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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 355


Chapter 355: Chapter 355 - Give Me Back My Love

Chapter 355 - Give Me Back My Love




A series of cries of agony could be heard from the City of Black Hands like a thunderstorm.

The remaining nine hundred cultivators could sense a chill running down their spines after witnessing Qin Nan crushing the horde with the huge stick, leaving them to be immersed in utter terror.

“What on Earth!”

“Monster! He’s a monster!”

“Run for your lives!”


The crowd of cultivators was instantly frightened to death after witnessing the scene before them.

They no longer displayed the mocking behavior from before. Their minds were filled with a single thought, which was: Run, run away as fast as possible!

“Trying to flee?”

A cold smile appeared on Qin Nan’s face.

Taking the initiative to hunt me down, but trying to escape before I’ve had enough fun?

“Take this!”

Qin Nan stomped his foot on the ground, causing flames to sprout under his leg. He then dashed into the crowd as if his figure had turned into a gust of a tornado, as he raised the stick in his hand before flinging it downward at a rapid speed, resulting in countless blurs in the shape of the stick landing on the cultivators’ head.


Following a series of collisions, the figures of the cultivators were sent flying while they emitted shocking cries in agony!

The main reason being that Qin Nan had purposely withdrawn a portion of his might, thus bringing extreme pain to his targets without severely harming them.

As a result, the City of Black Hands echoed with endless painful cries which lasted for over ten breaths’ time, causing the entire city to be shocked.

Meanwhile, outside the City of Black Hands, Zheng Kuo wore a satisfied expression after having earned three thousand Contribution Points from the deal a while ago. Before he could burst out laughing, he shuddered violently after hearing the shocking cries of agony.

“These people are truly cruel, to torture Duan Qing to this extent…”

Zheng Kuo could not help but exclaim, but he showed no sign of feeling sorry for the victim. It’s all Duan Qing’s fault for overcoming the restriction of the City of Black Hands in the first place. Who asked him to embarrass me in front of the public?

A young man like him should be taught some lessons, to train him well.

However, Zheng Kuo became aware that something did not seem right, as the painful cries emitting from the City of Black Hands intensified in just less than ten breaths’ time. Furthermore, it did not sound like a single person crying, but over hundreds of people crying in agony at the same time!


Zheng Kuo’s expression utterly changed as his figure arrived above the City of Black Hands with a flicker while he glanced downward.

With a glimpse, he was left in awe.

He could only see Qin Nan flinging an incredibly huge iron stick at the crowd of cultivators like a human-figured ancient beast on one of the streets, resulting in a series of crashes. It was as if he could feel the powerful strikes landing on his own head, resulting in his heart being filled with a hint of coldness.

If he were the one receiving the blows, he could not imagine how painful it would be!

“This can’t be right!”

Zheng Kuo’s face turned pale as he suddenly realized the problem.

Wasn’t Duan Qing’s cultivation being restricted?

How could a mere Body Tempering Realm cultivator sweep the entire crowd of cultivators on his own?

“What the f**k!”

Zheng Kuo’s face turned utterly pale after glancing at Qin Nan’s figure!

Peak Martial Emperor Realm!

This Duan Qing’s cultivation was still at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm!

What the hell was going on;how was his cultivation not being restricted despite the fact that I personally applied the strongest seal of the City of Black Hands on him?

“City Lord Zheng, save us!”

Below him, over hundreds of cultivators who were fleeing for their lives noticed Zheng Kuo’s figure in the air, and immediately screamed for help as if they had just found their life-saving straw[1].

Zheng Kuo instinctively gazed at the group of people running toward him. He vaguely remembered their identities, who were all envoys or custodians of the Sacred Area. However, he did not expect to see them frightened to death and fleeing like a pack of stray dogs facing a peak Martial Emperor Realm expert.

“Duan Qing, stop it!”

Zheng Kuo collected his thoughts and immediately snapped at Qin Nan in a furious tone.

“Stop it? City Lord Zheng, the round has yet to finish! And didn’t you mention that it would not be considered breaking the rules if I overpowered the forbidding auras of the City of Black Hands?”

Qin Nan raised his head and showed no hint of being intimidated.

Zheng Kuo could feel his throat choking as if it were stuck, preventing him from talking.

What should I do now? Should I forcefully end the round? Or should I detain Duan Qing with brute force?

Either way, the outcome wouldn’t be great!

“Were you guys asking for help just then?”

While Zheng Kuo was immersed in his struggle, Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh as his figure landed before the crowd of cultivators like a demon.


The cultivators who were normally imperious were now scared to death. They were about to speak when their vision was filled with complete darkness, as the huge stick appeared out of nowhere and vigorously struck their heads.


The cultivators could only feel their heads being rammed by a large beast, causing their brains to buzz violently as they emitted cries in pain while their figures were instantly sent flying.


Another series of explosions took place, as the crowd of cultivators was thoroughly swept away with the huge stick!

At that instant, the troop of over a thousand cultivators led by Zhao Fang and Bai Shao was knocked to the ground by the huge stick. Their figures scattered in the streets as the buildings inside the City of Black Hands suffered great damage due to the collisions, a violent aftermath of the battle.

“I’m finally done with the beatings!”

Qin Nan exhaled a mouthful of air as his face was filled with a satisfying smile.

That felt good!

It felt so f**king good!

He never thought that beating up this many people with ease could result in such a pleasant sensation, as if he was able to unleash all the pressure accumulated inside his heart in one go.


Zheng Kuo almost vomited blood after seeing this while his body trembled vigorously.

That’s a f**king total of over one thousand cultivators, including envoys, custodians, and a few authorities with formidable background, and Duan Qing managed to knock them all out by abusing the rules of the City of Black Hands?

“Duan Qing! Do you have any idea what you are doing?” Zheng Kuo could no longer endure his anger and burst out scolding, “Most of them are your Senior Brothers;how could you bully them like that by abusing your cultivation…”


Before City Lord Zheng Kuo finished his speech, Qin Nan, who was feeling extremely pleasant, acknowledged the scolding in an indifferent manner while carrying the huge stick on his shoulder. He then began searching the bodies on the ground and plundering all of their Contribution Points in the second round of the competition.

The only thing that Qin Nan was unsatisfied about was the fact that he had been too busy enjoying beating the crap out of the cultivators, thus their bodies ended up being scattered everywhere in the city. It took him a great effort to collect all the Contribution Points.


Zheng Kuo’s lips shuddered violently.

I am the City Lord of the City of Black Hands, since when was I ignored before?

At that instant, Qin Nan’s footsteps came to a halt. It turned out that Zhao Fang’s figure was shivering vigorously inside the pit a zhang away from him.

“You… You… You…” Zhao Fang reacted as if he had seen his greatest enemy when he saw Qin Nan walking toward him. He spoke in a desperate tone, “You shameless prick, you’ve stolen everything. Give me… Give me back…. Give me back my love… AHHHHH!”

As soon as Zhao Fang finished his words, Qin Nan’s expression darkened as he raised the huge stick and flung it hard at his face.


Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: This is a Chinese phrase which refers to the only hope in a desperate situation, like a man who found a straw while drowning in the water.


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