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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 381


Chapter 381: Chapter 381 - The Discipline Enforcement Squad

Chapter 381 - The Discipline Enforcement Squad

“Huh, isn’t this Senior Brother Zheng Kun?”

“Why is he here?”


The crowd at the Trading Hall was confused.

Zheng Kun was relatively well-known in the entire Caomu Peak.

As Pill Alchemists were classified into ranks of Xing, Yue, and Ri, most of the disciples of the Caomu Peak were ranked Xing. Furthermore, the disciples would be further grouped into first to third grade, fourth to sixth grade, seventh to ninth grade, and tenth grade.

Most of the disciples in the Trading Hall were third-grade Xing ranked or below. On the other hand, Zheng Kun was now qualified to be examined to rank up to the fourth-grade Xing rank, thus his arrival stirred an uproar among the crowd.

Sun Dong’s heart was filled with bitterness at that instant.

After discovering that Senior Brother Zheng Kun did not even glance at him after arriving at the scene, there was no doubt that he was unhappy about how the event turned out, thus he would surely be punished as a result.

“Senior Brother Zheng Kun!” Lin Xiaoyu blurted out as her initially gentle expression was replaced by a firm look. She then clenched her teeth and said, “Senior Brother Qin Nan has nothing to do with what just happened here.”

“Nothing to do with?” A grin appeared on Zheng Kun’s face as he spoke in a calm tone, “He has nothing to do with this indeed. Lin Xiaoyu, your Senior Brother is about to rank up to become a fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist. Come and be appointed as my Pill Servant. Don’t misunderstand my intentions, I just want to help you to gain more experience.”

The crowd of disciples immediately came to a realization after hearing the words.

“So it appears that Zheng Kun is into Lin Xiaoyu!”

“Now that you mention it, Lin Xiaoyu looks so weak, it might be quite interesting to mess her up.”



Qin Nan instantly understood the situation after hearing the discussion.

Although he was clueless about the rules of Caomu Peak, it seemed like the role of a Pill Servant was nothing different than a relationship between a master and his servant.

“I don’t agree!” Although Lin Xiaoyu had a weak personality, she was not a person to be fooled with. She shook her head and said, “Senior Brother Zheng Kun, feel free to participate in the examination if you want. I’ll be leaving Caomu Peak today and forfeit my identity as a disciple of Caomu Peak.”

Zheng Kun let out a sigh and pretended to be sorrowful, “Xiao Yu, you’ve misunderstood me. Senior Brother would never want to do miserable things to you. Didn’t you mention before? Your dream is to become a Pill Alchemy Master. Are you willing to give up on your dream…”

The surrounding disciples were left speechless.

This Zheng Kun was such a hypocrite, ‘never want to do miserable things to you’?

Only ghosts would believe that!

Lin Xiaoyu’s face turned pale after hearing the words, as if she had been just struck by lightning.

My dream!

Her father had passed away when she was young, while her mother had been extremely sick back then. In the end, she witnessed her mother’s gradual death with her own eyes, but she could not do anything to rescue her. Since then, she had made a promise to herself that she would become an expert in Pill Alchemy in the future to invent various medicines and help those in need.

Was she really going to give up on the dream she has been pursuing over the past twenty years?

But if she didn’t give up...

Suddenly, she could feel a big hand landing on her shoulder and giving her a gentle pat. Following it, her struggle instantly disappeared.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan let out a laugh and said, “Zheng Kun, right? You are such a hypocrite. Just say it out loud if you are interested in Lin Xiaoyu. Why would you try to find all these excuses? Let me remind you that Lin Xiaoyu is my Junior Sister, so you better act smarter from now onward. Otherwise, don’t blame me if I’m mad at you.”

The words were spoken in a calm tone, but they were accompanied by an icy aura.

The eyes of the disciples flickered after hearing the words.

So that’s what it was!

Qin Nan was here to protect Lin Xiaoyu!

Did that mean that Qin Nan was going to deal with Zheng Kun now?

Zheng Kun’s pupils slightly contracted.

He had already noticed Qin Nan’s presence, and he surely knew that Qin Nan was here to protect Lin Xiaoyu.

That being said, he was not willing to give up just like that. He had been pursuing Lin Xiaoyu for a year, but she still had not agreed to be his partner, causing him to become furious and devote himself to learning Pill Alchemy in order to rank up to the fourth-grade Xing rank, so that he could appoint her as his Pill Servant and make her suffer!

Zheng Kun took a deep breath to calm his thoughts, before saying with a gentle smile, “Junior Brother Qin Nan, I think you have a misunderstanding. I really don’t have any obscene thoughts toward Lin Xiaoyu. I’m only trying to help her. I’m following the rules of Caoumu Peak. Besides, if I’m not mistaken, Junior Brother Qin Nan, you are from Duanmu Peak, right?”

There was no doubt that the question was to remind Qin Nan, Don’t you forget that you are from Duanmu Peak. Even if you are the peerless genius who the two Sacred Areas fought for, you are now at Caomu Peak, thus you must follow the rules of Caomu Peak!

“I’m indeed from Duanmu Peak, but I always say the same words to the people who I’m not fond of!” Qin Nan spoke as his tone turned murderous toward the end, “Get bashed!”

After Qin Nan finished speaking, his figure sprang forward in an explosive manner while hurling out his punch like an atavistic volcano!

Even though this Zheng Kun was a peak Martial Emperor Realm expert, he could feel his body being devoured by an ancient force at that instant!

The fear of death instantly filled his heart, causing his face to turn exceedingly pale.

The surrounding disciples were stunned.


This Qin Nan is insane!

Such a terrifying attack, was he trying to cripple Zheng Kun?

“Stop it!”

A raging roar could be heard all of a sudden.

A figure could be seen rushing toward them at a great speed, who then hurled out an ancient sword intent striking Qin Nan’s fist.


A loud explosion was heard as powerful gusts of wind swept the surroundings.

Qin Nan glanced into the air and saw a man wearing a white-shirt carrying a sword. His cultivation had reached the first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm, and his sword intent was similar to that of an ancient beast in the ocean spitting water at his target, granting him a powerful aura.

He was startled after seeing this white-shirted man, as he was none other than Leng Jianxiong!

“Junior Brother Leng, hurry up and summon the Discipline Enforcement Squad here, Qin Nan is trying to kill me!”

Zheng Kun immediately blurted out after seeing his arrival.

The disciples were astonished too.

If the Discipline Enforcement Squad were to be summoned, how would the incident turn out in the end?

The Disciple Enforcement Squad of Caomu Peak had always been fair and just. Once, there was a peerless genius requesting some pills at Caomu Peak, but he did not get what he wanted and became enraged. He ended up being beaten by the Discipline Enforcement Squad, causing his limbs to be broken before he was sent away. Following this, not only did the master of the peerless genius choose not to avenge his disciple, he even paid a visit to apologize for what his disciple had done.

The main reason being that Peak Leader Caomu had once established the rule that the Discipline Enforcement Squad had the right to execute someone on the spot even if the one breaking the rules was a Peak Leader.

If the Discipline Enforcement Squad wasn’t acting in a fair manner, what’s the point of its existence?

“Senior Brother, it’s not how it seems…”

Lin Xiaoyu panicked.

She had already been a burden to Senior Brother Qin Nan previously. Am I going to drag Senior Brother Qin Nan into trouble again on account of my own troubles?

However, before she could finish her sentence, Leng Jianxiong[1] let out a wry smile and said, “Senior Brother Qin Nan, it’s been a long time!”

If it were someone else, they would summon the experts of the Discipline Enforcement Squad here straight away. However, he had had the privilege to witness Qin Nan’s achievements during the selection at Jianghuang City, thus he was quite respectful toward him.

After hearing the words, Zheng Kun was stunned. The disciples were stunned.

This Leng Jianxiong knows Qin Nan personally?

Judging from his tone, it seems like he is not trying to trouble Qin Nan?

Zheng Kun, in particular, wore an exceedingly twisted expression!

So this was how the Discipline Enforcement Squad acts fairly?

“It’s been a long time indeed!” Qin Nan felt pleasant after stumbling into an old friend, who scanned Leng Jianxiong’s figure before he said, “Looks like you’ve managed to find yourself some fortunate encounter after joining the Qinglong Sacred Area. Your cultivation has already reached the Martial Ancestor Realm in such a short period of time!”

Leng Jianxiong could feel his throat was stuck.

He would accept the compliment if it were someone else praising his talents. However, after having a taste of Qin Nan’s strength from his attack in person, it was obvious that a terrifying force was concealed within his body. If the force were to be unleashed, even his first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm cultivation would have no chance of surviving!

“Senior Brother Qin Nan, what happened here…” Leng Jianxiong asked.

“Junior Brother Leng!” Zheng Kun caught ahold of the opportunity and spoke in a furious tone, “Qin Nan was trying to kill me by abusing his identity. Why aren’t you punishing him yet? Are you letting him go just because you personally know him? Are you trying to protect him!?”

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: This character is the one that Qin Nan stumbled into at Jianghuang City during the selection.


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