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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 370


Chapter 370: Chapter 370 - The Infuriated Qin Nan

Chapter 370 - The Infuriated Qin Nan

It appeared that Jiang Bilan had aimed her Martial Spirit’s ability at Liang Kai and the others instead of Qin Nan.

Jiang Bilan purposely uttered mocking comments to disturb their thoughts beforehand. Following this, she commanded her Heart-Devouring Martial Spirit to utilize the opportunity and penetrate their hearts.

“Aren’t you five geniuses too?

“Why would you let Qin Nan rule over you?

“Perhaps you have no idea that Qin Nan is only this powerful due to the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion! If you were to obtain them, there is no doubt you also would exceed his potential!

“Besides, Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit is only tenth-grade Huang ranked!”

“A mere presence with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit turns out to be your Senior Brother? Are you really happy to let it be that way?

“Do you think Qin Nan is being respectful to you?

“Didn’t you realize that Qin Nan was only putting you aside when the battles took place? Such trash like him dares to despise your talents!”


Jiang Bilan’s voice was transmitted into their minds, causing their thoughts to become befogged.

Her Martial Spirit was known as the Heart-Devouring Martial Spirit, and one of its capabilities was being able to inspect the hearts of her targets. It could then penetrate their thoughts and magnify the evil intention within it—thus the so-called heart-devouring effect.

As a result, the faces of Liang Kai and his companions turned twisted at once!

That’s right!

Qin Nan only possessed a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, why was he soaring above our heads?

We should be the real geniuses, Qin Nan was only relying on his fortunate encounters!

Our talents should be greater than Qin Nan’s!

What gave Qin Nan the right to look down on them?

We have to kill Qin Nan!

Liang Kai and the rest had completely turned into Jiang Bilan’s puppets after they were bewitched by her Martial Spirit. They then thrust their swords at Qin Nan’s body while he was clueless as to their sudden change!

However, as they drew out their swords and were about to slash at Qin Nan’s skull, the blank expression in their eyes vanished slightly, while they were filled with a hint of terror!

What did we just do?

How could we thrust our swords at our own Senior Brother?

Why was this happening!

We must not attack Qin Nan!

However, they were even more terrified when they realized their bodies were out of their control!

“Senior Brother Qin Nan!”

They began to struggle vigorously while uttering roars in their hearts.

We must not swing our swords!

We must not murder our Senior Brother Qin Nan!

In the nick of time, Qin Nan reached out his hand—which was engulfed in blazing flames—and grabbed the swords, resulting in a loud explosion.

“It’s her Martial Spirit, causing Liang Kai and the rest… to be seduced!”

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization after seeing the terror on their faces. He then gathered his might and let out a raging roar, “The Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling! Demons and external influences, be gone;awaken at once you five!”

Qin Nan had consumed a great amount of his energy due to the previous fight. His body was almost at its limit now that it had been pierced by the swords. Even the glow of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core had diminished while he was exhorting its strength.

A giant bell was summoned, which was struck facing Liang Kai and his crew!


Liang Kai and the rest could feel their souls awakening ferociously. The negative influence of the Heart-Devouring Martial Spirit immediately dissipated. They managed to regain their consciousness swiftly after a slight hesitation.

“Senior Brother Qin Nan…”

Bitter expressions could be seen on their faces.


Qin Nan forced a smile onto his face, but before he could utter the word ‘worry’, a powerful force suddenly struck his body without mercy, causing the wounds to explode and expand further, as blood was splattered everywhere!

“HAHA! Qin Nan, how touching of you to care so much about your friends, to put all your attention into saving your Junior and Senior Brothers and forget about my presence!”

Jiang Bilan burst out laughing.

Oh, Qin Nan!

So what if your Dragon-Lined Golden Core possesses a law-defying strength?

You still end up being stabbed by your Junior and Senior Brothers and being severely injured for their sake!

The victory of the battle belongs to me, Jiang Bilan!

“Senior Brother Qin Nan!”

The faces of Liang Kai and the others turned pale seeing this, as if their hearts had been ferociously stabbed by a knife, resulting in an incredible pain!

Qin Nan was looking down on them?

Qin Nan never placed then in his eyes?

Why would they be seduced by such ridiculous accusations!

Who on Earth would react like Qin Nan, who did not complain despite being stabbed by them and used his remaining energy to awaken them from the enemy’s control instead!

And now, because of them, Qin Nan’s body further suffered from a powerful blow!

“Qin Nan!”

Princess Miao Miao’s eyes instantly reddened after seeing this.

That idiot!

How could he be so stupid!

“Jiang Bilan, if you dare to harm Qin Nan further, even if it’s only a piece of his hair, I’ll make sure the Trading Alliance will be buried together with your corpse!"

At that instant, Princess Miao Miao wore an exceedingly icy expression, as her body emitted an ancient suppression.

The cultivators attacking her were shocked, as they could feel an incredible fear rising in their hearts uncontrollably.

“Is that so? Then, I shall murder him right before you today!”

For some reason, Jiang Bilan turned more furious as her eyes were filled with a cold look. She then accumulated her strongest killing blow, preparing to kill Qin Nan.

All of a sudden!

The wind turned calm!

The place turned quiet!

All the abilities turned silent!

It was as if the breathing, the heartbeats, and the blood flow of the crowd became frozen!

An invisible pressure appeared in the air and spread toward the surroundings, causing the crowd to feel disturbed.


Jiang Bilan’s expression stiffened while the Heart-Devouring Martial Spirit behind her uttered a raging roar, filled with a vague hint of terror.

What the hell was going on?

Her gaze instinctively landed on Qin Nan’s figure.


A shocking explosion took place on the island!

A total of ten green rays of light appeared with a flash. Each ray was like a shining star, and following them, a magnificent figure emerged from the ground and firmly stood in mid-air!

The figure was over ten zhang tall. The moment it appeared, it immediately blocked the sunlight coming from above, causing the place to be immersed in darkness!

“This… This is…”

Jiang Bilan was astounded!

The crowd was astounded!

Is… Is this a Martial Spirit?

Ten… Ten rays of green light… A tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit?

How was this possible!

It’s a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!

“Jiang Bilan!”

A shocking intent burst out from the extremely weakened body of Qin Nan that was covered in wounds and blood. It was his boundless fury!


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