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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 367


Chapter 367: Chapter 367 - The Pill of Lifetime Unending Love

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Chapter 367 - The Pill of Lifetime Unending Love

Unlike Xiao Feipeng who was only cooperating with Jiang Bilan for his eldest brother’s sake and his own interest of challenging Qin Nan, Jiao Shiyi was crazily in love with Jiang Bilan. Furthermore, he had been brought to shame by Qin Nan a couple of times in a row at the Qinglong Sacred Area, thus he felt incredibly pleasant after witnessing Qin Nan’s defeat.

“These mere flames dare to hurt me!”

To everyone’s surprise, Qin Nan suddenly burst out laughing as his Dragon-Lined Golden Core was ignited with another layer of fire, which grew bigger into a sea of flames encapsulating its surroundings.

This was the will of the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique that was accumulated inside the Dragon-Lined Golden Core.

The smile on Jiao Shiyi’s face stiffened.

“The Four Demons Destructive Formation will not be overpowered that easily—The Hymns of Ten Thousand Demons!”

Jiang Bilan’s expression remained unaffected. She had already predicted the law-defying power of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core. She immediately controlled the formation, resulting in the four blurry demonic figures of the formation uttering a chant.

Although there were only four figures in total, it was as if countless demons were appearing in mid-air and joining the figures in uttering the chant.

Each of the chants possessed endless arcane power, which combined together into a far more terrifying power that aimed to corrupt the victim.

Although the cultivators in the surroundings were not entrapped within the formation, they could feel their brains buzzing and their faces twisting, as their thoughts were being vaguely manipulated.

The effect of the Hymns of Ten Thousand Demons was indeed terrifying.

“Hymns of Demons my ass, be gone!”

Qin Nan yelled ferociously.

The Dragon-Lined Golden Core began to shudder violently. Apart from the blazing flames, a giant bell took shape in mid-air, which emitted a loud chime.

The Hymns of Ten Thousand Demons instantly dissipated.

The main reason being that Qin Nan had practiced the Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling, and together with the strength of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core, he could be considered invulnerable against the demons.


Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng were startled.

The strength of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core had exceeded their expectation.

“Four Demons Destructive Hands!”

Jiang Bilan wore a stern look as she continued to control the formation.

The four demons standing on the formation became enraged as they locked their gazes onto the Dragon-Lined Golden Core and hurled their fists at it.

Although the ultimate power of the Four Demons Destructive Formation could not be fully unleashed, the aura originating from the punches resulted in the Dragon-Lined Golden Core being enclosed within a destructive force.

Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz...

Despite the outstanding strength of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core, it trembled violently after suffering the attacks from the destructive hands.

A series of explosions took place on Qin Nan’s body too, as his flesh received a great impact. In just a short period of time, his aura was swiftly weakened, causing his face to turn pale while a trail of blood could be seen flowing out from his lips.

“Four Demons Destructive Hands, huh? Are you still planning to destroy my Dragon-Lined Golden Core? In your f**king dreams!”

Not only was Qin Nan not giving up due to the severe injury, the battle intent emitting from his body grew stronger as his face was filled with a crazy expression.

“Dragon-Lined Golden Core, Atavistic Golden Dragon, fight with me!”

Following Qin Nan’s roar, the Golden Dragon creeping on the surface of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core raised its head vigorously and reached out its claws, before it struck the Four Demons Destructive Hands with an imperious aura.

The intent belonged to Qin Nan’s intent. Once his intent synchronized with the Golden Core, even the Golden Dragon would transform into a Battling Dragon!


A succession of explosions took place rapidly.

The Dragon-Lined Golden Core exhorted a powerful strength, allowing it to match the suppression of the Four Demons Destructive Hands.


Even the utterly confident Jiang Bilan was lost for words after seeing this.

The Four Demons Destructive Formation—even a terrifying atavistic formation like this could not suppress the Dragon-Lined Golden Core?

How terrifying exactly was the strength of this Dragon-Lined Golden Core!?

“Jiao Shiyi, Xiao Feipeng, I’ll give you two the runes of the formation. Get inside the formation and destroy his Golden Core with your strongest attacks!”

Jiang Bilan snapped.

She had already prepared the backup plan.


Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng nodded their heads. Following this, Jiang Bilan flicked her finger and fired a magical barrier that encapsulated the two, allowing them to enter the formation without being targeted.

“The mystical power of the Inner Core, the Suppression of the Martial Spirit!”

They both uttered forceful cries while commanding their Martial Spirits and Inner Cores to unleash a suppressive force aiming at the Dragon-Lined Golden Core.


The Dragon-Lined Golden Core could no longer resist the pressure, and was slowly being knocked backward.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan’s body experienced a series of explosions as his figure was knocked backward and his mouth continuously vomited mouthfuls of blood.

“Qin Nan! Use the badge!”

Princess Miao Miao snapped.

The situation now was beyond their imagination, and the ending would be disastrous if the badge were not to be used now.

Jiang Bilan was startled, What badge? Does that mean that Qin Nan still has something up his sleeves?

“Are they worthy enough for me to use the badge? Even if you three, or everyone else joined forces against me today, I’d defeat all of you by myself!”

Qin Nan uttered a blasting roar.

The blazing flames encapsulating his body grew stronger once again while the flaming cloak swept across the sky with overwhelming battle intent!

The Dragon-Lined Golden Core shone brightly as if the Golden Dragon had become extraordinarily enraged and unleashed its full power, capable of resisting the combined force of the two Martial Spirits, two Inner Cores, and the Four Demons Destructive Hands!

“What on Earth…”

Jiang Bilan, Jiao Shiyi, and Xiao Feipeng were utterly astonished.

Was there any Martial Emperor within the Heavens and Earth that possessed such a law-defying Inner Core!

The surrounding Jiao Zhe and the crowd of rogue cultivators reacted the same way as well.

Jiang Bilan rapidly collected her thoughts and quickly thought, The strength of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core was stronger than her expectations. She was considering if she should execute her final killing blow.

“Qin Nan, today shall be the day of your death!”

All of a sudden, Xiao Feipeng uttered a roar.

His eldest brother was fond of Jiang Bilan, thus as his younger brother, he was here to compete with Qin Nan under his brother’s order. However, the situation beforehand had completely exceeded his imagination. If he were to allow Qin Nan’s strength to grow freely, even his eldest brother would not stand a chance against him.

As a result, even if it meant using his trump card, Qin Nan must die today!

“Atavistic Vital Rune!”

Xiao Feipeng fired a rune that swiftly caught fire. Following it, a terrifying aura could be felt approaching the place.

“How is this possible…”

The crowd was astounded.

The pressure that they detected from the aura was not that of the Martial Emperor Realm, but the pressure of the Martial Highness Realm!”


An illusory figure emerged from the ground and stood in mid-air, causing the area within ten li to fall into complete darkness, as if the figure was the only being in the Heavens and Earth!

“The City Lord of Slaughter City!”

Jiang Bilan was enlightened.

The crowd was left in awe after hearing the words.

The City Lord of Slaughter City?

So this was the City Lord who had recently leveled up to the Martial Highness Realm?

More accurately, this was not the actual person of the City Lord of Slaughter City, but a clone formed with his divine Sense.

Since Xiao Feipeng was his son, in order to guarantee his safety, the City Lord had used his divine Sense to craft a rune and let Xiao Feipeng keep it by his side as a trump card.


At that instant, a rare occurrence took place. The three stone statues suddenly emitted a mystical glow that penetrated the darkness and landed on the clone of the City Lord of Slaughter City.

“Shit, the seal of the Demonic-Cored Highness is being triggered!”

Xiao Feipeng and Jiang Bilan were startled.


The aura of the tall figure in mid-air was tremendously weakened by the attackonly a hundredth of its force remained. As the tall figure was struck by the attack, he too exclaimed in a curious tone.


The tall figure immediately took note of the situation and as the three stone statues fired another attack at him, he quickly locked his aim onto Qin Nan and pointed his finger at him!

At that instant, the Heavens and Earth trembled slightly, as a shocking intent was fired.

Although the clone only had a hundredth of its previous strength, it was extremely terrifying!

Even a first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm expert would be instantly slain by the intent.

“Intent of a Martial Highness? However, don’t think you can hurt me with such a weakened intent!”

Qin Nan showed no sign of being intimidated, as he stared right at the approaching attack.

The left eye of the divine God of Battle observes everything. With the Dragon-Lined Golden Core as the support, the eye of the divine God of Battle shall destroy everything!”

Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a brilliant glow!

A tremendous power that had never been displayed before burst out from the Dragon-Lined Golden Core with a blinding golden glow, which drew the silhouette of a mystical golden eye in mid-air that sprang open looking forward.


The attack from the tall figure was instantly shattered.


The tall figure wore a surprised look while gazing at Qin Nan, but before he could do anything else, the attack from the three stone statues landed on his figure, causing it to dissipate in mid-air!

Meanwhile, Jiang Bilan, Xiao Feipeng, Jiao Shiyi, Jiao Zhe, and the other geniuses were lost for words.

Even the intent of a Martial Highness was not able to kill him?

Even though the intent was only fired from a Martial Highness’s clone, and due to the restriction of the stone statues the force of the intent was only a hundredth of its original power, it was still a Martial Highness’s intent!

How terrifying was this Dragon-Lined Golden Core?


At that instant, Qin Nan suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood while looking up, as his aura was weakened once again.

The move from before was the strongest attack of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core, executed through its will combined with the power of the left eye of the divine God of Battle. The energy needed for the attack was immensely huge, and since Qin Nan was already severely injured to begin with, his flesh was now on the verge of crumbling.

“Kill him now!”

Jiang Bilan shouted.


Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng immediately collected their thoughts and lashed out their attacks with a twisted face.

Either way, they could not let Qin Nan survive today!

However, at that instant, while the surrounding crowd was in the midst of astonishment, the eyes of Zhao Fang, who was standing before Jiao Zhe, flickered vigorously.

So stunning!

Handsome to the max!

As expected of the man he was captivated by!

Sweeping the Heavens and Earth and emerging undefeated with a law-defying Golden Core!

“Qin Nan, a violent horse like you must belong to me. Now that these shameless pricks are flanking you, your Senior Brother will rescue you.” Zhao Fang let out a chuckle and said, “But before I do so, I’ll let you consume a pill…”

In the midst of his speech, a strange-looking pill appeared in his palm.

The pill was the forbidden pill that he had just acquired, known as the Pill of Lifetime Unending Love!

Once the pill was consumed, the person would fall in love with the owner of the pill for the rest of their life, with no possible cure to nullify the effect.

Now that Zhao Fang had acquired the pill, he could take ahold of this opportunity whilst Qin Nan was in his weakened state to have him consume it. By doing so, even Qin Nan’s Dragon-Lined Golden Core would not be able to resist the effect of the forbidden pill despite its law-defying capabilities.

“Qin Nan, hehe…”

It was as if Zhao Fang had been consumed by darkness, as his eyes stared at the formation.

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