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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 380


Chapter 380: Chapter 380 - The Pill Alchemy Examination

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Chapter 380 - The Pill Alchemy Examination

Following the spooky voice, a man wearing a hideous expression approached them.

Qin Nan’s attention was attracted by his clothing—a long white robe with two golden runes carved on his chest. In other words, this person was a Xing-ranked Pill Alchemist.

“Sun Dong!” Lin Xiaoyu’s expression turned slightly unpleasant as she spoke, “This is my own business. How does it have anything to do with Senior Brother?”

“Oh?” Sun Dong let out a hollow laugh, “Lin Xiaoyu, do you seriously thinking that you’ve got a nice market now, huh? It’s your honor that Senior Brother is interested in you. Senior Brother is now participating in the examination of the fourth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist, and he personally asked you to head there at once. Otherwise, it won’t be fun if Senior Brother were to be angry!”

While Sun Dong was speaking, he glimpsed at Qin Nan. This guy looks kind of familiar, but I can’t recall who he is. However, he did not overthink it.

After all, how many people at Caomu Peak were able to match his Senior Brother’s talents?

“Fourth-grade Xing ranked?”

Lin Xiaoyu’s expression stiffened.

The rank of a Pill Alchemist was of utmost importance at Caomu Peak—the higher the rank of a Pill Alchemist was, the greater the authority that the person would possess.

That particular Senior Brother had always been fond of Lin Xiaoyu, but she was quite resistant about it, thus she tried to avoid coming into contact with him. However, she was only a first-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist. If the Senior Brother successfully rank up to the fourth-grade Xing rank, he would be able to appoint her as his Pill Servant.

Although these Pill Servants’ role was to assist their master in the process of refining pills, it was not uncommon for them to be bullied.

Even if they were to be raped, Caomu Peak would only give them light disciplining instead of serious punishments.

Although it was rare to find such corruption in the entire Qinglong Sacred Area, as the Sacred Area was split into sixteen different mountains, each mountain had their own set of rules.

For example, the Peak Leader of Caomu Peak insisted that only the cruelty of reality was able to motivate his disciples to strive for excellence.

The hollow laugh on Sun Dong’s face grew thicker after he saw Lin Xiaoyu’s reaction, “Come with me at once. Senior Brother did mention that if you behaved well, he would treat you with care once you are appointed as his Pill Servant. Otherwise, hehe, you know the consequences yourself.”

Upon saying this, he reached out his hand to grab Lin Xiaoyu.

“Hang on a sec!”

At that instant, a large hand could be seen reaching out all of a sudden and held Sun Dong’s arm tightly.

“What do you want?”

Sun Dong’s face turned pale. He immediately tried to break free from the grasp, but the arm grabbing him felt like a huge mountain that would not budge at all, causing his eyes to be filled with astonishment.

Since he himself was already a peak Martial Emperor Realm cultivator, the cultivation of the young man before him was most likely at the Martial Ancestor Realm!

Achieving the Martial Ancestor Realm at such a young age, he must be a genius.

“Senior Brother…”

Lin Xiaoyu blurted out;she had no intention of dragging Qin Nan into her troubles.

If Sun Dong and that Senior Brother tried to cross the line, she would not mind leaving Caomu Peak and pursuing the path of Martial Art instead, even though she was passionate about Pill Alchemy.

Qin Nan waved his hand to stop her from speaking, and spoke to Sun Dong in a calm tone, “You’re Sun Dong, right? I don’t care who you are working for, get your ass back there and tell your Senior Brother that Lin Xiaoyu is under my protection. I hope he will act smarter and mind his behavior!”

While he was speaking, a murderous intent was fired from his body.

Qin Nan never showed any mercy when dealing with bullies like Sun Dong and that Senior Brother.


Sun Dong became enraged.

Who the f**k was this guy to emit his murderous intent here within Caomu Peak and threaten him with words?

“Senior Brother!”

Lin Xiaoyu panicked.

Caomu Peak was different compared to the other mountains. All conflicts here were to be resolved through duels with Pill Alchemy, and nobody was allowed to unleash their murderous aura. Those who broke the rules would be punished by the Disciplinary Hall!

As expected, the sudden murderous intent immediately attracted the attention of the crowd in the Trading Hall, as if a huge beast had emerged from a calm lake.

Who was this guy?

Does he have no idea about the rules of Caomu Peak?

A disciple among the crowd hesitated for a moment, before uttering a scream all of a sudden, “Qin Nan! It’s Qin Nan!”

“F**k me!”

“Qin Nan? It’s really him!”

“HAHA, I was thinking who would be this daring. It turns out to be Qin Nan!”

“What is he doing here? Is he here to request for pills?”


The entire Trading Hall turned lively as a huge chatter took place among the disciples.

Only Sun Dong was stunned on the spot.

Qin Nan?

This guy is Qin Nan?

No wonder he looks so familiar!

Sun Dong’s face turned pale instantly. If he were facing other geniuses, he could still remain calm since he was a disciple of Caomu Peak. However, this Qin Nan was someone who caused the two Sacred Areas to declare war against each other just to claim his possession. Even the Peak Leader of their Caomu Peak had participated in it too!

How is a mere second-grade Xing ranked disciple like me comparable to Qin Nan?

Even if Qin Nan were to cripple him right now, no one from the Qinglong Sacred Area would dare to avenge him.

“Se… Senior Brother Qin Nan…”

Sun Dong’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, who began to speak in a stammering manner.

“I’m not your Senior Brother, and do take note of my words. You may leave now!”

Qin Nan waved his hand without showing any expression.


Sun Dong felt troubled at that instant.

His Senior Brother had already warned him that if he failed to bring Lin Xiaoyu to him, he would be doomed to suffer a great punishment.

As a result, he had chosen to threaten Lin Xiaoyu with words.


Qin Nan squinted his eyes. A vague purple spark could be seen in his left eye.

The crowd in the Trading Hall became excited after seeing this. As expected of Qin Nan, such a hot temper. It seems like he is about to attack!

“AH!” Sun Dong was terrified as he blurted out with a twisted expression, “I’ll leave, I’ll leave!”

Although the punishment from his Senior Brother would be harsh, he was more frightened about being beaten up by Qin Nan in front of the crowd.

However, before Sun Dong had the chance to turn around, an imperious voice could be heard at that instant.

“What’s going on? Junior Brother Qin Nan, since when did you pay a visit to our Caomu Peak?”

Following a succession of footsteps, a middle-aged man slowly approached the crowd with a remarkable aura. The center of his white robe was embroidered with three golden runes, catching the attention of the crowd.

“Se…Senior Brother!”

Sun Dong’s face turned even paler.

Even Senior Brother is here in person, f**k my life!

The middle-aged man did not glance at Sun Dong. His eyes slightly glanced at Lin Xiaoyu before focusing on Qin Nan’s figure. His eyes were filled with a dark look.

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