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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 384


Chapter 384: Chapter 384 - The Upgrading Conflict

Chapter 384 - The Upgrading Conflict

The Pill Alchemy examination at Caomu Peak was carried out differently. Completing the tasks given was not equivalent to passing the examination. Only the first-ranked candidate would be allowed to rank up to the next tier.

This Chen Ying was the sister of a genius Pill Alchemist at Caomu Peak. She too possessed great talents in Pill Alchemy, thus making her well-known among the disciples.

Zheng Kun was initially quite confident in coming first in the examination, but with Chen Ying participating too, the odds might have changed.

The duel with Qin Nan was no longer his first priority. He had to now focus on defeating Chen Ying. Otherwise, he would have to wait for another month to take part in the examination again.

“Chen Ying, why are you here?”

Tie Mu’s expression stiffened slightly. In terms of identity and status, he was uncomparable with her.

Chen Ying had an attractive physique, with a hint of elegance. Under the crowd’s attention, she directly entered the venue while ignoring Custodian Tie Mu’s presence, before glancing at Qin Nan, “I’ve long heard of your name, but I never had the chance to meet you before today. I was told that you are having a Pill Alchemy duel with Zheng Kun?”


Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows.

For some reason, he could sense an icy aura being emitted from the woman before him.

I don’t think I’ve met this Chen Ying before, right?

“Speak frankly.”

Qin Nan replied.

The disciples could feel their lips twisting. Qin Nan was no doubt the only person who dared to speak to Chen Ying like that.

“As you wish.” Chen Ying withdrew the smile on her face and snapped coldly, “What exactly did you do to Xiao Feipeng? Why did he behave like that after the trip to the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground?”

“Xiao Feipeng?”

Qin Nan was stunned. As a matter of fact, he had not expected Chen Ying to trouble him because of Xiao Feipeng.

Little did he know, the three sons of Slaughter City’s City Lord—also known as the three sons of the Xiao Clan—were quite famous in the lower district. Each of them possessed great talents, and Xiao Feipeng, who was the youngest, was appointed as the successor of Slaughter City. Although he did not join a Sacred Area, many of the female disciples from the two Sacred Areas were quite fond of him.

Chen Ying was one of them. In fact, she was a childhood friend of Xiao Feipeng, and if their relationship continued to develop, they would be married to each other in the near future.

However, just a while ago, she had bumped into Xiao Feipeng at the Qinglong Sacred Area, and she joyfully thought that he was there purposely to visit her. However, the following scene had left an unforgettable scar on her life, as she had witnessed the seven-foot genius of the lower district chasing the First Senior Brother of Duanmu Peak in a crazy manner, while ignoring her presence completely!

At that instant, she had received an indescribable shock.

Following this, she went all out to find the reason behind the change and discovered that Xiao Feipeng had befoed Qin Nan. Therefore, she had immediately assumed that it was Qin Nan’s doing!

As a result, when she heard that Qin Nan was having a Pill Alchemy duel with Zheng Kun, while being astonished, she instantly decided to pay him back!

“I’ve got nothing to do with Xiao Feipeng’s sudden change. You should be looking for Zhao Fang instead!” Qin Nan said with an expressionless face.

Previously, Xiao Feipeng had tried to harm him out of nowhere, thus it had been reasonable for him to fight back. After all, it was Zhao Fang’s pill that put Xiao Feipeng into his current state.

The crowd was startled. Judging from the interaction between the two, there seemed to be some existing conflict between them.

Qin Nan was left speechless as well. It seemed like he would always bump into his enemies no matter where he went.

“Enough with your lies!” Chen Ying’s eyes flickered coldly as she spoke, “I will not forgive you for what you have done to Xiao Feipeng. Now that you are having a Pill Alchemy duel with Zheng Kun, if you are brave enough, have a duel with me too! If you lose, you shall make Xiao Feipeng normal again and apologize to him by kneeling down before him, how’s that?”

A Pill Alchemy duel?

Chen Ying was challenging Qin Nan to a Pill Alchemy duel as well?

At that instant, everyone was stunned.

Unlike Zheng Kun, Chen Ying was the rising genius of Caomu Peak. If she were to challenge Qin Nan to a Pill Alchemy duel, wouldn’t that be considered bullying?

“What if I win?”

Qin Nan squinted his eyes.

He was never afraid to be challenged.

Chen Ying was startled for a moment, before she let out a hollow laugh and said, “If you win, I’ll be your Pill Servant!”

Pill Servant!

The crowd gulped down mouthfuls of saliva in a ferocious manner.

Not only did Chen Ying possess great talents, she was a beauty in addition. The thought of having her as a Pill Servant was unimaginable.

That being said, she was confident in winning the duel, thus she dared to utter these words.

“Be my Pill Servant? No f**king way!” To everyone’s surprise, Qin Nan snapped in a cold tone, “If you lose, just giving me ten Primary Stones will do!”

This Chen Ying was so cunning, trying to take ahold of the chance to be his Pill Servant. Wasn’t she the one benefiting in that case?

He now possessed the Unconventional Pill Almanac and the memories of the Demonic-Cored Highness;thus, by staying at his side, she would be able to learn a lot about Pill Alchemy.

“You…” Chen Ying was taken by surprise. It was her first time being rejected in such a serious manner. However, she was not fussy herself, “Ten Primary Stones, so be it!”

Ten Primary Stones were worth a hundred thousand Contribution Points, which was no doubt a great fortune.

Although Chen Ying did not possess such a fortune, she did not hesitate to accept the condition, as she never placed Qin Nan in her eyes.

Trying to beat her?

What a fairytale!

“Hang on!” Tie Mu immediately snapped after collecting his thoughts, “Who allowed you to set up a duel? Qin Nan, leave Caomu Peak at once! You are not a disciple of Caomu Peak, thus you are not allowed to participate in duels of Pill Alchemy! Otherwise, I shall hand you over to the Discipline Enforcement Squad!”

He was extremely worried after hearing that Qin Nan was having a Pill Alchemy duel with Chen Ying.

Any second-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist of Caomu Peak could easily beat Qin Nan, let alone Chen Ying!

What the hell was wrong with this Qin Nan, to involve himself in two duels of Pill Alchemy in a row, and his new opponent was even stronger than the previous one!

“Custodian Tie Mu, why are you so serious? Besides, it would be quite interesting if a Pill Alchemy duel between a Duanmu Peak disciple and a Caomu Peak disciple were to take place.” Chen Ying said in a calm tone.


Tie Mu was slightly hesitant. This Chen Ying’s status was more powerful than his. If he were to interfere in her business, he would be doomed. However, when he reminded himself that Qin Nan was going to give kowtows if he were to be defeated, he immediately made up his mind.

Either way, he could not let this peerless genius be greatly humiliated. Otherwise, it would cause him to fall down hard and his Dao Heart might shatter as a result.

“I don’t agree! Rules are rules, no one is allowed to disobey——”

Tie Mu said while clenching his teeth.

However, before he could finish his words, he was suddenly interrupted by Qin Nan, who brought his fists together and said, “Custodian Tie Mu, I hope you will let me participate in the duels. Don’t you worry, I’ll try to show some mercy!”

Show some mercy?

Tie Mu was stunned.

Not only him, even Chen Yin, Zhen Kun, and the others were stunned.

Tie Mu swiftly collected his thoughts and almost vomited blood due to his anger.

You showing some mercy?

Do you think pill-refining is as easy as stir-frying jelly beans?

You are too full of yourself!


Tie Mu’s figure began to tremble from his rage, as he pointed his finger at Qin Nan and paused for a while, before forcing a sentence out from his mouth, “Qin Nan, I hope you will not regret it!”

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