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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 371


Chapter 371: Chapter 371 - Extremely Audacious

Chapter 371 - Extremely Audacious

The divine Battle Spirit was different compared to other Martial Spirits. Each Martial Spirit would have their own unique capabilities—for example, Jiang Bilan’s Heart-Devouring Martial Spirit was capable of devouring one’s heart and magnifying the evil intention within it, to control the target’s thoughts.

However, apart from being able to level up continuously, the divine Battle Spirit had yet to display its specific capabilities.

As a result, Qin Nan would normally rely on his Dragon-Lined Golden Core while battling against his opponents. He had never planned to use his Martial Spirit.

Nonetheless, at that instant, the divine Battle Spirit was automatically unleashed following Qin Nan’s fury!


A terrifying aura burst out from the divine Battle Spirit, which felt like a giant ancient mountain crushing downward on the Heart-Devouring Martial Spirit in a vigorous manner.


The Heart-Devouring Martial Spirit that had the appearance of a turtle surprisingly emitted a cry of agony as if it had encountered a terrifying presence, causing its aura to drop rapidly as it shivered violently, losing its original imperious appearance.


Jiang Bilan’s face turned pale. Since her Martial Spirit was being suppressed, her body was impacted too.

Most importantly, she could not even detect the force that her opponent’s Martial Spirit unleashed.

It was as if the emergence of the Martial Spirit alone was enough to suppress her Martial Spirit forcefully, without the need to do anything else!

“This is your reward for setting me up!”

Qin Nan’s figure was covered in blood, but the flames encapsulating his body grew incredibly stronger as he dashed forward and lashed out a punch aimed at Jiang Bilan’s face.


Jiang Bilan’s expression changed instantly as she executed her Spiritual Protective Light. However, due to the presence of the divine Battle Spirit, the efficiency of the Spiritual Protective Light was not even a tenth of its original power, and was shattered by the punch.

Her pupils contracted violently as the fists burning with flames approached her rapidly. Following a bang, it was as if her eyes, nose, mouth, and face had just collided with an atavistic beast, causing her mind to turn blank while she instinctively uttered a painful cry!

“That’s for f**king setting me up!”

Qin Nan let out a roar and as Jiang Bilan’s figure was sent flying, he immediately reached out his hand and pulled her back, before landing another fiery punch aimed at her face in a ferocious manner.


Following this, another cry of agony could be heard.

The two punches in a row caused Jiang Bilan’s attractive facial features to be smeared with blood.

Despite her miserable appearance, Qin Nan had no intention of showing any mercy, as the fury inside his heart grew even stronger!

This b**ch had marked him with three black lines since the trial of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion! She had even set him up at Jianghuang City and the Qinglong Sacred Area!

And now at the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground, she had even laid out a greater conspiracy for him!

Qin Nan had initially planned to defeat her in a just and fair fight, but he had not expected Jiang Bilan to be this wicked—to injure him with the hands of his Junior and Senior Brothers!

Even if Qin Nan were to be defeated in a battle, he could only blame himself, but this b**ch had been constantly picking on him, and even used such dishonorable tricks against him!

You like playing your dirty tricks, huh?

Then I shall beat the crap out of you today!


Qin Nan’s figure moved at an incredible speed while his punches continuously landed on Jiang Bilan’s face like a raging storm. The endless impact almost caused Jiang Bilan’s skull to explode.

The crowd of rogue cultivators was stunned on the spot as if they had been struck by lightning.

They were utterly shocked after witnessing such a violent scene!

“This punch, is for myself!”


“This, is for everyone here!”


“This, is for my Junior Brothers!”


A succession punches were hurled out, resulting in blood splattering everywhere.

Meanwhile, Jiang Bilan’s face could no longer be described as miserable. It felt like it had just been trampled by a herd of atavistic beasts.

“A vicious person like you shall be doomed by the Heavens and Earth. I shall send you to hell immediately!”

Qin Nan released most of his hatred through the series of punches. He then drew out the ancient saber Ira with his left hand and slashed at Jiang Bilan’s head.

A rare occurrence took place all of a sudden. A terrifying force burst out from Jiang Bilan’s body, which caused Qin Nan’s figure to be knocked back.


Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

With the left eye of the divine God of Battle, Qin Nan could detect some kind of power was sealed within Jiang Bilan’s body, and now the power seemed to be awakening.

“Qin… Qin… Qin Nan… You… You… You will… will… pay…”

Jiang Bilan’s eyes were beaten into a tiny gaps. Following the awakening of the force inside her body, she slightly regained her strength as her eyes were filled with a vicious look.


Oh hatred!

How dare trash like Qin Nan trample her, the Saintess who possessed such a divine identity!


With a flicker, she took out an ancient talisman with her left hand.

The rune was similar to Xiao Feipeng’s previous rune, but a terrifying aura was emitted from it, which appeared to be more powerful than Xiao Feipeng’s.

As soon as the rune was taken out, it produced an ancient absorption force.


“What is going on!”



A series of cries were emitted all of a sudden.

The rogue cultivators who were surrounding Princess Miao Miao previously now wore terrified expressions on their faces. It was as if their strength was being absorbed by some extraordinary presence.

In the midst of their terror, they realized that the object sucking their energy turned out to be the Sound-Conducting Badges that Jiang Bilan had given them previously.


The energy absorbed by the Sound-Conducting Badges was transmitted to the rune, causing a terrifying aura to burst out from it. Countless lines of characters could be seen spreading out in mid-air and gradually tore the space apart, revealing the boundless darkness within it.

“Trying to summon an expert like Xiao Feipeng?”

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh.

Summoning a expert, huh?

Do you, Jiang Bilan, really think you are the only one able to summon a expert?

Without hesitation, Qin Nan transmitted his divine Sense into the badge that Tang Qingshan had given him.

If it were to be a fair battle, Qin Nan would never trouble Tang Qingshan. However, since this Jiang Bilan was trying to seek external assistance, he would not show any mercy either by summoning the Imperial Exterminator here, and conveniently slaughtering this expert from the Trading Alliance too!

“Master, save me!”

Jiang Bilan uttered a scream in agony.

Following this, the scenery of the entire island changed tremendously. A majestic figure could be seen arriving from the space being torn apart.

The figure turned out to be an old man with a pair of sword-like eyebrows and a pointy nose. The aura emitting from his body was different than the City Lord of Slaughter City. His was imperious, as if the ruler of a kingdom had just arrived.

The moment he appeared, the creations before him turned miniscule, with the intention of bowing down to him!


The ground of the large island began to explode, firing beams of light into the sky.

The crowd was utterly shocked. The aura alone was enough to suppress their breathing, to the extent that many of the cultivators even dropped to their knees.


As soon as the imperious old man showed himself, he was relatively disappointed after glancing at Jiang Bilan’s miserable appearance. However, he still reached out his hand to try and grab her figure.

“Master, kill him! He is a threat, we can’t leave him alive!”

Jiang Bilan screamed.


The imperious old man locked his gaze onto Qin Nan’s figure. As he discovered the divine Battle Spirit standing firmly behind Qin Nan, his eyes were filled with astonishment, which was immediately replaced with a murderous intent.

“No wonder you manage to defeat my disciple. A tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit;you would surely become a formidable opponent in the near future, thus I shall not let you live!”

The murderous aura of the imperious old man was fired into the sky, causing the ocean surrounding the island to turn ferocious, resulting in a shocking blast.

It was as if his fury could be spread to the Heavens and Earth. His anger represented the Heavens’ anger!

The crowd was flabbergasted witnessing the scene. The terrifying fury could almost crush their souls.

“Trying to kill me with the mere clone of a Martial Highness? Absolutely ridiculous, Jiang Bilan, here comes your death!”

To everyone’s surprise, Qin Nan’s battle intent grew incredibly stronger at that instant.

Without showing any mercy, he locked his aim in mid-air while the tip of his finger emitted a terrifying absorption force, accumulating his flames and the will of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core!

The strongest blow: Heavenly Accumulating Strike!


A light dot was immediately fired from the tip of his finger.

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