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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 388


Chapter 388: Chapter 388 - Refinement Complete

Chapter 388 - Refinement Complete

Not only was everyone incredibly familiar with the method Qin Nan was using, it was considered the most basic pill-refining method, known as the ‘Art of Fire-Control’, the foundation of Pill Alchemy that every disciple had to master when they first joined Caomu Peak!


“Qin Nan really knows how to refine a pill, he actually knows the Art of Fire-Control!”

“I’m gonna die laughing!”


The disciples all burst out laughing at that instant.

An advanced pill-refining method was essential to refine higher-grade pills. Even if Qin Nan perfectly mastered the Art of Fire-Control, he could only refine a first-graded Xing ranked pill at most!

Qin Nan was doomed to lose in the duels!

Disdainful grins could be seen on the faces of Chen Ying and Zheng Kun.

They finally knew why Qin Nan had the courage to challenge them to a Pill Alchemy duel, as he actually knew a bit about Pill Alchemy. That being said, he was too full of himself, assuming that he could challenge them after mastering the Art of Fire-Control.

“This duel…”

Lin Xiaoyu and Leng Jianxiong’s faces turned slightly pale, especially Lin Xiaoyu, whose face literally lost the color of blood.

Judging from the Art of Fire-Control, it was obvious that Qin Nan did not possess a relatively high skill in Pill Alchemy. In other words, he would surely lose in the second round of the examination.

“I initially thought that I would be able to witness a miracle…”

Tie Mu shook his head with a disappointed look. He then shook his head again with a slight hint of self-mockery.

As the crowd had mentioned, Qin Nan already possessed a peerless talent in Martial Arts, but this did not necessarily mean he would be extremely talented in Pill Alchemy, thus he should not have had any anticipation in the beginning.

Only Qin Nan was fully focused on the process of refining the pill, without paying any attention to the chatter taking place.

...Half of an hour passed...

Within this period, most of the disciples had finished refining their pills, while some of the disciples had failed both of their attempts, and just started on their final attempt.

Only Zheng Kun, Chen Ying, and Qin Nan were still busy with their first attempt.

“The Union of Fire and Water, Yin and Yang of the Heavens and Earth, the two will merge into one as the pill is formed!”

At that instant, Zheng Kun let out a sudden roar, as his hands proceeded to insert the liquid formed after the herbs were combusted into the cauldron. He then placed his hands on the cauldron, encapsulating it with flames emitting an icy aura. The various liquids within the cauldron began to merge together with the presence of fire and water, while the silhouette of a pill began to take shape.


A soft buzz could be heard inside the cauldron as a pill was formed.

The pill was half-red and half-blue in color with four visible shapes of a cloud on its surface.

The crowd was amazed seeing this.

“Four clouds, it has four clouds, it’s a fourth-grade Xing ranked pill!”

“This Zheng Kun is indeed talented in Pill Alchemy!”


Similar to the rank of a Pill Alchemist, a refined pill was also classified into Xing, Yue, and Ri, and each rank was split further into ten different grades. A first-grade Xing ranked pill would have one cloud on its surface, and so on for higher grades.

Zheng Kun let out a sigh of relief, as his face was filled with a hint of pride.

He had managed to have a better performance than he had expected, allowing him to refine a four-yun pill. Although it did not guarantee that he will come first in the examination, the crowd would be able to witness his talent as being qualified to become a fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist.

Tie Mu nodded his head in secret. Although he was not fond of Zheng Kun, it was quite impressive for him to refine a fourth-grade Xing ranked pill at such a young age. It would not be a problem for him to become a sixth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist in the future.

“Double-Armed Martial Spirit, ascension and descension in the left hand, Heavens and Earth in the right hand;the aggregation of one from all creations, Force Aggregating Pill!”

At that instant, Chen Ying uttered a soft cry as her jade-like hands emitted a colorful glow with a forceful intent into the flames to gather the herbs.


A loud explosion could be heard from the cauldron, as a pill with the appearance of white jade emerged from the flames. Four clouds could also be seen on the surface of the pill, emitting a pleasant fragrance.

“This is…”

Zheng Kun’s face was filled with shock.

Including Tie Mu, the crowd was utterly stunned after smelling the scent.

How was this possible!

That’s a rare fragrance!

In terms of the quality of a refined pill, apart from the number of clouds, there was another way to determine it.

For example, if a fourth-grade Xing ranked pill had a rare fragrance, it meant that the pill was refined with a far better efficiency and a stronger will.

Apart from rare fragrance, there were also higher ranks of rare phenomenon and spiritualization.

If a pill had a lower grade, but it could trigger a rare phenomenon or be spiritualized, allowing it to give birth to a Pill Spirit, the pill would be considered powerful among pills of the same grade.

Ordinary Pill Alchemists could only refine pills with normal quality. Only the real geniuses could form a pill capable of triggering a rare flagrance, a rare phenomenon, or spiritualization.

Gasp! This is utterly terrifying!”

“That’s a rare fragrance. How many among the fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemists could achieve that?”

“Hehe, even a sixth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist would not be able to trigger it while refining a fourth-grade Xing ranked pill if they don’t have the talent, let alone a fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist!”

“Chen Ying only started practicing Pill Alchemy recently, she definitely has a bright future!”


The crowd of disciples were astonished.

It was rare to witness a disciple refining a fourth-grade Xing ranked pill with a rare fragrance.

“Impressive, very impressive!”

Tie Mu could not help but blurt out.

The talent that Chen Ying displayed had definitely surpassed a fifth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist like himself.

Chen Ying’s face was filled with pride after seeing the pill she managed to refine. However, she quickly shifted her focus onto Qin Nan’s figure, and let out a hollow laugh when she realized that he was still busy focusing on refining his pill, “Qin Nan, don’t you see, I’ve already produced a fourth-grade Xing ranked pill with a rare fragrance! There’s no need for you to humiliate yourself further. Hurry up and surrender, and apologize by dropping to your knees, and make Xiao Feipeng normal!”

After hearing this, the crowd finally remembered that Qin Nan was currently having a Pill Alchemy duel with the two!

However, as Chen Ying had said, there was no point for Qin Nan to continue refining his pill.

With his Art of Fire-Control, the pill he refined would most likely be incomparable to any of the participants’.

Qin Nan glanced at her without saying anything, before he let out a roar.


The flames from his hands gathered the liquid and inserted it into the cauldron. Following this, the flames immediately lit the cauldron up, as the pill began to take shape.

The crowd could feel their hearts tightening.

Qin Nan was about to finish refining the pill!

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