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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 38


Chapter 38 - The Hall of Life and Death

The cold voice immediately attracted the focus of every disciple.

Who dared to mock their dream girl?

Qin Nan who was initially observing the disciples had his eyes turn cold as he heard the words;he turned toward the person.

Standing before Xiao Qingxue was a young man with an extremely feminine appearance.

The young man was wearing dark clothing which caused his skinny figure to look even thinner, like a skeleton, giving everyone an irritated feeling when they looked at him.

Despite that, every disciple, including Qin Nan, felt a forceful power emitting from the feminine young man.

This power was equivalent to Xiao Qingxue's, indicating that he had reached the Martial Emperor Realm.

As the disciples realized this feminine young man was no ordinary person, they immediately concealed their disgust and stood aside to observe the situation as bystanders.

At the same time, Xiao Qingxue frowned her eyebrows, and without hiding any of her disgust toward the man, said, ’’Mo Li, you annoying stalker, quit your nonsense.’’

’’Stalker?’’ Mo Li let out an evil smirk, and said, ’’Yes, I'm a stalker. Who told you to reject me before? Would you still reject me if I had the talent and background like Mr. Ou Yang? Ah, Miss Xiao Qingxue, today I Mo Li am telling you, if you're willing to keep me company, I'll stop pestering you. If you aren't...’’

No one had expected Mo Li to be so cocky, saying such disrespectful and daring words in public.

An icy expression appeared on Xiao Qingxue's face, and her body emitted a murderous aura, ’’Piss off!’’

’’Piss off?’’ Mo Li did not care about her murderous intent. Instead, he released a lustful expression while he stared fearlessly at Xiao Qingxue's body, ’’I would gladly do so! Didn't I tell you before, if you ’’

However, this time, before Mo Li was able to finish his sentence, a calm voice interrupted, ’’Mo Li, is it? I have never seen any guy as shameless as you. I have learned something new upon meeting you today.’’

The one speaking was none other than Qin Nan.

Qin Nan stood up without hesitation, even though he knew that this Mo Li had some background, he still chose to interfere.

In Qin Nan's view, Xiao Qingxue was his friend, who had helped him on several occasions. Therefore, Qin Nan would not be a bystander when Xiao Qingxue was mocked in front of the crowd.

Even if his current cultivation base was merely the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm.

Upon hearing this, Mo Li had his face turned dull. His body was filled with a murderous aura like the form of soaring dragons;his eyes stared hard at Qin Nan and in a deep voice, he said, ’’Such courage, a mere new recruit dares to oppose me? Young lad, do you know who I am?’’

Xiao Qingxue gathered her thoughts and saw that Qin Nan was standing firmly in front of her. She felt a warm feeling inside her heart, as if something had just touched it.

However, she instantly reacted by slightly changing her expression and said, ’’Mo Li, don't you dare ’’

Before she could finish, Qin Nan reached out his hand and tapped gently on her shoulder, indicating for her to say nothing.

Under the crowd's gaze, Qin Nan stood firmly in front, facing the intimidating aura from Mo Li, and showing no sign of being affected he let out a cold smirk and said, ’’Who are you? If I'm guessing right, you would be one of the elders' son, or disciple? But who cares? Do you know who I am?’’

When he said this, Qin Nan straightened his body, emitting a prideful aura.

The surrounding disciples found themselves checking Qin Nan out with flickering eyes.

They were unaware of Qin Nan's presence previously. Thus, it was surprising for them to see this guy with a mere cultivation base of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm be brave enough to oppose Mo Li, who appeared to have quite a formidable background.

Following this, the disciples remembered then how Xiao Qingxue had escorted Qin Nan to the White Jade Dojo.

Either of these two reasons seemed to indicate that this 'ordinary guy' beside Xiao Qingxue, maybe was not ordinary at all?

Mo Li was stunned for a while too. He had never expected a new disciple to go against his words, but he was definitely not someone to fool with, as his face turned dull and he said, ’’Who are you?’’

As he asked the question, it seemed like Mo Li was being slightly cautious.

This was Mo Li's way of approaching matters;he would always be careful and plan ahead before taking any action when he was not sure of his opponent's background.

’’Clean out your ears and listen carefully.’’ Qin Nan let out a smile and said, ’’My name is Qin Nan, from the Luo River Kingdom. I was discovered by Sister Xiao Qingxue and selected to join the Mystic Spirit Sect. In other words, I am one of the Mystic Spirit Sect, an outer disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect.’’

After hearing the words, the crowd was staggered;even Xiao Qingxue almost let out a laugh, and covered her mouth with her hand instantly.

Wasn't your face full of pride before? Aren't you being fearless?

After saying all these things, now you're telling me that you're just an ordinary outer disciple?

Everyone had come to an understanding Qin Nan's previous actions were just fooling Mo Li.

Upon hearing the words, Mo Li's face turned dark immediately;his eyes filled with a faint green glow as he stared at Qin Nan.

Since when had he allowed a freshly recruited outer disciple to treat him like a fool?

Mo Li's chest immediately started burning with flames of anger, emitting a murderous aura. However, he did not plan to hurt him right now. He was still currently in the Mystic Spirit Sect;even if he had a powerful background, he could not afford to face the consequences of breaking the rules of the Mystic Spirit Sect.

After inhaling a deep breath and concealing his anger, Mo Li let out a sudden sarcastic laugh, ’’Tsk, tsk, how fearless... Qin Nan, right? Do you really think that once you've become a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect you're invincible? Let me tell you something;this is just the beginning. Be sure to remain low-key, or else you won't know how you died...’’

The last sentence was filled with a thick threat.

Xiao Qingxue's expression immediately turned icy-cold while she emitted a murderous aura, ’’Mo Li, are you threatening Qin Nan? I'm telling you I am the one who brought Qin Nan to the Mystic Spirit Sect. If you dare to touch him, I'll surely teach you a lesson!’’

This time, the pressure from Xiao Qingxue's cultivation base of the Martial Emperor Realm was fully unleashed among the crowd.

This time, she had really gotten mad.

Mo Li's expression changed slightly;he was intimidated by the furious Xiao Qingxue, and immediately manipulated his previous words, ’’Hehe, I didn't threaten him. This Qin Nan is the new disciple you have recruited? A cultivation base of fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm seems a bit trashy.’’

After he said this, he hesitated for a moment, and gave Qin Nan an evil smirk, ’’What a coincidence, I have discovered a genius too. I'll tell him to have a good time with you in the Trial of Versatility.’’

After saying this, Mo Li let out a few evil laughs, before floating away from the White Jade Dojo like a cloud of black smoke, as if he had never appeared before.

Xiao Qingxue let out a 'humph', and withdrew her aura. She then thought of something, and said to Qin Nan in a soft tone, ’’This Mo Li is the son of the third elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect. Even though he only has a seventh-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, his cultivation base is on par with mine. Furthermore, this Mo Li is extremely cruel and merciless;those who offend him will need to face his revenge... Qin Nan, you were being reckless just then.’’

Xiao Qingxue appeared worried when she said the last sentence.

Despite that, Qin Nan let out a relaxed smile and shook his head, ’’Sister Qingxue, one does not become successful by being careful and compromising in the world of Martial Art. Besides, I would not allow you to be bullied by him;even if he was the son of the Sect Leader, I would scold him without hesitation. If my cultivation base was strong enough, instead of facing him with my current attitude, I would directly face him in the Hall of Life and Death.’’

When he said this, Qin Nan gave a cold smirk with a prideful and fearless aura.

This was Qin Nan's nature;why would he compromise when he had the divine Battle Spirit?

For a friend who had helped him on several occasions;why would he be a bystander and watch her be bullied in public?

Xiao Qingxue was stunned;complicated feelings were seen in her eyes, which appeared to be slightly glistening with tears. However, it only lasted for a brief while, as she quickly recovered.

Xiao Qingxue let out a blossoming smile and said, ’’Brother Qin Nan, now I feel that it's wonderful to have met you.’’

Although Qin Nan had a strong mind, he could not help but stagger after seeing Xiao Qingxue's smile at this moment.

However, a strange occurrence took place at the same time.

The White Jade Dojo was filled with an immensely powerful aura. A deafening flute coming from unknown direction was heard by the crowd.

In that instant, the dojo was covered in a murderous aura.

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