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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 353


Chapter 353: Chapter 353 - A Huge Stick

Chapter 353 - A Huge Stick

Selling Weapons!

This was how the City of Black Hands made their profits.

In the midst of the competition, many of the participants would bear grudges after being defeated. Thus, in order to avenge themselves, they would choose to spend their Contribution Points on weapons.

Since everyone’s cultivation was restricted to the peak Xiantian Realm, with the aid of the weapons, they would have a chance to turn the tide around and avenge themselves.

“The round begins now!”

Zheng Kuo declared in a deafening tone.

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Nan immediately entered the City of Black Hands with a kick.

He could not care less about being picked on by Zheng Kuo or the crowd. If these guys were seriously trying to trouble him, he would not mind teaching them all a lesson.

“Damn, he’s running away!”

“Humph, at least he knows what situation he is currently in!”

“Hehe, no doubt about that. If his cultivation is being restricted to the Body Tempering Realm, why would he not be afraid after offending this many people?”


The cultivators standing behind Bai Shao and Zhao Fang burst out laughing.

“Guys, we shall not forgive Qin Nan, let’s move out!” Bai Shao yelled.

“Senior Brothers, thanks for helping me. We will not let him go so easily!”

Zhao Fang said while clenching his teeth. He had to get his hands on this Duan Qing and hit his face with several powerful punches.

With them two leading the way, the crowd entered the City of Black Hands with a ferocious aura. As for the remaining participants, they exchanged glances with one another and made up their minds to stay away from the trouble as far as possible. They might even end up as spectators to a grand battle in the end.

Qin Nan simply picked a residence and entered it.

To his surprise, these cultivators behaved fairly as they did not suppress him by abusing their cultivation before the start of the round.

“Activate the formation!”

Zheng Kuo uttered a roar. This time, there were a total of fifty peak Martial Emperor Realm cultivators behind him as they established the formation, causing the City of Black Hands to vibrate violently together with the activation of the formation. An invisible force was being accumulated above the city.

“The beginning of the formation, pitch-black rock sealing all things!”

A formation flag suddenly appeared in Zheng Kuo’s hand as his figure landed on the eye of the formation. He then waved the flag in his hand to activate the formation, causing its power to increase tremendously. It was as if an accumulated pool of water was poured downward all of a sudden, resulting in an endless arcane force that sealed the cultivations of the participants.

Following this, everyone’s cultivation was restricted to the Body Tempering Realm.


Qin Nan was able to observe everything that was currently taking place with his left eye of the divine God of Battle. He then glanced at the Dragon-Lined Golden Core inside his body, and discovered that his Inner Core remained unaffected despite the great pressure being applied to it.

“Three Marks Cultivation Sealing!”

Zheng Kuo’s gaze locked onto Qin Nan’s figure as he waved the formation flag vigorously. Three beams of light were fired into the sky from the formation, forming three different marks that descended onto Qin Nan’s figure as seals.

“I don’t care what tricks you have up your sleeves, you won’t be able to get rid of the restriction this time!”

A scornful smile appeared on Zheng Kuo’s face.

The thing he had just done was extraordinary. The three marks were formed by accumulating the power of the entire City of Black Hands. Even a half-Martial Highness Realm expert would be suppressed within the City of Black Hands, let alone Qin Nan.

In the City of Black Hands, Qin Nan squinted his eyes after witnessing the three marks penetrating his body.

These three marks were absolutely fascinating—the first mark cut off the communication between him and his Martial Spirit, the second mark sealed off his flesh, while the third one targeted his Inner Core. In other words, if Qin Nan did end up being sealed off, his cultivation would not even be at the peak Body-Tempering Realm.

“It’s too easy to get rid of the seals. However, I shall wait a bit longer before I do so. I’ll take a look around to find a suitable weapon.”

Qin Nan rose from the ground.

Despite the fact that he was in such a hopeless situation after being surrounded by thousands of cultivators, he showed no sign of being intimidated. Instead, he was quite excited to have a stand-off with them. Therefore, he was not in a rush to erase the seals. Otherwise, he would be regretful if he ended up scaring his enemies away.

As for the reason why he was looking for a weapon, Qin Nan thought that it would be easier for him to fight against a thousand people with a suitable weapon.

The shops in the City of Black Hands were now in business. Various outstanding weapons were being sold in these shops, but none of them were mystical weapons, since these weapons were more suitable for Body Tempering Realm cultivators.

Qin Nan was quite disappointed after scanning the weapons. They were nothing special, but the prices were incredibly costly. It would serve as a great loss if he were to buy any of them.


Qin Nan’s footsteps came to a halt as he saw a large weapon inside a shop.

The weapon was a huge stick, extremely large-sized, with a length of five zhang, which was equivalent to nine Qin Nans stacking on top of one another. Furthermore, the tip of the stick was one zhang wide, while it got thinner toward the other end, allowing it to be held with two hands.

“There is nothing special regarding this huge stick, but some sort of ancient ore is added, causing it to be extremely heavy. Even ordinary Xiantian Realm cultivators would not be able to lift it!”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened. This huge stick was not that great of a weapon, but it was violent enough. It was the perfect tool to beat up a bunch of Body-Tempering Realm scrubs.

“That will be it!”

Qin Nan changed his appearance with the Mortal Appearance-Changing Technique. Under the gaze of a disciple wearing a blank expression, he bought the stick with a hundred Contribution Points and stored it away.

“I hope you guys won’t come and make your life miserable.”

Qin Nan let out a hysterical laugh as he entered a residence and sat down with his legs crossed.

There was nothing he needed to do for the time being, as he planned to make his move toward the end of the round, and rob the participants of the points they collected.

Meanwhile, the City of Black Hands was immersed in a loud chatter.

“What? Where the hell did Duan Qing go?”

“Shit, I even bought my weapon. Is he actually hiding?”

“Are you stupid? With this many people hunting him and his cultivation being sealed off by City Lord Zheng, why would he show himself!”

“You’re right, but what should we do then?”


The cultivators completely lost their direction. They were initially here to avenge themselves, but how would they achieve their goal if they could not even find their target?

“Damn it, we can’t let him go just like that!” Bai Shao’s face darkened as he reminded himself of the scene when he had been humiliated. He then asked Zhao Fang standing not far from him, “Yu Luosha, you are an expert in ambushing and setting traps. Do you have any good suggestions?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Zhao Fang let out a scream, What did he mean by ‘expert in ambushing and setting traps’?

Was this Bai Shao kicked in the brain by a donkey?

However, now was not the time to argue with him. Zhao Fang could not help but clench his teeth when he thought about Duan Qing hiding somewhere in the city.

This Duan Qing, not only did he destroy my appearance, he also possesses an incredible amount of points. Apart from being able to avenge myself, I would also be one step closer to being able to afford the drug after obtaining his points, speaking of killing two birds with one stone.

“I do have a plan. We might need to try it out!”

Zhao Fang uttered the words, before he entered a weapon shop and discussed with a disciple. Following this, the disciple left the store.

Meanwhile, outside the city, Zheng Kuo’s eyes flickered after hearing the report from the disciple.

Three thousand Contribution Points?

That’s quite a nice price.

In the City of Black Hands, since everyone’s cultivation was being restricted, they could not use their divine Sense to detect their enemies’ whereabouts. As such, apart from selling weapons, they would also sell the information regarding the location of specific participants.

Even though Duan Qing was the disciple of Sacred Leader Qinglong, Zheng Kuo was not fond of him in the first place. Therefore, he would not mind selling the information about Duan Qing’s location to Yu Luosha.

“Only idiots would miss such a chance to earn a fortune. It’s not my fault. Oh Duan Qing, do take care of yourself.”

Zheng Kuo mumbled to himself, before he unleashed his divine Sense and scanned the City of Black Hands. He immediately located Qin Nan’s figure, resulting in a grin appearing on his face. He then whispered to the disciple, who then returned to the city.

Qin Nan’s location had been thoroughly exposed!

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