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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 354


Chapter 354: Chapter 354 - Thrashed

Chapter 354 - Thrashed

...Meanwhile, in the City of Black Hands...

Inside a residence, Qin Nan’s eyes flickered vigorously.

Now that his divine Sense had reached a size of nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang, granting him a sharp sense, he immediately detected someone scanning the entire City of Black Hands with divine Sense, and pausing for a moment on his figure in the process.

“I believe this bunch of idiots will be making their move soon.”

A cold grin appeared on Qin Nan’s face.

I believe it was worth it to spend a hundred Contribution Points to buy the huge stick.



“We’ve got information regarding Duan Qing’s whereabouts!”

Zhao Fang wore a smile on his face.

“As expected of Yu Luosha, even finding Duan Qing’s location was not a problem for you!” Bai Shao was aware of the trade between Zhao Fang and Zheng Kuo, but he did not comment anything further. He then let out a roar, “Brothers, now that we have received the information, what are we waiting for?”

“Let’s go! Let’s beat the crap out of Duan Qing!”

“HAHA, Duan Qing will most likely shit his pants after seeing this many people!”

“Hehe, even a peak Xiantian Realm cultivator would flee straight away facing us, let alone Duan Qing!”


The cultivators turned excited as they exclaimed.

“Move out!”

Zhao Fang could still feel the pain after spending three thousand Contribution Points. He could not wait any longer to teach that wild little horse a lesson, and conveniently rob all of his Contribution Points.

Following this, with Zhao Fang and Bai Shao leading the way, the huge troop of cultivators advanced in the City of Black Hands like a dragon, resulting in a magnificent scene.

The remaining three hundred plus cultivators were astonished seeing this. The City of Black Hands had held the King of Robbing Competition countless times, but this was a first time such a huge group of participants had been gathered together to deal with a single person.

“Let’s go!”

“Speed up! Don’t let Duan Qing be alerted, we can’t let him run away this time!”

“Faster, hurry up! Catch up with the pace!”


Zhao Fang and Bai Shao stood in front of the group while yelling back at the cultivators.

Since they were leading such a huge troop, the movements of the troop would be shocking. Therefore, they could not afford for Duan Qing to be alerted and flee straight away.

“He’s in that residence!”

In just less than ten breaths’ time, Zhao Fang finally saw the residence that the disciple had mentioned before. He immediately turned joyful as he uttered a yell with his pleasant voice, “Duan Qing, don’t you dare try escaping this time. There is nowhere for you to run to. Surrender at once and face the punishment!”

The crowd of over a thousand cultivators burst out yelling too, resulting in a blasting uproar. If it weren’t because Zhao Fang and Bai Shao were yet to make their move, they would most likely rush forward and trample the residence flat.


Following the sound of a door being pushed open, which caused Zhao Fang and Bai Shao to be startled, the crowd could only see Qin Nan’s figure slowly walking out from the residence. He glanced at the crowd before his gaze landed on Zhao Fang and Bai Shao’s face as he said in a calm tone, “I’ll give you all a final chance;get out of my sight at once with your knees on the ground. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not showing any mercy despite the fact that we are all from the same sect!”

At that instant, Zhao Fang and Bai Shao were stunned.

The cultivators were stunned as well.

Was this Duan Qing blind? Did he not see the number of people we have?

Zhao Fang and Bai Shao were quick in their thinking. They immediately checked Qin Nan’s cultivation, and let out a sigh of relief after seeing that his cultivation was actually being restricted to the Body-Tempering Realm.

How nice of this Duan Qing!

He dares to be this scornful despite being in grave danger!

In Zhao Fang and Bai Shao’s eyes, Qin Nan had purposely said those words in order to scare them away.

Did he really think they were that easily frightened?

“Brothers, let’s all attack at once!”

Zhao Fang and Bai Shao uttered a cry at almost the same time. In the meantime, they both stomped their feet on the ground, emitting a forceful aura, and dashed in Duan Qing’s direction.

“Get him!”

“Damn, he is too cocky, eat this!”

“Let’s attack together and beat the crap out of him!”


The remaining cultivators immediately collected their thoughts and went enraged while dashing forward with all their might.

If someone were to glance downward from above, they would see Zhao Fang and Bai Shao leading the way in front. Behind them were at least three hundred cultivators moving forward at the same time. The densely packed figures almost formed a black curtain trying to devour Qin Nan’s figure. If someone ordinary were to be in his shoes right now, they would feel their scalp going numb and their heart racing facing such a crazy amount of opponents of the same realm.

Too bad, their opponent turned out to be Qin Nan!

“Blame yourselves for this!”

Qin Nan let out a laugh and kicked at the ground. Instead of fleeing, he charged forward toward Zhao Fang and Bai Shao, while the three sealing marks from the City of Black Hands completely shattered into pieces. The aura of the Martial Emperor Realm was fired into the sky like a ferocious beast awakening from a deep sleep.


The expression on Zhao Fang and Bai Shao’s faces stiffened.

What was going on?

Wasn’t Duan Qing’s cultivation sealed off?

Why would he possess a cultivation of the peak Martial Emperor Realm?

While feeling confused, the two could see a huge pitch-black stick being flung at them. The appearance of the stick and the might bursting out from it felt like an icicle penetrating their hearts, causing their pupils to contract and their scalps to explode!


Duan Qing had already prepared his weapon!

And it’s such an oversized weapon!

Normally, they would not be afraid facing him, but their cultivations right now were only at the peak Body Tempering Realm!


Before the two could react, the impact felt like a mountain colliding with their bodies, which caused them to instantly let out cries of agony. Their figures were sent flying tens of meters away like arrows being released from a bow, colliding with the buildings in the City of Black Hands and resulting in a blasting explosion.

“You guys are next!”

Although Qin Nan was the owner of the divine Battle Spirit that waged war against the Heavens and the Earth and desired to battle against experts, the sensation he received when beating the crap out of these Body Tempering Realm cultivators—when his own cultivation was at the peak Martial Emperor Realm—felt quite nice too. Even his blood began to boil.

Qin Nan uttered a loud roar while flinging the huge stick, before charging at the crowd of cultivators as if he was going to sweep the entire horde.


The previously ferocious-looking cultivators felt their scalps going numb when they saw the huge stick being flung around, causing them to be rooted to the ground as they failed to react in time.


A series of strikes could be heard, which felt like claps of thunder taking place continuously in a dense manner.

It was as if Qin Nan had entered a peerless state as he crushed everything he stumbled into. Every fling of the huge stick would cause the cultivators—who were all experts at normal times—to be sent flying over ten meters like a bunch of weak beasts, resulting in a series of explosions as they collided with the obstacles in the City of Black Hands.

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