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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 366


Chapter 366: Chapter 366 - Four Demons Destructive Formation

Chapter 366 - Four Demons Destructive Formation

“Four divine Beasts[1] generated from Wuji[2], Kun-peng of the Nine Heavens!”

“Merging of the Heavens and Earth, Ten thousand Suppressing Swords!”

Xiao Feipeng and Jiao Shiyi could detect a great danger at that instant. They instantly spit out their Inner Cores and executed their Inner Cores’ ultimate techniques while unleashing their Martial Spirits’ power to suppress Qin Nan.

“Get the f**k off me!”

Qin Nan’s expression remained the same as he uttered the curse. He then controlled his Dragon-Lined Golden Core and rammed hard into the two.


Their Martial Spirits and Inner Cores were forcefully knocked back at that instant, as if they were facing a real dragon instead of a Golden Core.


The figures of the Xiao Feipeng and Jiao Shiyi were knocked a great distance back as they vomited mouthfuls of blood.

The two geniuses were injured due to the collision.

“The strength of his Golden Core is indeed unbelievable!”

Both Jiao Zhe and the cultivators were astonished.

No wonder the two Sacred Leaders personally interfered to claim his possession. The power of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core alone is enough to defeat any opponent of the same realm. Without a doubt, he could even thoroughly suppress a first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm expert with ease.

“Princess, we are here to help!”

When Liang Kai and the others saw over ten rogue cultivators attacking a little girl while encircling her, they immediately guessed that she was the Princess Miao Miao who was extremely famous due to her talent in Pill Alchemy. Therefore, they did not hesitate to offer their assistance.

“Don’t worry about me, go save Qin Nan! This is a trap, Jiang Bilan is aiming for his Inner Core!”

Princess Miao Miao suddenly snapped!


Liang Kai and the rest were stunned, as they were clueless as to the details of the situation.

“Qin Nan, take this!”

Xiao Feipeng and Jiao Shiyi did not withdraw after being knocked back. Instead, they immediately took out two Mystical Weapons and threw them into the air, which emitted bright glows while summoning a powerful rainstorm targeting Qin Nan’s figure.

These two Mystical Weapons turned out to be two Dominator Weapons, which were specifically used to suppress one’s movement!

“You guys even prepared Dominator Weapons to suppress me? Get destroyed!”

Qin Nan’s battle intent grew stronger like the surging waves of the ocean as he wore a twisted expression while commanding his Dragon-Lined Golden Core to lock onto the space before him and emit a destructive glow.


Even the two Dominator Weapons were partially knocked backward by the Dragon-Lined Golden Core.

Of course, the main reason for this was because Xiao Feipeng and Jiao Shiyi’s cultivations were not strong enough to completely unleash the power of the Dominator Weapons.

“Heavenly Dragon Roar!”

Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a brilliant glow.

On his Golden Core, the Golden Dragon crawling on top of it had awakened, whose eyes glared coldly at the Dominator Weapons as it opened its mouth wide and uttered a terrifying roar.


At that instant, the cultivators within five li of the Golden Core could feel a piercing pain in their ears, leaving painful expressions on their faces.

Not only were the two Dominator Weapons struck by the roar, the force of it ended up hitting the weak points of the weapons with the aid of the left eye of the divine God of Battle, causing the weapons to instantly explode, resulting in a powerful gust of wind.

The two Dominator Weapons were thoroughly destroyed!


Qin Nan’s attack did not stop there as his figure sprang into the sky and lashed out a punch aiming at Xiao Feipeng and Jiao Shiyi.


Two cries of agony penetrated the sky as their figures were sent flying as they continuously vomited mouthfuls of blood.

Even with the two geniuses exhorting their full strength, combined with the power of the two Dominator Weapons, they had still failed to resist Qin Nan’s strength.

“Jiang Bilan, your turn…”

Qin Nan turned around and locked his murderous gaze onto Jiang Bilan’s figure. However, before he could finish his words, a grin appeared on Jiang Bilan’s face.

“As expected, you never disappoint me. Even with the two great geniuses exhorting their full strength, they still don’t stand a chance against you. Too bad, I’d already predicted this to happen. May the Heavens turn, and the formation be established with the descending of the four demons!”

Her expression was replaced with a stern look as she flung the disc high up into the sky above Qin Nan’s head.


A sense of danger filled Qin Nan’s heart, prompting him to immediately command his Dragon-Lined Golden Core to exhort a powerful strike at the disc.


Before the attack landed on the disc, four roars originating from the atavistic world were heard all of a sudden as the demonic disc emitted a brilliant glow. Following it, countless pitch black runes burst out from it and encapsulated the area within five zhang of itself while the formation was established. Four pitch-black ancient blurry figures stood firmly above the formation!


It was as if the entire space had fallen silent while a sacred buzzing sound was emitted. The terrifying attack executed by Qin Nan’s Dragon-Lined Golden Core was thoroughly nullified after being sniped by an invisible force.

“Save him!”

Princess Miao Miao snapped.

If her figure was not being fully restrained by the group of rogue cultivators, she would have stopped the formation from being established in the first place.

Liang Kai and the others recovered from their shock at that instant, before they let out raging cries while charging forward and lashing out their attacks at the formation. Despite that, the formation remained unharmed while reflecting a terrifying force back onto the attackers’ body, causing their figures to be sent flying.

“The formation is now established, no one would stand a chance against it. Qin Nan, even your law-defying Golden Core is going to be destroyed today!”

Jiang Bilan’s expression turned cold at that instant.

After knowing that Qin Nan was planning to participate in the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground trial, she immediately utilized her authority to look for information in countless historical records and discovered the secrets regarding the Demonic-Cored Highness and located this demonic disk. She then joined forces with Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng in order to lay out this terrifying trap, in order to snipe Qin Nan’s Dragon-Lined Golden Core!

There were three types of cultivators in the world.

The first one referred to those who focused on practicing their Martial Skills, with their Martial Spirit serving as a support. Their strength would grow stronger once they mastered their Martial Skills. The second type was the path of the Martial Spirit. These cultivators would continue to explore the potential of their Martial Spirits, while supporting its power with specific Martial Skills. The third one was the Mystical Weapons users, who utilized their weapons to defeat their enemies while using their Martial Spirit and Martial Skills as support.

Most of the cultivators would be classified into these three types.

However, Qin Nan turned out to be a fourth type.

The Nine-Lined Golden Core was already considered to be the dominator of the Martial Emperor Realm, but Qin Nan had ended up forming a Dragon-Lined Golden Core, completely defying the law of the Heavens!

Every single Mystical Weapon and Martial Spirit would be suppressed in front of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core. As such, Jiang Bilan was willing to pay a huge cost to execute this ‘Four Demons Destructive Formation’ with further tricks as backup, just to destroy Qin Nan’s Dragon-Lined Golden Core.

If it were not to be destroyed soon and was allowed to grow stronger, nobody would be able to face Qin Nan’s strength in the future.

“Suppress the Golden Core!”

Jiang Bilan uttered a roar.

The demonic formation established in mid-air emitted a forceful aura, as the four blurry figures on the formation uttered a series of raging cries. Following this, they turned around and locked their gazes onto Qin Nan’s figure while a pitch-black ancient chain could be seen coiling around Qin Nan’s Dragon-Lined Golden Core. After the chain finished coiling around the Golden Core, it was then ignited with a pitch-black fire, which burned ferociously.


Qin Nan took a deep breath.

He was clueless as to what the black flame was, but he could sense his body being severely impacted as his Dragon-Lined Golden Core was engulfed in it.

“This ain’t good!”

Princess Miao Miao’s face turned pale.

Although she was not an expert with formations, she did know that this Four Demons Destructive Formation was specifically used during the ancient era to murder Martial Highness Realm experts. The formation appeared to be slightly weaker than what she knew, but it was more than enough to eliminate the Dragon-Lined Golden Core.

The scorching pitch-black flame was only the beginning.

“HAHAHA, Qin Nan, that’s for being so full of yourself, to underestimate Jiang Bilan’s capabilities. Serves you right!”

At that instant, despite being severely injured, Jiao Shiyi could not help but burst out laughing as his face was filled with a pleasant look.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: The Four divine Beasts in Chinese myth. (also known as four symbols)

[2] TL Note: Wuji is a Chinese philosophy term, which appears a lot in Daoism.


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