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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 377


Chapter 377: Chapter 377 - Six-Lined Nascent Soul
Chapter 377 - Six-Lined Nascent Soul

The giant object in the sky did not stay for long after Sacred Leader Qinglong took his leave. It swiftly vanished from the place, causing the sky above the island to return to calm.

“What happened just then completely exceeded our expectations!”

Peak Leader Duanmu was the first to speak, breaking the silence.

“There is no need to ponder further regarding Master’s intention.” Peak Leader Zhang said in a calm tone, “All that we need to know is that Qin Nan is our only hope when the Ocean of Death is activated once again.”

“I agree with Third Brother’s words.” Peak Leader Luo said.

Tang Qingshan remained silent.

Peak Leader Duanmu let out a laugh and said, “Third Brother is right. However, the time when the Ocean of Death will be activated is also close to the arrival of the two sects from the East Continent of the upper district, right? Hopefully Qin Nan is able to overcome the Ocean of Death in one piece, and represent our Qinglong Sacred Area and join one of the two sects!”


Peak Leader Zhang and Peak Leader Luo both nodded their heads. They then glanced at Tang Qingshan, and decided not to talk to him after seeing his silent appearance. The place fell into silence as they all directed their attention onto Qin Nan’s figure.

Now that Qin Nan had acquired the Uncommon Pill Almanac, to what extent would his cultivation be improved?

Meanwhile, Qin Nan’s divine Sense was drowned in darkness.

The main reason being that he had been severely injured when the Demonic-Cored Highness tried to burn his soul using the Demonic Spiritual Fire. Even with the Uncommon Pill Almanac mending his injuries, it still took a total of twelve hours just for his consciousness to be slowly awakened from the total darkness.

“What happened…”

Qin Nan wore a confused look.

“Qin Nan, the Uncommon Pill Almanac was the reason why the Demonic-Cored Highness was able to become an outstanding expert. Now that he has fallen, his cultivation of the Martial Highness Realm has blended with the Uncommon Pill Almanac, allowing it to be upgraded into a rare artifact. It will bring great benefits if you were to refine it.” At that instant, Tang Qingshan’s voice could be heard in his mind.


Qin Nan turned energetic as he glanced into the sky. Apart from Tang Qingshan, he could also see Peak Leader Duanmu and the others floating in mid-air. He immediately tried to greet them, but a burning sensation could be felt coming from his divine Sense. Peak Leader Duanmu and the rest smilingly shook their heads after being aware of Qin Nan’s pain.

Qin Nan immediately withdrew his will and inspected his divine Sense. He did not see any significant change to it, apart from a manual floating close to the boundary of the divine Sense.

“So this is the Uncommon Pill Almanac?”

Qin Nan held his breath.

Although he had no idea what had just happened, judging from Tang Qingshan’s words, he could tell that this Uncommon Pill Almanac was incredibly valuable.

The question was, Why was this Uncommon Pill Almanac floating close to the boundary of the divine Sense?

“Is it afraid of that?”

Qin Nan was startled as he discovered the mysterious copper mirror behaving like a ruler, which did not allow anything to invade its territory. Even a rare artifact like the Uncommon Pill Almanac could only stay a significant distance away from it.

“This copper mirror…”

Qin Nan was enlightened slightly, but he did not overthink it. He quickly switched his focus onto the Uncommon Pill Almanac.

The manual made of stone seemed to be quite heavy. Although it only consisted of ten pages, each page was ridiculously thick, as if it possessed many secrets within it.

“Thou shall be refined by my will!”

Qin Nan uttered a roar, causing the Dragon-Lined Golden Core inside his body to vibrate vigorously. Meanwhile, a drop of blood could be seen appearing in the divine Sense blending into the Uncommon Pill Almanac.

Cultivators at a lower realm were required to physically drop their blood onto an item to refine it. However, when one’s cultivation had reached a certain level, the person could then merge his wills with his blood before refining the item. In this way, the item would instantly be merged with the cultivator into one.


The moment the Uncommon Pill Almanac was refined, its aura completely blended with Qin Nan’s. Following this, a mysterious force burst out from it and penetrated the Dragon-Lined Golden Core with ease.

“This is the force of the Demonic-Cored Highness. No, more accurately, this is the primary force of his cultivation!”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned fiery.

Even though the Demonic-Cored Highness’ cultivation was not as strong as his peak, not only had the primary force of his cultivation discovered the secrets of the Martial Highness Realm, it also contained an incredible strength.

At that instant, the Dragon-Lined Golden Core’s aura skyrocketed, as the wills it possessed were all upgraded!


The Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique was unleashed on its own, resulting in his figure being encapsulated in ferocious flames. However, the flames appeared to be different than usual. They were golden in color with tremendous power. Besides that, a ten-zhang-long blazing golden cloak appeared behind him and danced wildly in the air.

Not only did the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique experience an improvement in its power, it also caused his aura and his actions to feel like the Atavistic God of Flames, shaking the Heavens and Earth!


A loud chime appeared above Qin Nan’s figure, as the blurry figure of a bell surrounded by countless hordes of beasts appeared and produced a chime capable of penetrating the space as well as one’s mind.

The Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling was now utterly different than before. It now possessed a great offensive power, capable of sending one straight to the netherworld with a single chime.

“My Saber Intent!”

The words were uttered like explosions. Although he did not give out any command, the Seven Deadly Sins automatically flew out from his storage bag and floated in mid-air. Each of the sabers emitted a terrifying Saber Intent, as if they possessed a degree of intelligence!

“Left eye of the divine God of Battle!”

Qin Nan let out a groan.

The Dragon-Lined Golden Core was his most reliable offensive ability at the moment, as it was able to execute the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique, the Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling, and his Saber Intent, etc., resulting in a tremendous strength, not to mention its capability to nullify various attacks!

That being said, the most formidable strength Qin Nan had was actually his left eye of the divine God of Battle!

Only when the left eye of the divine God of Battle and the Dragon-Lined Golden Core were working together was he able to unleash his greatest power. Even the Heavenly Accumulating Strike could not match this power.


The previous golden glow was no longer there, as it was replaced by an explosive purple ray of lightning that continued to grow in a ferocious manner, and stopped when it reached thirty three rays of lightning. It now felt like an eye made of lightning with purple sparkles, causing it to be more intimidating than before!


Qin Nan realized that not only was its peeking ability tremendously improved, it also possessed a vague force of lightning. However, as the force was too weak, it could not be used as an attack for the time being.

It seems like the new ability of the left eye of the divine God of Battle was being unveiled.

“Lastly… the Dragon-Lined Golden Core!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

Nine golden lines was considered supreme, and on top of that, the Dragon-Lined Golden Core was considered law-defying. With the force of the Uncommon PIll Almanac, would the Dragon-Lined Golden Core level up to the Martial Ancestor Realm, or would it experience a unique change once again?


As various Martial Skills were upgraded, a series of explosions took place in the Dragon-Lined Golden Core, before it regained its calmness. However, its previous appearance of a spherical core was gone as it experienced a remarkable change. Limbs began to grow from the core while the facial features of a human could be seen forming on its surface. The core then transformed into a figure sitting with his legs crossed, and it looked exactly like Qin Nan.

The Dragon-Lined Golden Core had transformed into a Nascent Soul!

A nascent soul had the form of a human, given birth by the Heavens and Earth, a living being among all creations. The previous Inner Core was only formed by merging various Martial Skills and personal wills, etc.—a dead object. However, it had now transformed into this tiny human-like presence. Although it did not possess any wisdom, it was truly alive.

Hence the reason why those who had formed a Nascent Soul were known as Martial Ancestors—the ancestors of the path of cultivation.

It was referring to the perfection stage where the Inner Core became alive after the Martial Skills and the wills combined thoroughly into one, possessing a degree of intelligence.

Previously, Qin Nan had only acquired a fragment of the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique and the Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling, but he had managed to derive the complete versions through his Martial Skill talent, allowing him to utilize their full potential.

However, the tremendous change did not stop after the Nascent Soul was formed.

A succession of golden dragon lines could be seen appearing on the Nascent Soul, coiling around its figure, which stopped when a total of six dragon lines were formed.

“Six-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul?”

Qin Nan was astounded.

At that instant, his aura began to rise rapidly. Although his cultivation was still at the peak Martial Emperor Realm, the strength of his aura was now equivalent to the sixth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm!

Earlier on, the aura of his Six-Lined Golden Core had only been equivalent to the third-layer Martial Emperor Realm. In contrast, the number of golden dragon lines on his Nascent Soul directly reflected the layer of his cultivation.

Meanwhile, on the island, the three Peak Leaders and Tang Qingshan were astonished as their eyes sprung open and they gazed at Qin Nan’s figure.


With a glimpse, they were left in awe.

Such an aura, did that mean that Qin Nan’s Nascent Soul was a Six-Lined Nascent Soul?

Did that mean that Qin Nan was going to form a law-defying Nascent Soul once again after forming a law-defying Inner Core previously?

“He is about to embark on a completely different path to us!”

Tang Qingshan slowly spoke after a prolonged pause. He was utterly clear about Qin Nan’s change, as his own Inner Core and Nascent Soul were abnormal too due to the Imperial Mortal Scriptures.

“I guess it’s a success!”

Qin Nan’s heart was immersed in joy, although he was unaware of their reactions.

The benefits I received after merging with the Uncommon Pill Almanac was shocking!

Suddenly, the Uncommon Pill Almanac shuddered violently as a brilliant glow was emitted from it deep into Qin Nan’s divine Sense.

An incredible pain exploded in Qin Nan’s mind.

“This… This is…”

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