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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 356


Chapter 356: Chapter 356 - Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground

Chapter 356 - Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground

“That’s everything!”

Qin Nan wore a calm smile.

Every participant would enter the round with twenty Contribution Points. Therefore, within these two rounds, Qin Nan managed to collect a total of fifty-two thousand points, which allowed him to trade with five Primary Stones.

“Zheng Kuo!”

“F**k your grandfather!”

“It looks like you are sick of living!”


A series of cursing voices could be heard all of a sudden.

It turned out to be the participants who had regained their consciousness despite the great pain covering their bodies and burst out cursing at Zheng Kuo.

They became completely enraged at that instant.

The City of Black Hands emphasized fair battles by restricting the cultivation of the participants!

But what now?

While their cultivation was being restricted to the Body Tempering Realm, Duan Qing’s cultivation remained at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm!

How the f**k was that fair?


Zheng Kuo’s face instantly turned pale.

He was aware of how serious the problem was—as long as Duan Qing stayed here, there was no way the competition would continue to be held.

“City Lord Zheng Kuo, what’s going on;is the third round starting soon?”

Qin Nan spoke calmly as if he could not hear the scoldings of the crowd.


Zheng Kuo felt like vomiting blood after hearing the words.

Move on to the third round now?

I’m afraid that not a single person would be willing to participate!

“Junior… Junior Brother Duan Qing.” Zheng Kuo took a deep breath and forced a smile onto his face as he spoke, “It’s a surprise that you possess such a powerful cultivation despite your young age. I’m utterly impressed. Besides, Junior Brother Duan Qing, although you did not break the rules, but if you were to continue participating in the competition, I’m afraid…”

Qin Nan interrupted his speech without mercy, “What? Are you implying that the City of Black Hands is trying to stop me from taking part in the competition? What kind of rule is this?”

Trying to admit your fault and apologize now?

Then why would you sell the information regarding my whereabouts to Zhao Fang in the first place?

Don’t blame me for treating you badly since you were the one being unkind in the first place!

Zheng Kuo felt like crying on the spot. If it were anyone else, he would definitely have kicked his ass out of the competition with his identity of the City Lord of the City of Black Hands. However, this Duan Qing was the newly recruited disciple of Sacred Leader Qinglong, who possessed a far greater background than him.

“Junior… Junior Brother Duan Qing…” Zheng Kuo was not stupid. He could tell the reason why Qin Nan was being so stubborn, as he said while clenching his teeth, “It was my fault for what happened in the beginning. I hope you will forgive me with your kind soul. Feel free to tell me any condition you have in mind…”

Qin Nan said without showing any expression, “Fifty thousand Contribution Points!”


Zheng Kuo was doubting if he had heard it wrong.

That’s fifty thousand Cultivation Points right there;even the entire King of Robbing Competition wouldn’t have such a ridiculous profit.

“Any problem with that?”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

“No… No problem at all!” Zheng Kuo forced the words out of his mouth. He clearly knew that if he could not satisfy Qin Nan’s condition, it would be the end of the City of Black Hands. He immediately took out fifty thousand Contribution Points and handed it to Qin Nan despite the great pain in his heart.

“Thanks a lot!”

Qin Nan felt slightly better now as he carried the huge stick on his shoulder and left the place without saying anything further.

Qin Nan understood that after bullying the participants twice in a row, if he were to continue participating in the competition, no one would be willing to join. Therefore, it was wiser to blackmail a fortune of Contribution Points from Zheng Kuo instead of wasting his time there earning zero Contribution Points in the remaining rounds.

“I now have a total of one hundred and ten thousand Contribution Points, enough to trade for eleven Primary Stones. I’m not sure if that’s enough for the divine Battle Spirit to level up!”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned fiery.

After his divine Battle Spirit upgraded to a Di-ranked Martial Spirit, it would place him at the top of the hierarchy in the lower district. Not a single genius or authority could match his talent.

He then increased his pace and headed straight to Duanmu Peak.

A huge palace was located on Duanmu Peak, which was known as the ‘Quest Hall’. Different than the Quest Hall of the Mystic Spirit Sect, not only could the disciples accept quests in this palace, they were allowed to trade and sell their possessions here too.

Qin Nan arrived at the palace and saw the place to be crowded with countless disciples and custodians. He could occasionally see envoys walking around too.

“I’m here to trade some stuff!”

Qin Nan approached a custodian and said.

The custodian wore a calm expression as he spoke, “I’m sorry Junior Brother, you might need to do it somewhere else. I only handle tradings that involve more than ten thousand Contribution Points.”

“Oh.” Qin Nan nodded his head and replied, “I’m looking for eleven Primary Stones. Here are one hundred and ten thousand Contribution Points!”

While speaking, Qin Nan took out his identity badge and handed it to the custodian.

“Eleven Primary Stones?” The custodian was shocked. That’s a total of one hundred and ten thousand Contribution Points. Why would this peak Martial Emperor Realm disciple possess this many Contribution Points?

The custodian glanced at the badge in the midst of his shock. At that instant, his face turned incredibly pale.

Are you kidding me!

This guy is Sacred Leader Qinglong’s disciple?

Since when did Sacred Leader Qinglong recruit another disciple? Is this guy actually a peerless genius?

“What’s wrong?”

Qin Nan frowned.

“This…” The custodian swiftly collected his thoughts, whose attitude tremendously improved as he said in an awkward tone, “Junior Brother, it appears that you have no idea;there exists a rule in the Qinglong Sacred Area. Only three Primary Stones are allowed to be exchanged every day. There’s only one Primary Stone available to be traded today… Do you still want to trade for it?”


Qin Nan was startled.

Only three Primary Stones in a day?

A place like the Qinglong Sacred Area only allowed its disciples to trade three Primary Stones each day?

At that instant, Qin Nan recollected Sacred Leader Qinglong’s behavior. No wonder that old man was not willing to give me the Primary Stone. This thing is really that precious!

“Fine, I’ll take it.”

Qin Nan inhaled deeply and withheld the doubts in his heart.

“Sure thing.”

The custodian immediately consumed ten thousand Contribution Points from Qin Nan’s badge and proceeded deep into the palace to retrieve a box. With his divine Sense, Qin Nan was able to detect a Primary Stone that possessed a rich force of the Heavens and Earth lying inside the box.

“At this rate, does that mean I’ll have to camp at the entrance of this hall every day in order to trade for the Primary Stones, despite having enough Contribution Points?”

Instead of feeling excited after acquiring the Primary Stone, Qin Nan felt incredibly dispirited, as he could not spend the one hundred thousand Contribution Points even if he wanted to.

“Junior Brother…” The custodian thought Qin Nan was about to become enraged after seeing his unpleasant expression. He immediately blurted out, “Are you in a rush to acquire Primary Stones?”

“Yeah.” Qin Nan glanced at him with a curious look, and asked after his mind was filled with a sudden thought, “Is there any way I can obtain more Primary Stones?”

“Although the Qinglong Sacred Area only allows three Primary Stones to be traded every day, there are two other ways you can acquire them.” The custodian said, “The first way is through Pill Alchemy. If you’re able to create pills of the sixth-grade or above, you can easily trade them with Primary Stones in the Qinglong Sacred Area…”

Pill Alchemy?

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered.

It would be good if he were to spend some time learning Pill Alchemy, since the divine Battle Spirit would need more Primary Stones in the future to rank up. Compared to earning Contribution Points through robbing other cultivators, earning a fortune through Pill Alchemy was definitely a better option.

He did have the thought a long time ago, but due to the series of events he was involved in previously, he could not find any time to practice it.

“The second way is through completing honorable quests.” The custodian continued, “Great timing, there are five honorable quests being requested today, and one of them is quite suitable for you.”

“Honorable quests?”

Qin Nan was slightly startled.

In the Qinglong Sacred Area, although the disciples could earn Contribution Points through selling their loot or pills, or completing quests, etc., it was only a small amount of them. Only these honorable quests that were able to improve the reputation of the Sacred Area would have a tremendous reward, but the quests were exceedingly difficult in return.

“What is the honorable quest?”

Qin Nan immediately queried.

Although earning Primary Stones through Pill Alchemy was a great option, he would need a greater amount of time for it. It would be better if there was some other way to acquire the Primary Stones at a faster rate.

“The honorable quest is really simple, and it suits you perfectly!” The custodian smilingly said, “In the lower district, there exists a place called the ‘Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground’, which is only accessible once every year. When that happens, there will only be three spots available for the winners to receive the fortunate encounters provided there. Those who are chosen will be blessed with the force of the Mysterious Ground, which will cleanse your Inner Core, allowing the Nascent Soul to be formed, and level up to the Martial Ancestor Realm!”


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement.

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