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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 389


Chapter 389: Chapter 389 - Continuous Cauldron Detonation

Chapter 389 - Continuous Cauldron Detonation

Pill-refining was about utilizing various methods to refine the pill into liquid, before blending them into the cauldron, merging into a pill.

As Qin Nan’s flames were burning in the cauldron, it began to tremble violently while letting out a buzz.


A sudden explosion could be heard in the venue. It turned out that the cauldron had exploded, and the broken pieces were sent flying into the surroundings.

The crowd was dumbfounded.

The cauldron was detonated?

He managed to detonate the cauldron even though he was using the most basic pill-refining method?

A simpler method meant that the pill was easier to be produced. Even Pill Alchemists with average talents would not detonate the cauldron when using the Art of Fire-Control.

“HAHAHAHA!” Zheng Kun burst out laughing all of a sudden, “Senior Brother Qin Nan, pill-refining is quite a dangerous task. Be careful not to hurt yourself due to the explosion!”

“He dares to take part in the Pill Alchemy duel with such a standard?”

Chen Ying’s face was completely filled with disdain.

At that moment, the crowd collected their thoughts and was immersed in a blasting laughter.

“I’ll die from laughing at this rate! I really thought he could at least refine a first-grade Xing ranked pill!”

“Tsk tsk, instead of focusing on his Martial Arts, he decided to waste his time on Pill Alchemy. How ignorant!”

“HAHA, let’s see how he’s going to deal with this mess!”


At Caomu Peak, a person’s talent in Pill Alchemy was the ultimate factor in deciding one’s status. As Qin Nan was being so full of himself previously but ended up displaying such a laughable performance, they were no longer mindful of his identity.

Lin Xiaoyu and Leng Jianxiong’s faces turned utterly pale, showing no color of blood.

Judging from the situation, Qin Nan’s defeat in the duel was guaranteed.

As for Tie Mu, he was not too surprised seeing this. He let out a sigh before speaking, “Qin Nan, you’ve detonated the cauldron, and the remaining time is running short. You should surrender now, as there’s no point in continuing…”

Before he finished speaking, he could see Qin Nan raising his head while wearing a firm look on his face, as he spoke in a determined tone, “Senior Tie Mu, all participants are allowed to have three attempts. I still have two more chances, so I would like to try again!”

I would like to try again?

The crowd was slightly startled, before even louder laughter echoed in the venue.

With such skill, even if he were given two more chances, or ten chances, the outcome would still be the same.

Chen Ying and Zheng Kun both let out hollow laughs, without commenting further. They could not care less if Qin Nan planned to try again, as he was only humiliating himself.


Tie Mu was stunned. He appeared to have something else to say, but ended up shaking his head and said, “Everyone does have three chances. If you are not willing to give up, feel free to try again!”

With a fling of his hand, two cauldrons and two sets of herbs landed before Qin Nan.

Qin Nan took a deep breath to calm his thoughts, before his hands swiftly reached out executing the Art of Fire-Control to liquefy the herbs.

His speed was obviously faster than his first attempt, causing his actions to appear blurry as he controlled the flames.

“Although I have the memories and experiences of the Demonic-Cored Highness, it was my first time refining a pill, thus I lack personal experience!”

“I have to relax my thoughts, and experience the greatness of Pill Alchemy in detail!”

“The cauldron was detonated as I lost my focus at the crucial moment. This time, I shall not repeat my mistake!”


Qin Nan’s thoughts flickered like lightning, as his eyes became more focused while his hands moved at an increasing speed.

As a matter of fact, he himself was not certain that he would win the duel against Zheng Kun and Chen Ying. However, he would never back off, as he enjoyed the sense of improving himself and exceeding his limits while facing against experts!

The crowd was aware of something different, causing them to be slightly amazed. It appeared that Qin Nan’s pill-refining method was smoother and more efficient compared to his previous attempt. Even they could not match his speed and efficiency.

Chen Ying and Zheng Kun were startled as well.

Was this QIn Nan improving his skill?

If that’s the case, that means that Qin Nan’s talent in Pill Alchemy is quite remarkable!


Qin Nan navigated the liquefied herbs into the cauldron, and began to merge them into a pill.


Qin Nan let out a roar.


A ferocious explosion was heard once again, as the cauldron was shattered into pieces.

The disciples were left in awe for a moment, before they burst out laughing once again.

“HAHAHA, I thought he was going to produce something this time!”

“To be honest, his skill did improve over the course of it, but it was only a f**king bluff.”

Humph, does he really think Pill Alchemy is something easy to pick up?”


After witnessing Qin Nan’s failures twice in a row, the crowd felt extremely pleasant for some reason.

Aren’t you the peerless Martial Art genius?

Aren’t you talented?

Too bad that you are just a piece of shit in Pill Alchemy!

Qin Nan ignored their mocking comments as he closed his eyes. The experiences of the Demonic-Cored Highness flashed across his mind like a ray of lightning.

On top of that, the details of the process of his previous two attempts appeared in his mind.

He was reflecting on his mistakes.

Chen Ying ran out of patience after seeing this, as she snapped, “Qin Nan, is there any point in continuing with the third attempt? The result of the duel is clear. Surrender now and apologize by giving me kowtows!”


The crowd was astonished, their blood rate increased.

They were keen to witness this peerless genius giving kowtows in front of the crowd!


Qin Nan’s eyes sprang open while he exhaled deeply. Without glancing at Chen Ying, he proceeded to the third cauldron.

He showed no signs of starting the pill-refining process as he arrived before the third cauldron. He stood still before it while breathing at a steady space. Following this, an incredibly magical aura was emitted from his figure.


Qin Nan’s body was suddenly engulfed in flames.

His left eye flickered with a gleam, while his right eye emitted a fiery glow. Both eyes were filled with an addicted look.

Natural-Born Martial Addict, one with the mind.


The impatient look on Chen Ying’s face stiffened.

Zheng Kun stared with his eyes open wide.

The crowd of disciples halted their breaths, as their faces were filled with astonishment.

What was going on?

Why was there such a huge difference in Qin Nan’s appearance all of a sudden?

Tie Mu’s eyes flickered with shock.

Meanwhile, as the crowd fell silent, only Qin Nan’s chant could be heard at the venue, “The Unconventional Pill Almanac, the Art of Fire-Control at its full potential, allowing the flames to soar in the sky! Unconventional at its finest, even a basic method would turn out to be full of secrets! There exists no conclusion for the creations of the world, especially in the path of unconventionalism…”

As he uttered the final word, Qin Nan reached out his hands and executed the Art of Fire-Control once again!

However, the Art of Fire-Control was no longer the same as before. It was as if his hands had turned into roaring thunder above the sky, while the flames from his hands triggered explosions around him, causing the herbs to be instantly liquefied.


It’s so fast!

His movements were so fast to the extent that the crowd’s hearts were filled with the roaring of thunder!

“This is…”

Tie Mu’s face was filled with great astonishment.

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