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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 359


Chapter 359: Chapter 359 - Brother Nan

Chapter 359 - Brother Nan

The furious roar was relatively deafening inside the palace, which immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd.

Surprisingly, the one uttering the furious roar was Lin Xiaoyu, whose pale face was now thoroughly reddened due to the anger, as her attractive eyes glared at the young man before her.

The young man was wearing a golden robe, giving him a luxurious appearance, but his pair of tiny eyes were incredibly perverted.

“Hmm? Isn’t that the fifth prince?”

“What is he up to now?”


Many inside the palace began to discuss among themselves.

The Maple Emperor and the old blue-haired man glanced in the incident’s direction, although they continued to enjoy their wine, their expressions remaining unchanged.

“Yo, little girl, you have quite the courage, telling me to f**k off, huh?” The fifth prince showed no sign of being intimidated. Instead, he let out a smile and said, “A hot-tempered one, how adorable;as expected of a disciple of the Qinglong Sacred Area! I’m quite interested in you now! So, what do you say? Are you interested in having some fun with me, I guarantee that you will soar high up into the sky!”


Lin Xiaoyu’s body started shivering. She had never been treated like this before since joining the Qinglong Sacred Area.

“What are you doing?”

At that instant, Liang Kai and the rest rose from their seats with furious looks on their face.

How bold of this fifth prince!

He dared to bully Lin Xiaoyu in front of the public!

“Huh?” The fifth prince’s face turned cold as he said, “Have a look of where you are right now. Aren’t you feeling proud since you are from the Qinglong Sacred Area? Let me tell you, my eldest brother is now the disciple of Slaughter City’s City Lord, and he is right here in the palace! If you dare to do anything stupid, be prepared to face the consequences!”

“What? The first prince is back?”

“Tsk tsk, the first prince has returned. This is going to be interesting!”


The eyes of the crowd instantly glistened. Just a moment ago, they had been confused as to where this fifth prince had got his confidence from to have the guts to challenge the disciples of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

The disciple of Slaughter City’s City Lord?

Liang Kai, Zhang Fei, and the others were astounded.

In the lower district, there existed three ancient cities. Jianghuang City was one of them, and the remaining two were the Gambling City and Slaughter City.

These three ancient cities had existed since a few hundreds of years ago, and were somehow related to the two Sacred Areas. Ordinary cultivators would not dare to trouble them.

Most importantly, it was said that the City Lord of Slaughter City had ranked up to the Martial Highness Realm a few days ago!

How significant was the Martial Highness Realm?

Even in the two Sacred Areas, a Martial Highness would be appointed as a Peak Leader, with the capabilities of roaming freely in the lower district, or even the upper district!

“HAHA! Are you scared now? Pooh, do you think your Qinglong Sacred Area is really that impressive?” The fifth prince wore a disdainful expression after seeing the looks on their faces, “Be smart and get the f**k out of my way. Don’t you disturb my great pleasure. Otherwise, be ready to face the consequences!”

After saying this, his gaze landed onto Lin Xiaoyu’s figure as he said with a hideous chuckle, “Come here chick, let’s have some fun together…”

He then reached out his hand to grab Lin Xiaoyu.

“Don’t you dare!”

Liang Kai and his companions became enraged as they fully emitted their auras. Their figures turned into rays of lightning as they surrounded the fifth prince while executing their killing blows, locking onto their target from four directions, hindering his movement.


The fifth prince’s face turned exceedingly pale. After all, his cultivation was only at the eighth-layer Martial Emperor Realm—still a great difference when compared to the geniuses before him.

“I’m warning you guys—if you dare to hurt me, my brother will not forgive you all!” The fifth prince let out a yell, “Stop it at once if you are smart enough!”

Liang Kai and the rest stood firmly in place. Although they were slightly intimidated by this brother that the fifth prince mentioned, they would not let him go so easily.

The old blue-haired man spoke with a calm expression while remaining seated, “Maple Emperor, what do you mean by this?”

“HAHA, does it really matter!?” The Maple Emperor could not care less about the incident taking place, “It’s a mere conflict between the younger generation. Why would we care about a mere prank between the younglings? Come, let’s enjoy our drinks!”


The eyes of the old blue-haired man turned icy, as he picked up the cup without saying anything.

At that instant, a shout could be heard all of a sudden.

“Stop it right there!”

Following the voice, a young man approached the crew with a forceful aura, who turned out to be the Maple Prince of the Maple Kingdom.

The eyes of the crowd in the palace glistened after seeing his arrival.

“Brother, save me. They are trying to kill me!”

The fifth prince yelled with a hint of joy, as if he had just discovered his life-saving straw.

“Let go of him.” The Maple Prince’s eyes flickered. So they must be the ones. He then glanced at Liang Kai and the others with a cold expression.

“So you are the Maple Prince?” Liang Kai did not back down as he calmly spoke, “Your brother is such a daring prick to have the guts to harass our Junior Sister. As his brother, instead of teaching him a lesson, you are asking us to let him go?”

“It’s just harassing a woman. Let go of him now, otherwise, I’ll show no mercy!”

The Maple Prince’s eyes turned icy.

It’s just harassing a woman?

Liang Kai and his crew became furious as well.

Not only is the younger brother shameless, even the older brother is shameless too!

“How bold!”

To everyone’s surprise, the Maple Prince did not hesitate to attack, as an endless stream of maple leaves were fired from his eyes, which felt like the surging tide of the ocean as it completely devoured the figures of Liang Kai and the rest.

“Such a powerful eye-technique!”

Liang Kai and his companions were slightly startled, but since they were in the top ten geniuses in the Qinglong Disciples’ Ranking, there was no way they would admit defeat that easily, as they began to charge their strength and execute their powerful attacks.

At that instant, a sudden roar was emitted.

“Hold it right there!”

The crowd in the palace wore a confused look. Who’s interfering this time?

They glanced toward the voice’s direction, and saw a young man beside Lin Xiaoyu who was sitting in a corner. However, the young man had his back facing the crowd, thus they were unable to see his appearance.

Liang Kai and the others harrumphed and withdrew their attacks.

The Maple Prince was immediately aware that this young man sitting in the corner was most likely the leader of these five geniuses. He then said while frowning his eyebrows, “Who are you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a calm voice could be heard once again.

“Maple Prince, urge your brother to drop to his knees and give Lin Xiaoyu a hundred kowtows.”


At that instant, the people in the palace were astonished.

Even the Maple Emperor’s face was filled with a blank expression.

Everyone knew that the Maple Prince now possessed a different status than before. He was now the disciple of Slaughter City’s City Lord. In terms of identity, ordinary disciples of the Sacred Areas would not stand a chance against him.

However, this mysterious young man dared to challenge the Maple Prince in front of the crowd?

The Maple Prince’s face was filled with anger, but before he could become enraged, his younger brother, the fifth prince, exploded immediately.

“Who the f**k do you think you are? You dare to ask me to kneel before you? Don’t you know who my brother is? It seems like you are tired of living!” The fifth prince became furious and burst out scolding.

With his brother supporting him, so what if you are a disciple of a Sacred Area?

“Is that so?”

The young man sitting in the corner let out a laugh as he slowly walked out from his spot.

The Maple Prince was utterly stunned after seeing the young man’s appearance.

The fifth prince was unaware of his brother’s change as he continued to scold, “Aren’t you good at speaking nonsense! Do you have any idea who the City Lord of Slaughter City is? Even the Peak Leaders of the Sacred Areas are afraid of him! He is my brother’s master! Are you afraid now? Well, you should be the one kneeling down and give me ten thousand kowtows, and I’ll consider forgiving——

Before the fifth prince could finish his words, the crowd could only hear a shoosh as a powerful slap was hurled onto his face, resulting in a loud PA!

“Shut the f**k up, you are the one who is trying to die here!”

The Maple Prince uttered a roar.

Following this, the crowd was dumbfounded.

Even the Maple Emperor was lost for words.

On the other hand, the fifth prince wore a stunned expression, full of disbelief.

Did my brother just slap me?

Did my brother, whom I love the most, really slap me?

After uttering the roar, the Maple Prince wore a pale expression as he vigorously gulped down a mouthful of saliva, before he approached Qin Nan at a slow pace and said, “Brother… Brother Nan[1], why are you here?”

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Some of you might notice ‘Brother Nan’ or ‘Brother Qin’ to be used at times. As a matter of fact, it depends on the situation. When referring to someone’s surname (Brother Qin), it’s more commonly used when you are not that close to the person, but you would like to express your friendliness. On the other hand, referring to someone’s first name (Brother Nan) only happens when you are relatively close to the person, or you are acknowledging that the person has a higher authority (like a subordinate referring to his superior in a friendly manner).


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