Caomu Peak? As such, you won’t need to stay at Caomu Peak, thus your cultivation at Duanmu Peak would not be affected…”

“Senior, I’m sorry. I’m really not interested.”

Qin Nan said in a calm tone.

The reason he started Pill Alchemy was to earn Primary Stones, instead of his passion or hobby. The Pill Alchemy duel with Zheng Kun and Chen Ying was in fact a mere accident.

In his opinion, the path of Martial Arts was still considered the most important!

“Don’t reject the offer straight away!” Envoy Zhu was slightly panicked as he blurted out, “If you are willing to become a specially-recruited disciple of Caomu Peak, not only would you be allowed to browse the majority of the ancient Pill Alchemy manuals, you will also be supplied with resources too. Furthermore, if your rank of Pill Alchemy is high enough…”

“Senior, please forget about it.”

Qin Nan said with an expressionless face.


Envoy Zhu felt helpless after seeing Qin Nan’s firm attitude. If he was dealing with any ordinary disciple, the person would have happily accepted the offer without any hesitation. However, Qin Nan was never an ordinary disciple to begin with, he was someone even Caomu Peak would think twice before messing with!

“It’s fine if you are not interested in joining Caomu Peak. Here is a badge of our Caomu Peak, please keep it.”

Envoy Zhu rapidly took out a badge.

Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows before taking the badge.

The crowd of disciples gulped down mouthfuls of salivas after seeing this.

This is the difference!

They did not even have the right to be Envoy Zhu’s Pill Servant. In contrast, Envoy Zhu was begging Qin Nan to join Caomu Peak, but Qin Nan was not interested at all!

“Senior Tie Mu, thanks for trying to protect me previously. The pill that I refined today will now belong to you!” Qin Nan had not expected such a magnificent sight to be the outcome of his pill-refining process. Therefore, he decided not to stay any longer as he handed the Lunar Flame Pill to Tie Mu.

“How could I accept this…”

Tie Mu waved his hands. This was a fifth-grade Xing ranked pill with a rare phenomenon, it’s extremely valuable!

Qin Nan forced the pill into his hand. Although he had never had any contact with Tie Mu before, the former had been trying to take care of him, thus he was worthy to be respected.

Even though the Lunar Flame Pill was kind of precious, he did not feel any unwillingness in giving it to Tie Mu as a gift.

“Senior Tie Mu, remember not to let anyone see this pill!”

After transmitting his voice to Tie Mu through his divine Sense, Qin Nan brought his fists together and executed his body technique before Tie Mu collected his thoughts.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Nan grabbed Lin Xiaoyu and Leng Jianxiong, and immediately left the scene before something were to happen.

“AH, Qin Nan, don’t go…”

It took Envoy Zhu a while to react, but he could no longer catch sight of Qin Nan’s figure.

Sigh, I let him escape!”

Envoy Zhu felt even more unpleasant now.

“Tie Mu!”

“Senior Brother Tie Mu, do you remember the time when we used to drink together a lot?”


At that instant, the custodians smiled at Tie Mu in a gentle manner, although their gazes were locked onto the Lunar Flame Pill in his hand.

It was obvious that they were planning to carry out some experiment on the Lunar Flame Pill to determine how it was refined.

Envoy Zhu’s eyes flickered, as he himself was quite interested too.


At that moment, an imperious voice could be heard. Even Envoy Zhu was given a scare.

The crowd could only see a middle-aged man wearing a robe at the venue, who had appeared out of nowhere. The middle-aged man’s hair was long, down to his shoulder. It felt like the man was about to explode at any time soon, as if a ferocious flame was burning within him.

However, the most eye-catching thing was the dark purple symbol of a moon located on the shoulder of the middle-aged man!

The symbol was an indication that he was a Yue-ranked Pill Alchemist!

“Court Master Jin!”

At that instant, Envoy Zhu and the custodians were astonished, while the disciples were left in awe.

At Caomu Peak, there were a total of three Court Masters, possessing a power slightly weaker than the Peak Leader!

This Court Master Jin was one of them!

“What are you all doing here?”

Court Master Qin spoke with a cold expression.

He was only here at the venue after specifically receiving a message from Chen Fei to support Chen Ying.

However, he had not expected the venue to be in a mess.

Before Envoy Zhu and the others could reply, Court Master Jin glanced at Chen Ying while wearing a gentle smile, “How did you go in the examination?”

“Uncle Jin…”

Chen Ying could feel her heart being stabbed by a knife, which almost caused her to burst out crying.

“Court Master!”

Envoy Zhu immediately blurted out.

“What’s wrong? Oh?”

Court Master Jin’s attention was suddenly grabbed by the Lunar Flame Pill, causing his eyes to be filled with astonishment, “Who is the one that refined this pill? Chen Ying, is it you?”

Chen Ying almost broke down after hearing this.

Envoy Zhu asked the same question!

And now Uncle Jin is asking again!

Were they here purposely to slap me on my face?

“Court Master, it’s like this…” Envoy Zhu immediately explained the incident in details, including the part where he tried to recruit Qin Nan.

“Qin Nan?”

Court Master Jin was taken by surprise, but he did not hesitate for too long as he blurted out, “Show me the pill right now!”

Tie Mu had already forgotten about Qin Nan’s advice, as he immediately handed the pill over.

Well, it was not completely his fault, as the imperiousness of a Court Master was already deeply planted in his heart since long ago, preventing him from rejecting the Court Master’s command.

“This is…” With a glance, Court Master Jin’s pupils contracted tremendously. He had been only trying his luck with it, but he had not expected it to be real. His face instantly reddened due to excitement as he completely lost his ground while emitting a roar, “Quick! Quick! Send my order! Qin Nan must join Caomu Peak!”

Join Caomu Peak?

At that instant, Envoy Zhu and the rest were startled.

What was wrong Court Master Jin?

Chen Ying, in particular, felt even more unpleasant after seeing this.

What the hell was wrong with everyone?

Was there really a need to go this crazy when he only managed to refine a fifth-grade Xing ranked pill with a rare phenomenon?

“What the f**k are you waiting for! Move your asses at once! Are you seriously experts in Pill Alchemy, you can’t even realize the true appearance of this pill!”

Court Master Jin became enraged!

True appearance?

The crowd was stunned.

Envoy Zhu subconsciously inspected the Lunar Flame Pill in detail. Following this, he did observe something different, which alone caused him to be utterly shocked.

“Could this be…”

Envoy Zhu then stared at Court Master Jin in astonishment.

“That’s right, this pill…”

Court Master Jin took a deep breath as a blue flame was ignited on his palm, setting the Lunar Flame Pill on fire. A rare change occurred to the pill all of a sudden, as a flame began to burn from the inside of the pill. The flame then transformed into a small figure, who opened its eyes and stared at its surroundings with a curious expression, before it let out a continuous giggle.

“It’s a spiritualized pill! This is a fifth-grade Xing ranked spiritualized pill!”

The words served as a ferocious thunder!

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