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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 362


Chapter 362: Chapter 362 - Another Old Friend

Chapter 362 - Another Old Friend

“Isn’t she the Saintess of the Trading Alliance?”

“Is she in love with Qin Nan?”


In the midst of the astonishment, the crowd could not help but be jealous of Qin Nan. Jiang Bilan was such a gorgeous beauty with a gentle personality. Not to mention her outstanding talent and formidable background. It appeared that only Qin Nan was qualified to be her partner.

Qin Nan stared at her with a pair of icy eyes.

He could somehow guess that Jiang Bilan was involved in the conspiracy of sending Xiao Feipeng to cause him trouble.

This woman really won’t give up, huh.

“My friend Qin Nan, I won’t spend too much time speaking bullshit here. I’m afraid the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground trial does not only emphasize one’s comprehension, etc., but the participants’ real strength. I have high hopes for your strength!”

To his surprise, Jiang Bilan immediately left the scene after saying the words with a smile.

The crowd of cultivators was startled, Why did the words sound like a declaration of battle between the two?

Did that mean the Saintess and Qin Nan were actually enemies of one another?

As Qin Nan thought, when Jiang Bilan arrived at the dojo, Xiao Feipeng immediately went up to her. They appeared to be quite close with one another judging from the atmosphere between the two.

The cultivators immediately came to a realization;It seemed like this Saintess is Qin Nan’s enemy, and she is currently joining forces with Xiao Feipeng.

They did not dare to comment further due to the intense atmosphere, but they were secretly looking forward to how the conflict would develop between the two.

The peerless genius Qin Nan versus the Saintess joining forces with Xiao Feipeng and the others—who would emerge victorious? Stay tuned.

At that instant, a figure suddenly arrived at the scene, who was the City Lord of Seaside City.

“Geniuses of the two Sacred Areas, fellow cultivators, the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground is about to be activated.” The City Lord declared in a loud tone, “The Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground is actually an island that appeared a hundred years ago. According to the historical records of our Seaside City, there exists an ancient seal on the island, and it would result in a calamity if it were to be broken. Therefore, I hope the participants will stay away from it once the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground trial starts!”

“Besides that, I would like to explain the rules: the two Sacred Areas will have twelve participants, which means that there will be twenty four spots left. These spots will be opened to everyone, thus you all will have to compete for them if you are planning to take part in the actual Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground trial.”

“Another important note: every participant who enters the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground will be given a Triangular Badge. When the badge is stolen, the respective participant will be disqualified. Meanwhile, only those who possess eight of the badges can proceed to the center of the island and activate the stone statues, in order to obtain the Martial Ancestor Fortunate Encounter!”

The City Lord of Seaside City explained in details.

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization. The rules of the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground trial were similar to the previous Trial of Versatility at the Mystic Spirit Sect—robbing each other’s badge. However, one would need to gather eight badges in order to proceed to the center of the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground to activate the stone statues there.

In other words, there was no way a participant could hide after collecting enough badges. There would be a final battle at the very end of the trial.

“Here are Sound-Conducting Badges. You should stay in contact with one another after arriving at the island.”

The old blue-haired man threw six badges to the disciples and said with a stern look, “One more thing, Liang Kai and the rest, remember to listen to Junior Brother Qin Nan’s commands at all times. We must come first in the trial!”

“Got it!”

Liang Kai and the others nodded their heads.

Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a glow as he began to scan the crowd to inspect their cultivations.

Judging from Jiang Bilan’s cunning personality, she would definitely stir up some trouble in the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground trial. Therefore, it was essential for Qin Nan to observe the strength of the crowd just to keep an eye out.

All of a sudden, Jiang Bilan spoke in a clear tone, “Fellow geniuses gathered here for the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground, I believe most of you know who I am due to my slightly famous reputation. Right now, I’ll distribute my Sound-Conducting Badges to everyone here. When the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground is activated, and if you managed to participate in the trial, do contact me. I’ve got a great deal for you all, with tremendous rewards.”

In the midst of her speech, she flicked her finger, resulting in hundreds of light beams containing Sound-Conducting Badges landing in the hands of the crowd, like a goddess scattering petals of flowers in mid-air.

The old blue-haired man, Liang Kai, and the others were startled.

They already knew there existed some sort of conflict between Jiang Bilan and Qin Nan, and now Jiang Bilan was willing to give the crowd hundreds of Sound-Conducting Runes, indicating that something fishy was going to happen.

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

The scene before him was incredibly familiar to him, as it was similar to what Ling Zixiao had done previously—joining forces with the participants to deal with him. However, Ling Zixiao could only spread the messages through controlling the beasts on the Island of Versatility. On the other hand, with the help of the Sound-Conducting Runes, it was easier for Jiang Bilan to group up with the participants.

“Thanks, Saintess!”

“HAHA, sounds interesting!”

“Then I must enter the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground!”


The crowd of cultivators immediately responded with excited looks on their faces.

Even though they had no idea what Jiang Bilan was planning to do, they did not mind cooperating with her since she had left a good first impression in their minds, not to mention her formidable background.

“This Jiang Bilan is cunning indeed!”

Qin Nan’s expression darkened slightly.

He had no idea how to stop Jiang Bilan’s conspiracy, thus he could only take note of the crowd’s cultivation beforehand.

Qin Nan’s eyes thoroughly scanned the participants at the dojo, and his expression utterly changed after seeing a person.

The entire dojo was immersed in a lively chatter, but there was one man with a pair of thick eyebrows and a handsome face glaring at Jiang Bilan furiously. His eyes were filled with incredible murderous intent.

“Bitch, peasant, ant, hoe…”

The person continuously cursed at Jiang Bilan.

It appeared that this man was the First Senior Brother of Duanmu Peak: Zhao Fang!

Zhao Fang was incredibly furious after being beaten up by the little wild horse[1] Duan Qing at the City of Black Hands. Following this, with some tricks, he had managed to acquire the first rank of the King of Robbing Competition, allowing him to accumulate enough Contribution Points to buy the forbidden drug.

Outside of his expectations, Qin Nan had left the sect to participate in the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground trial, leaving Zhao Fang with a blank expression. He then clenched his teeth and made up his mind, who changed his appearance and restricted his cultivation to the peak Martial Emperor Realm with some kind of secret technique, so that he could participate in the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground trial and find some opportunity to drug Qin Nan.

However, Zhao Fang had not expected that this bitch Jiang Bilan was planning to harm his Qin Nan!

F**king asshole!

Such an ugly bitch like you dares to harm Qin Nan?

“F**k me…”

Qin Nan could not help but swear as his face turned incredibly twisted.

He was not frightened when Jiang Bilan teamed up with Xiao Feipeng and the others to deal with him, but he had never expected the f**king pervert Zhao Fang to follow him to the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground!

Liang Kai and the others wore confused looks on their faces, What is wrong with Senior Brother Qin Nan?

“Qin Nan, that woman Jiang BIlan is not to be underestimated. She surely has some plan up her sleeves. I’ll conceal my identity for now, and we’ll work together when the time comes.”

A pleasant yet familiar voice could be heard all of a sudden.

Qin Nan was slightly startled, who then turned his head around and glanced in the voice’s direction, which turned out to be from an ordinary-looking young man staring in Jiang Bilan’s direction with a pair of cold eyes.

As Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a golden glow, he immediately discovered the young man to be Princess Miao Miao!”

“You… Why are you here?” Qin Nan was stunned.

Wasn’t Princess Miao Miao busy with her Pill Alchemy? Why was she here?

Could it be that she was worried about my safety?

“Old Duanmu told me that Jiang Bilan was trying to bully you here!” Princess Miao Miao waved her fists around as if she could read Qin Nan’s mind, and said in a threatening tone, “Don’t you overthink it, the Princess ain’t concerned about your safety, but since you are my servant, nobody is allowed to bully you except the Princess! Humph, the Princess is not worried about you. It’s just that the Princess dislikes that cunning woman!”

While speaking, she continuously nodded her head, as if she was trying to convince Qin Nan, I’m really not being worried about your safety.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: I forgot to mention this the last time, but regarding the reason why Zhao Fang is referring to Qin Nan and Duan Qing as horses, it is kind of like a modern slang. When someone refers to someone else as a horse, it means the person is interested in ‘taming’ him/her. It is also used to refer to someone who is ‘wild’ (since wild horse gallops around).


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