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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 391


Chapter 391: Chapter 391 - The Emergence of the Moon Into the S

Chapter 391 - The Emergence of the Moon into the Sky from the Pill within a Pill

The victory is yours?

Your pill didn’t even reach first-grade Xing rank and you still assumed that you’ve won?

Everyone was dumbfounded, as no one expected Qin Nan to say these words.

Chen Ying and Zheng Kun were startled, before their faces turned cold instantly.

What was Qin Nan implying?

Was he trying to make up the results now?

Before the two became enraged, Qin Nan suddenly walked toward Tie Mu and grabbed the pill from his hand under his astonished gaze.

“Qin Nan, what are you…”

For an unknown reason, he could feel a weird feeling in his heart.

Qin Nan did not answer him. He faced the crowd and spoke in a calm tone, “While I was having a Pill Alchemy duel with Zheng Kun and Chen Ying, you were looking down on me and mocking me. Therefore, I would like to thank you all for helping me to exceed my limits, allowing me to reach a greater height. By the way, I’m seriously doubtful regarding the standard of Pill Alchemy of Caomu Peak. Haven’t you heard of a pill within a pill before?”

A pill within a pill!

The words served as a shocking thunder.

A Pill Alchemist with the rank of the sixth-grade Xing rank or above would use the remaining liquid to form a shell around the pill before it was formed, to avoid the overwhelming power of the pill from attracting the attention of nearby experts during the process. Meanwhile, there were some pills that would lose its power after coming into contact with the air as well.

These pills were normally referred to as a pill within a pill!

However, it was impossible for a low-ranked Pill Alchemist to refine such pills!

“Now, open your eyes wide and look carefully!”

Qin Nan’s aura suddenly burst out from his figure, like a giant sword rising into the sky as his words staggered the entire crowd.

He raised his left hand and clenched it into a fist, before he hammered it down aiming at the pitch-black pill.


A loud explosion could be heard.

The crowd could only see the pill tremble violently, as cracks appeared and spread across its surface at a rapid speed, before the outer layer of the pill was shattered into pieces.


A clear buzzing sound appeared from nowhere that penetrated the hearts of the crowd. A pill covered in a light green color floated in front of the crowd while emitting a tremendous power. Its surface was similar to the water of a lake, carved with five clouds on it.


At that instant, the crowd was astounded, as they subconsciously took a deep breath.

How was this possible!

How was this f**king possible!

It was really a pill within a pill, and the actual pill was fifth-grade Xing ranked!

There was nothing to be amazed about if a genius of Caomu Peak managed to refine a fifth-grade Xing ranked pill, but this person right before them was a disciple of Duanmu Peak, who never learned Pill Alchemy at Coamu Peak before!


Chen Ying and Zheng Kun could feel their minds turning blank as if they were just given a slap to their faces.

They never thought the person whom they looked down upon and continuously mocked was able to refine a far more powerful pill than them!

“I’m sorry fellows, this is not its true appearance yet!”

At that instant, Qin Nan suddenly spoke. He then opened his mouth and spit fire onto the pill, causing it to be combusted for a period of two breaths’ time. Following this, a rare fragrance was emitted from the light-green-colored pill.

The rare fragrance felt like it originated from the mountains, a fresh scent flowing into the hearts of the crowd, causing them to feel refreshed and energetic.

At that instant, Tie Mu was stunned. Chen Ying and Zheng Kun were stunned. The crowd of disciples was stunned.

Rare fragrance?

Wasn’t this a rare fragrance?

Qin Nan had managed to produce a fifth-grade Xing ranked pill with a rare fragrance?

On top of the rank of a pill, its quality could be further determined through rare fragrance, rare phenomenon, or spiritualization. Chen Ying had refined a fourth-grade Xing ranked pill with a rare fragrance, and that alone was enough to shock the crowd, let alone the fifth-grade Xing ranked pill with a rare fragrance that Qin Nan had refined.

How significant was that?

Even an ordinary seventh-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist would not be able to refine such a pill!

In the entire Caomu Peak, the number of people able to achieve that would definitely not exceed fifty!

Most importantly, the person that managed to refine the pill was Qin Nan, a disciple of Duanmu Peak!

“Let me remind you all—the people of Caomu Peak are not the only ones who can refine pills. We Duanmu Peak can do it too. I’m utterly sorry, as I’ve hidden the truth again to further amaze you. This is not its true appearance still!”

Qin Nan rapidly raised his tone while uttering the final few words.

The pill in his palm was engulfed in flames once again. To everyone’s surprise, the pill was perfectly unharmed in the flames, apart from vibrating at an increasing intensity, as if something was trying to break out from the pill.


A brilliant glow was fired into the sky from the pill, which vaguely portrayed a moon, resulting in countless gentle glows filling the entirety of the venue, allowing Chen Ying, Zheng Kun, and the disciples to feel a warm sensation.


At that instant, the crowd completely lost their minds!

A rare phenomenon!

This was no doubt a rare phenomenon!

Qin Nan had refined a fifth-grade Xing ranked pill with a rare phenomenon!

Was this a joke!

There were only less than ten disciples from the entire Caomu Peak who were capable of refining a fifth-grade Xing ranked pill with a rare phenomenon at such a young age, not to mention that these disciples were all famous geniuses among geniuses, with great futures ahead!

But now, Qin Nan—a genius of Martial Arts—has done it too?

Meanwhile, at the very same instant, the authorities nearby were startled.

“What is going on?”

“Such a fluctuation of force, this is the rare phenomenon of a fifth-grade Xing ranked pill!”

“Shit, this is the direction of the fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist examination. Does that mean we will have another super genius of Pill Alchemy soon?”

“Let’s go there at once!”


At that moment, countless people began to make their way to the venue in a surging fashion.

The initially insignificant Pill Alchemy duel continued to escalate because of Chen Ying’s participation, and now Qin Nan’s pill-refining had no doubt transformed it into a raging thunderstorm!

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