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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 382


Chapter 382: Chapter 382 - The Pill Alchemy Duel

Chapter 382 - The Pill Alchemy Duel

Zheng Kun was no doubt a cunning person. He clearly knew that facing Qin Nan with his own strength was the most idiotic idea, hence he could only hold onto the ‘rules’ to grant himself the upper hand.

“I’m sorry, I’m no match for him.”

Leng Jianxiong spoke in a calm tone.

“No match for him?”

In addition to Zheng Kun, the surrounding disciples stared with their eyes open wide.

Everyone knew that Leng Jianxiong’s cultivation had reached the first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm, while Qin Nan’s aura was only at the peak Martial Emperor Realm, resulting in a great difference between the two. Since Qin Nan was a peerless genius, they would at most end up in a draw. There was no way that he could be no match for him!

He was definitely trying to protect Qin Nan!

Little did they know that Leng Jianxiong was only speaking the truth.

Zheng Kun forced himself to withhold the rage within himself and snapped, “No match against him? Can’t you summon the other Senior Brothers of the Discipline Enforcement Squad then? If the Squad Leader were to be notified of what happened here, he would never forgive you!”

The Squad Leader of the Discipline Enforcement Squad.

A man who emphasized following the rules at Caomu Peak, whose cultivation had reached the peak Martial Dominator Realm. He would try his very best to detain those who broke the rules with brute force, regardless of their cultivation.

At the same time, he hated his subordinates who did not carry out their tasks as they were expected to the most!

“I don’t need you to remind me.” Leng Jianxiong spoke with an icy face before he glanced toward Qin Nan and wore a wry smile, “Senior Brother Qin Nan, maybe it’s time to tell me now, what happened here?”

Leng Jianxiong clearly knew that it would not benefit Qin Nan if things were to get out of hand here at Caomu Peak, thus he did not notify the Discipline Enforcement Squad when he saw the incident taking place. His intention was to see if the conflict could be resolved on the spot.

Qin Nan immediately transmitted his voice to Leng Jianxiong and explained what just happened.

The wry smile on Leng Jianxiong’s face grew thicker.

Although Zheng Kun’s method was despicable, it was a common sight to be seen at Caomu Peak, and it was not considered breaking the rules. Therefore, there was nothing Leng Jianxiong could do about it.

On the other hand, Qin Nan’s action had completely broken the rules.

“Senior Brother Qin Nan, is it possible to give me some face this time and let it go?” Leng Jianxiong took a deep breath before speaking, while transmitting his voice to Qin Nan in secret as well, “Senior Brother Qin Nan, maybe you should leave for now;the situation doesn’t favor you, but don’t worry, I’ll find a way to save Lin Xiaoyu from this mess.”

Zheng Kun was filled with a hint of joy.

So what if you know him?

So what if you are Qin Nan?

You still have to follow the rules of our Caomu Peak in the end!

Qin Nan squinted his eyes slightly. There was no doubt that Leng Jianxiong’s suggestion was the best solution, but it was not satisfying enough for him, thus he would not accept it, “I will not leave easily if I’m not satisfied with the outcome. So, according to the rules of Caomu Peak, how would people resolve such personal conflicts?”

According to the rules of Caomu Peak?

At that instant, Leng Jianxiong was stunned. Zheng Kun was stunned. The crowd of disciples was stunned too.

Caomu Peak definitely had its own specific rules to settle disputes between the disciples—through duels of Pill Alchemy!

What were duels of Pill Alchemy?

The participants of the duel would be arranged to refine a pill of the same type each, and the one who ended up producing the better-quality pill would win!

The one who lost would then follow the reparations that both sides agreed to, let it be apologizing or compensating.

It was quite common for duels of Pill Alchemy to occur in Caomu Peak, but most importantly, Qin Nan was the one suggesting to resolve the conflict with a duel of Pill Alchemy!

A Martial Artist of Duanmu Peak who specialized in battle had arrived at Caomu Peak to challenge the third-grade Xing ranked Zheng Kun—who was about to rank up to the fourth-grade Xing rank—to a duel of Pill Alchemy?

Were you f**king joking right now!

Zheng Kun was the first to react as he burst out laughing, “HAHAHA, Junior Brother Qin Nan is indeed the peerless genius. Such courage. According to the rules of Caomu Peak, we can resolve the conflict through a duel of Pill Alchemy! It’s quite similar to a regular duel! Does Junior Brother Qin Nan want to compete with me in a duel of Pill Alchemy? If I were to lose, I’ll forget about this, but if I were to win, I wouldn’t demand any compensation. A simple apology and a promise not to interfere in my business anymore would do.”

Zheng Kun wore a relaxed expression on his face.

He had initially thought Qin Nan to be quite a worthy opponent, but it seemed that he was only a hot-tempered guy.

Judging from the current situation, it did not matter if Qin Nan was willing to accept the challenge, as he would be the one benefiting either way!

Leng Jianxiong was startled, “Senior Brother Qin Nan, please think twice.”

Lin Xiaoyu was even more panicked as she clearly knew Qin Nan’s personality. If he were to be challenged, he would surely face it until the very end. She immediately blurted out, “Senior Brother Qin Nan, I beg you, don’t duel with him. I’ll just leave Caomu Peak, there’s plenty of chances for me to learn about Pill Alchemy…”

The disciples all shook their heads.

If it were a normal battle, there was no doubt that Qin Nan would be undefeatable facing cultivators of the same realm.

However, Qin Nan would surely lose in a duel of Pill Alchemy. Therefore, there was no way Qin Nan would accept the challenge, and would be forced to leave Caomu Peak, resulting in severe damage to his reputation.

“That’s what you said, I’ll have a duel of Pill Alchemy with you!”

Qin Nan’s words served as a thunderous blow.

Zhen Kun was stunned. Leng Jianxiong, Lin Xiaoyu, and the crowd were dumbfounded.

A duel of Pill Alchemy, for real?

Was this guy out of his mind?

The path of Pill Alchemy was incredibly difficult. Normally, if someone were to devote their time to the path of cultivation, there would not be enough time to learn Pill Alchemy. Even with multitasking, one could never accumulate sufficient experiences in pill-refining. Only extremely gifted geniuses would be able to pursue both Martial Arts and Pill Alchemy at the same time!

Peak Leader Caomu could be considered as one of them.

Furthermore, even if Qin Nan turned out to be one too, he had only joined the Qinglong Sacred Area less than a month ago, and had not had any chance to learn Pill Alchemy yet. How was it possible for him to possess great mastery in Pill Alchemy?

Despite pondering upon every single possibility, no one could understand where Qin Nan got his courage to accept the challenge from!

“HAHAHA!” Zheng Kun suddenly burst out laughing, as his eyes were filled with a scornful look. Without displaying it in his tone, he said, “I did not expect Junior Brother Qin Nan to be serious about having a Pill Alchemy duel with me! Just in time, I am about to participate in the fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist examination. Why don’t we take part in it together, and the one passing the exam will be considered the winner, sound good?”

The fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist examination?

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

It did not sound like a bad idea, as he already realized that if he were to acquire a relatively high rank in Pill Alchemy, he would be granted special privileges at a place like Caomu Peak when buying herbs and cauldrons, etc., making his life easier.

“Great, no problem.”

Qin Nan spoke in a calm tone.

The crowd was astonished.

Did he really accept the challenge?

And the fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist examination will be used as the duel?

Was Qin Nan actually here to pull a prank on everyone?

As the crowd was immersed in shock, Qin Nan continued to speak, “I’m fine with the Pill Alchemy duel, but only on one condition…”

He hesitated briefly before his tone turned icy-cold, “If I lose, I will give you three kowtows in front of the crowd. If you lose, you will give Lin Xiaoyu three kowtows instead, how about that?”

At that instant, the entire place was struck by lightning!

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