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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 392


Chapter 392: Chapter 392 - The Frozen Smile of the Envoy

Chapter 392 - The Frozen Smile of the Envoy

...Meanwhile, at the venue where the fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist examination was taking place...

The moon shone brightly high up in the sky, while the crowd was immersed in a dead silence.

After seeing the expressions on the crowd’s faces, Qin Nan decided not to thoroughly reveal the true appearance of the Lunar Flame Pill, as there was no need for that anymore.

“Chen Ying, Zheng Kun, so, who do you think has won the duel?”

Qin Nan’s words broke the silence.

The crowd instinctively glanced at Chen Ying and Zheng Kun.

There was no doubt that the victory of the duel belonged to Qin Nan.

That being said, no one had expected Qin Nan to display such a remarkable talent in Pill Alchemy!

Everyone had underestimated him!


Chen Ying and Zheng Kun’s faces both turned incredibly pale.

After witnessing the entire incident, it was as if they were being continuously slapped across their faces.

What else could they say?

“Be gone!”

Qin Nan spoke without any mercy.

He had never had any personal conflict with them to begin with, but they still chose to bother him, thus he would not forgive them easily.

Chen Yin and Zheng Kun could feel a hot sensation on their faces, as they immediately took their leave without defending themselves.

If they were to stay any longer, it would serve as a greater humiliation.

However, at that instant, figures with powerful auras landed at the venue in a continuous fashion.

These figures were wearing white-robes with six golden runes carved on their chests;some even had seven golden runes. In other words, these Pill Alchemists were all ranked sixth-grade Xing rank and above!

The crowd of disciples was astonished.

“Isn’t that Custodian Zhang?”

“My god, Elder Xu is here too!”


The group of people before them all possessed great status in Coamu Peak, whom ordinary disciples would have a hard time meeting in person.

But they are all here at the same time!

“Hmm? Who refined the pill?”

“Uhh, Qin Nan, why are you here?”


These custodians were no doubt attracted here by the fluctuation of the force when the fifth-grade Xing ranked pill was formed. However, they were all stunned when they saw Qin Nan here.

Suddenly, an incredibly powerful aura approached the venue from afar.

The crowd could only see an old red-haired man arriving. Although his cultivation had not reached the Martial Dominator Realm, a great suppression could be felt coming from his body.

The custodians were utterly shocked after seeing this old man!

“Envoy Zhu!”

“Why is Envoy Zhu here?”


This Envoy Zhu was an eighth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist who possessed a great authority in Caomu Peak.

The crowd was left in awe after seeing Envoy Zhu’s arrival, who all remained silent.

Normally, they would never have the chance to meet Envoy Zhu in person.

Envoy Zhu slightly raised his head and scanned the crowd, who was startled as well when he saw Qin Nan, “Why are you here too? Hmm? So this is the pill?”

Envoy Zhu’s attention was immediately attracted by the pill in Qin Nan’s hand.

With a glance, his face wore an astounded look as he spoke, “Impressive, very impressive. This Lunar Flame Pill was nicely refined, which contains a powerful force within it, it greatly surpasses the effect of a normal Lunar Flame Pill, while having some special benefits too, as expected of a fifth-grade Xing ranked pill capable of triggering a rare phenomenon! Who exactly produced this pill?”

Envoy Zhu subconsciously skipped Qin Nan and glanced at the others. When he saw Chen Ying, he immediately came to a realization while speaking in a surprised tone.

“HAHAHA, Chen Ying, so it’s you. That makes sense, since your brother is so talented in Pill Alchemy, your talent is no doubt outstanding too, to be able to refine such a pill in just two years’ of practice. Your talent can easily be ranked in the top five in Caomu Peak!”

Envoy Zhu gave out his compliments in a direct manner.

The other custodians immediately recovered from their astonishment.

“So it’s Chen Ying, no wonder!”

“Tsk tsk, this brother and sister of the Chen Clan are going to conquer Caomu Peak!”


The custodians were extremely jealous.

In Caomu Peak, there was a peerless genius with the name Chen Fei. If it weren’t for the sudden appearance of the little girl who kept referring to herself as the Princess, this Chen Fei would no doubt be the top genius of Caomu Peak!

The crowd of disciples wore a confused look after seeing this.

Chen Ying’s face turned utterly pale too as she immediately shook her head and blurted out, “Envoy Zhu, it’s a misunderstanding, I’m not…”

“HAHA, what misunderstanding, stop being modest little girl!” Envoy Zhu burst out laughing while waving his hand, before saying with a pleased look in his eyes, “Your talent is definitely greater than those seventh-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemists. If your skills continue to develop, it’s possible that us of Caomu Peak will have another Yue ranked Pill Alchemist in the future! Chen Ying, as a custodian of Caomu Court, I’ll now appoint you as a disciple of Caomu Court, how does that sound?”

Caomu Court!

The place where all geniuses of Caomu Peak gathered!

It was said that once someone joined Caomu Court, it would guarantee the person to have a brilliant future. There were only eight disciples in Caomu Court, thus showing how outstanding it was.

While being shocked, the confused look of the disciples grew thicker.

“Custodian, this…” Tie Mu instantly spoke in a panicked tone.

“Tie Mu, you did a good job in discovering a genius like Chen Ying! From today onward, you will be my Pill Servant, how’s that?” Envoy Zhu was immersed in a great joy.

Generally speaking, Caomu Peak is currently split into two factions. One with that Princess as the leader, while Chen Fei was the leader for the other faction. Envoy Zhu was conveniently siding with Chen Fei for the time being.

Therefore, he was incredibly joyful after seeing Chen Ying displaying such a great talent.

“No, it’s not that——”

Tie Mu’s face reddened thoroughly.

Normally, he would be immersed in a great joy if he were to be offered this, but how could he be happy under such circumstances?

“What is it?” Envoy Zhu’s face instantly turned cold. This Tie Mu dared to reject his offer despite him being so benevolent. How disrespectful! He then said in a cold tone, “Do you know that I really hate people who reject my offers! I hope that you’re able to give me a satisfying explanation, otherwise——”

This time, it was Envoy Zhu’s turn to be interrupted.

Tie Mu felt incredibly unpleasant after being interrupted twice in a row, causing him to utter a roar, “Envoy Zhu, Qin Nan is the one who refined the pill!”

Envoy Zhu’s cold expression immediately stiffened.

The other custodians were stunned in place too.

Qin Nan?

Qin Nan was the one who refined the pill?

In the beginning, even though they saw Qin Nan holding the Lunar Flame Pill, they never thought him to be the one that refined the pill.

Are you kidding me, Qin Nan is a mere disciple from Duanmu Peak, how could he refine such a remarkable pill?


“Is Tie Mu out of his mind?”


The custodians all burst out laughing after hesitating for a while, unable to believe the words.

“Tie Mu, how could you say such words, it seems like you——

Envoy Zhu’s eyes were engulfed in flames of rage as he collected his thoughts.

On top of rejecting his offer, this Tie Mu even came up with such a ridiculous lie, was he not paying any respect to me?

However, before he could finish his words, Chen Ying spoke in a dull tone at that instant, “Envoy Zhu, Tie Mu...Senior Tie Mu is right. Qin Nan is the one who refined the pill!”

The smiles on the faces of the custodians froze at that instant.

The fury on Envoy Zhu’s face froze too.

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