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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 378


Chapter 378: Chapter 378 - Experiences of a Lifetime

Chapter 378 - Experiences of a Lifetime

The fragments of memories combined into a magical dimension, in which Qin Nan was situated. It was as if Qin Nan had become the owner of these fragments, as he was experiencing the memories that they held.

It turned out that after the Uncommon Pill Almanac had merged with the Demonic-Cored Highness’ soul, apart from the secrets regarding Pill Alchemy that it possessed, it also contained the experiences that the Demonic-Cored Highness had gained over the past few hundred years.

“Uncommon Pill, making pills in uncommon ways!”

“What is the focus of being uncommon? To ensure great quality with the simplest methods.”

“If there are eighty-one different methods in Pill Alchemy, then this uncommon method of mine will be regarded as the eighty-second method!”


Qin Nan clearly knew that these experiences would in fact turn out to be the greatest benefit. Without any hesitation, he immediately gathered his focus and inspected its contents.

...Meanwhile, on the island...

“HAHA, our Qinglong Sacred Area is going to have a new Yue-ranked Pill Alchemist soon!” Peak Leader Duanmu came to a realization after observing Qin Nan’s change, causing him to wear a pleasant look.

In the Canglan Continent, although Pill Alchemy was rarely considered as the main focus of cultivators, a Pill Alchemist of a certain rank was highly demanded. For example, when someone mentioned the Demonic-Cored Highness, his vicious personality would be the first thing that came into their minds, followed by his talent in Pill Alchemy. His strength would be the last thing to be emphasized instead.

Unfortunately, the progress of Pill Alchemy was extremely time-consuming. The difficulty of reaching a significant level was on par with ascending to the Heavens, as most of the cultivators would meet their deaths before they could achieve a certain standard in Pill Alchemy, causing all the efforts they invested to be in vain.

Therefore, Qin Nan was extremely lucky to have been able to acquire the Demonic-Cored Highness’ life experiences in Pill Alchemy. He would be able to achieve greatness in the near future.

“F**k, I’ll be leaving!”

Peak Leader Luo felt dispirited, who tore the space apart and left the place.

“First Brother, Second Brother, I don’t have anything to be busy with this month. You can leave first if you want to.” Peak Leader Zhang smilingly said.

“I have a feeling that Qin Nan did not summon me because of this Demonic-Cored Highness. Make sure you ask him about it when he awakens.” After saying this, Tang Qingshan’s figure vanished from the place.

“I’ll proceed to seal off the news!”

Peak Leader Duanmu also left with a flicker.

“Oh Qin Nan, I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll be able to achieve in the future.”

Peak Leader Zhang mumbled to himself as his body emitted a powerful aura sealing off the entire island, causing the entire area to fall into a dead silence.

Meanwhile, with Peak Leader Duanmu interfering, most of the truth regarding the incident was concealed. As a result, the public only knew that the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground would not reappear in the future due to a rare occurrence.

This caused many people of the Maple Kingdom to utter sighs in disappointment. On the other hand, the two Sacred Areas chose to remain silent. The two peoplerson-in-charge who had led the disciples were both unwilling to mention the incident that took place at the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground.

After knowing that Qin Nan’s safety was guaranteed, Princess Miao Miao and the others returned to their Sacred Area.

On the other hand, the Trading Alliance was surprisingly quiet, without showing any extraordinary reaction.

In contrast, the City Lord of Slaughter City sent his subordinates to look for Xiao Feipeng, and was told that his son had fallen in love with a man. He immediately became enraged and slaughtered everyone he came upon, resulting in a bloodbath in the city. Besides that, Jiao Zhe was aware that his younger brother had been poisoned and was left speechless. Jiao Shiyi had been crazily in love with Jiang Bilan before, the same as he was now, except that the target was a man this time. As a result, Jiao Zhe could only let out a sigh and proceed to look for an antidote.

That being said, First Senior Brother Zhao Fang suffered the most.

Apart from that, nothing significant took place in the lower district as a result of the incident of the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground. Many geniuses continued to improve their cultivations and seek for fortunate encounters, while countless experts died each day and vanished from the sight of the public.

Time gradually passed. A month later on an island somewhere on the ocean...

Qin Nan’s figure was like a lifeless stone statue. Apart from his steady breathing, there was no difference between him and a dead man.


Qin Nan’s eyes forcefully sprang open, which were filled with a complicated look instead of his usual energetic expression.

“Who would have thought the path of Pill Alchemy to be this difficult, completely exceeding my expectations. Although the Demonic-Cored Highness tried to harm me, I kind of feel like I owe him a favor after acquiring his precious experiences. If it’s possible, Uncommon Pill Almanac, I hope you are able to develop your intelligence, and become alive.”

Qin Nan exclaimed in his heart.

In his experience, he had always focused on improving his strength. The pills he came upon were only pills like Martial Ancestor Pills and Martial Dominator Pills, etc. Only after the memories of the Demonic-Cored Highness did he know that Pill Alchemy was much more complicated than his expectations, although it was quite rare to see these pills in the lower district.

“Qin Nan, so you have awakened!”

Peak Leader Zhang said with a peaceful smile.

“Peak Leader Zhang, sorry to make you wait for so long!” Qin Nan immediately brought his fists together.

He had been willing to lower his status as a Peak Leader and guard him for a month’s time. It was no doubt a favor to be grateful of.

“I’m more than happy to witness the rise of a great Pill Alchemist.” Peak Leader Zhang replied, “Before Second Brother left, he mentioned that you summoned him for some other reason, but he had to leave as he was busy with the preparations for the Ocean of Death, thus he reminded me to ask you about it.”

“I want to kill Jiang Bilan!”

Qin Nan did not hide his intentions.

Although he had ended up benefiting the most from the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground, it did not mean his murderous intent toward Jiang Bilan had decreased!

He would never be satisfied if Jiang Bilan were not eliminated.

“It won’t be possible for the time being.” Peak Leader Zhang wore a stern look and said, “To be honest, although the Trading Alliance in the lower district does not have a Martial Sacred, they do have half-Martial Sacred Realm experts, it would be a difficult task even with us four brothers joining forces together. Besides, there is something far more shocking. After hundreds of years trying to find the truth, it seems like the incident that took place at the Ocean of Death in the past was not a mere accident at all. It was most likely a conspiracy!”

“And the Trading Alliance was involved in it?”

Qin Nan quickly captured the hint.

“That’s right, but there’s no proof of that yet!” Peak Leader Zhang took a deep breath and said, “That being said, I do believe that your presence at the Ocean of Death in the near future will allow the truth of the incident to be unveiled. Therefore, we won’t be touching the Trading Alliance for now, at least until the Ocean of Death is activated!”

Qin Nan nodded his head after hearing this.

The Trading Alliance originated from the upper district, possessing a formidable background. His plan of asking the Imperial Exterminator and the others to eliminate the Trading Alliance for him was quite ruthless to begin with, thus instead of feeling troubled, he felt slightly guilty instead.

Apparently he had not done anything significant so far, as it had always been the Imperial Exterminator and the rest helping him.

“Don’t overthink it—by promising to go to the Ocean of Death, you have given us a great deal of hope. This is the only thing we can do for you in return.” Peak Leader Zhang said smilingly, as if he could read Qin Nan’s mind, “Although we can’t touch the Trading Alliance now, dealing with Jiang Bilan is not too much of a problem. As long as you kill Jiang Bilan in a fair and just way, even the half-Martial Sacred Realm experts of the Trading Alliance would not be able to harm you!”

After saying this, the gentle expression on Peak Leader Zhang’s face was filled with a hint of imperiousness.

“Thanks, Senior!”

Qin Nan replied in a serious tone, as his eyes flickered coldly.

Jiang Bilan!

You’d better hope I won’t stumble into you again!

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