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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 360


Chapter 360: Chapter 360 - Xiao Feipeng

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Chapter 360 - Xiao Feipeng

At that instant, the Maple Prince’s mind went blank.

The reason he had purposely assisted the Fifth Prince with his unreasonable act was because he had been told to purposely cause a scene to happen while picking on the disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

After leaving Jianghuang City previously, the Maple Prince had stumbled onto a fortunate encounter, which allowed his Maple Eye-Technique to improve tremendously. As a result, even though he only possessed a second-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, he was recruited as the disciple of Slaughter City’s City Lord. That being said, his identity might sound intimidating to ordinary people, but he was only a prospective disciple, and the City Lord of Slaughter City had at least over twenty prospective disciples.

If it weren’t because of that man’s order, he would not have dared to challenge the disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

However, he never thought that Qin Nan would be one of the disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

Although the Maple Prince still held a grudge against Qin Nan, his current status and talents completely outmatched his limits.

Even the one who sent him here would be considered a small sorcerer facing a big sorcerer[1] while standing before Qin Nan!

The crowd inside the palace was left in awe.

What the hell was going on?

Why was the Maple Prince calling him Brother Nan?

Even the Maple Emperor, who clearly knew the reason behind the incident, was utterly confused.

Who exactly was this young man, that the Maple Prince would be so terrified of him?

As for Liang Kai and the rest, a hysterical smile appeared on their faces, since they had already expected the Maple Prince to show this reaction.

Qin Nan stared at the Maple Prince with an expressionless face, “What a surprise;since our last encounter, you managed to find yourself some fortunate encounters. However, does that mean you can do whatever you want now?”


The Maple Prince’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.

He was absolutely familiar with Qin Nan’s temper. If one were to step on his toes, he would not forgive the person so easily.

“Brother, why did you hit me? Am I still your younger brother? Why would you slap me because of him!”

At that instant, the Fifth Prince roared furiously.

He wasn’t an idiot—he could easily tell that the person before him possessed a formidable background, But surely it was no match against his brother’s background, or the one supporting his brother behind him, right?

“Kneel down!”

The Maple Prince turned mad as he lashed out another powerful slap onto the Fifth Prince’s face.

Why the hell is my brother so stupid? Wasn’t the situation obvious?


Another loud slap could be heard.

The slap left the Fifth Prince with a blank expression. From the Maple Prince’s attitude, he finally realized that the background of the young man before him completely exceeded his expectations!


While immersed in a great shock, the Fifth Prince forfeited his dignity and instantly dropped to his knees and cried, “Big brother, please forgive me, and this lady too. It was my fault. I’m an asshole, I’m a prick…”

Qin Nan’s expression remained the same as he glanced toward Lin Xiaoyu.

Lin Xiaoyu wore a disgusted look, as she said to Qin Nan in a soft tone, “Senior Brother, let’s just forget it…”

“Piss off!”

Qin Nan said calmly, without glimpsing at the Fifth Prince.

“Sure thing!”

It was as if the Fifth Prince’s life had been spared, as he immediately rose from the ground and left the scene without hesitating.

The crowd exchanged glances with one another. They had not expected the incident to end in such a simple way. This caused them to focus their gazes onto Qin Nan’s figure. It seems like this ordinary-looking young man is nothing ordinary at all.

“You old piece of shit have been keeping some secrets, huh? This young lad looks pretty unfamiliar, I guess I’ve never seen him before, right?” At that instant, the Maple Emperor spoke with a calm smile, as if his son kneeling down had not bothered him at all.

“Hehe, he’s just a newly recruited disciple of our Qinglong Sacred Area. Come, let’s have more drinks…” The old blue-haired man said in an indifferent tone.

The eyes of the Maple Emperor flickered. This cunning old piece of shit is not easy to deal with. He then transmitted his voice to the Maple Prince, and after receiving a reply from him, his expression changed tremendously.

It appeared that their Maple Kingdom was being used as a cannon fodder this time, as the man’s target turned out to be Qin Nan!

“The Maple Kingdom shall not interfere further in this matter!”

The Maple Emperor immediately transmitted his voice to the Maple Prince, before he picked up his cup and said to the old blue-haired man, “Haha, it’s definitely my fault for what just happened there, since I didn’t teach my son proper manners…”

Liang Kai and the rest immediately glanced toward Qin Nan.

They were aware that something was fishy. Even if this Fifth Prince was ruthless in person, as the prince of a kingdom, it doesn’t make sense that he is that stupid enough to challenge the disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area. Although the Maple Prince is the disciple of the City Lord of Slaughter City, it would only place him on par with them.

Qin Nan gave his crew a signal with his eyes before he glanced at the Maple Prince and asked, “Who’s behind this?”


The Maple Prince’s face was filled with hesitation.

At that instant, a burst of laughter could be heard all of a sudden, “I just received my brother’s message the other day, and I was wondering who the person he was referring to was. I did not expect it to be you, to be honest. I’ve been hearing your name quite a lot lately!”

The crowd immediately glanced toward the owner of the voice.

They could only see a young man wearing luxurious clothes approaching them. Despite his mere cultivation of the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, his extraordinary aura resulted in a great pressure on the crowd’s heart.


“Mr. Xiao!”

At that instant, the Maple Prince and the Maple Emperor greeted him at the same time.

Mr. Xiao?

The City Lord of Slaughter City?

At that instant, the crowd’s face turned pale as a sudden thought struck their minds.

Liang Kai and the rest frowned their eyebrows, except Xiao San, who wore an astounded expression as he immediately transmitted his voice to his companions, “Senior Brother Qin Nan, fellow Senior Brothers, this guy’s name is Xiao Feipeng, and he is the youngest among the three sons of Slaughter City’s City Lord!”

“The third son of Slaughter City’s City Lord?”

Liang Kai and the others were startled.

Among the geniuses in the lower district, the three sons of Slaughter City’s City Lord were extremely well-known. The eldest brother was the Prospective Saint of the Feiyang Sacred Area, who was ranked first among all the Prospective Saints. The second brother was the successor of the Gambling City. Although the third son, Xiao Feipeng, was not as powerful as his two elder brothers, he too possessed a sixth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, thus allowing him to have a bright future!

Qin Nan frowned slightly.

He had never heard of the three sons of Slaughter City’s City Lord before. However, he was utterly confused, I’ve never met this Xiao Feipeng before, so why would he be trying to cause me trouble?

“I hope you will forget what just happened.”

Xiao Feipeng halted in his tracks and brought his fists together toward Qin Nan, Liang Kai, and the others. However, it appeared that his flesh shuddered violently, as if his muscles had turned tense at that instant. Although his figure did not grow bigger, an imperious aura similar to that of a giant was emitted.

The expressions of Liang Kai and the rest instantly stiffened.

Although they possessed extraordinary talents, there still existed a great difference when comparing themselves to Xiao Feipeng’s identity, etc.

Lin Xiaoyu’s face turned slightly pale as she realized that this Xiao Feipeng was not someone she could afford to offend.

“Forget it? Mr. Xiao, I believe there’s nothing between us from the very beginning.”

Qin Nan spoke in a calm tone.

The crowd in the palace was greatly shocked. This young man was indeed someone special—he dared to challenge Mr. Xiao, while ignoring the presences of the Maple Emperor and the Maple Prince.

“I’ve been admiring you for a long time, why would you say that there is nothing between us?” Xiao Feipeng spoke while squinting his eyes, “I actually sent the Fifth Prince here to invite Miss Lin, but since she rejected the offer, I can only come here in person and invite Miss Lin to my room to have an enjoyable time together!”

Xiao Feipeng’s tone was as calm as the water’s surface at the start, but it rapidly turned explosive toward the end.


To everyone’s surprise, Xiao Feipeng suddenly made his move.

His figure was like a giant bird flapping its wings all of a sudden, resulting in vigorous gusts of wind sweeping the entire palace. Most of the crowd could not even open their eyes. In the midst of it, a huge hand ferociously grabbed in Lin Xiaoyu’s direction.

Even Liang Kai and the rest could not react in time at that instant, despite their great talents.

“How bold!”

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: This is a Chinese idiom, which is similar to the meaning of ‘pales into insignificance’.


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