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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 351


Chapter 351: Chapter 351 - Cries of Agony

Chapter 351 - Cries of Agony

“Huh? It’s not moving!”

“Phew, this Duan Qing is not as powerful as I thought, his rank has dropped to the fourth!”

“It seems like the legendary King of Robbing, Yu Luosha, is stronger;she has acquired eight hundred points!”


In the City of Black Hands, apart from the sound of battles, a few groups of cultivators were having a discussion among themselves.

The main reason being that Duan Qing’s performance at the start was too unbelievable, thus it had been impossible not to notice it. Therefore, the participants let out sighs of relief after his performance returned to normal, and redirected their focus on acquiring more points in the competition by fighting one another.

Beyond everyone’s expectations, Qin Nan was currently staring at the watery screen from inside a house.

“Hmm? I shall wait a bit longer!”

Qin Nan glanced at his surroundings and discovered that the battles had just started. It was not yet the time for him to execute his plan.

Half an hour later, the battling noises in the City of Black Hands were reduced. Only less than a hundred participants out of more than a thousand people at the start remained in the competition.

Zhao Fang was ranked first on the screen, with a score of one thousand eight hundred. Bai Shao was ranked second, with a score of one thousand two hundred. Li Xiaoxue’s score of one thousand one hundred was ranked third. Behind them, each expert had also accumulated hundreds of points.

Qin Nan’s ranking had dropped to the seventeenth now.

“It’s time!”

Qin Nan rose from the ground and disappeared with a kick.

On one of the streets in the City of Black Hands, Bai Shao stared at the three people in front of him with a prideful expression, “You three are no match for me. I advise you guys to surrender at once, so I will not dirty my hands!”


The three young men went enraged, but they did not dare to speak further. It was true that even with the three joining forces together, they were still no match for Bai Shao.

At that instant, a bulky man slowly approached them.

Bai Shao’s eyes glistened. He had the confidence to stand victorious while facing three opponents at a time, but four people might be a problem. He immediately blurted out, “Who’s there? I, Bai Shao, am trying to settle a dispute here. Leave at once;otherwise, don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

“Hehe, even an ant dares to be so smug?”

The bulky man’s movements came to a stop as he smilingly said.

“You dare to call me an ant?” Bai Shao’s eyes turned ferocious as he snapped, “I believe the person who dares to call me an ant is yet to be born in the Qinglong Sacred Area. I shall let you experience the definition of real strength…”

In the midst of his speech, Bai Shao’s aura rapidly rose, which felt like the rumbling of a surging ocean.

“This ain’t good!”

The faces of the three young disciples turned pale. They were aware of the rumors stating that Bai Shao was practicing a Martial Skill with the name ‘Oceanic Turbine Skill’. Even when executed with a cultivation of the peak Xiantian Realm, the cultivator could summon a surging ocean to bury his opponents, a powerful ability indeed.

The Martial Skill was the reason Bai Shao was able to conquer the City of Black Hands. Only a few opponents could match his strength.

However, before Bai Shao could finish his sentence, before his Oceanic Turbine Skill was successfully executed, a figure arrived before him with a shoosh. The gusts of wind from his movement alone resulted in a painful sensation on his face.


Bai Shao stared with his eyes open wide.

How did this guy suddenly appear before me?

Is his cultivation really at the peak of the Xiantian Realm?


His doubts vanished as the bulky man’s fist landed on his face, sending him flying and crashing into the ground.

“Shame on you!”

The bulky man took the badge and disappeared from the spot, causing the three young men to wear blank expressions.

At that moment, the remaining fifty plus participants in the City of Black Hands were elites among elites, who were incredibly experienced in battles, possessed countless trump cards, and were experts in setting up traps for their opponents.

In other words, the real King of Robbing Competition had only started now.

“What the f**k!”

“Bai Shao was eliminated!”

“Gasp, who defeated Bao Shao? Could it be Li Xiaoxue or Yu Luosha?”

“It’s not them, their scores did not change. F**k me, it’s Duan Qing, Duan Qing defeated him!”


Following this, on the square of the City of Black Hands, the disqualified cultivators all inhaled deeply at the same time.

Duan Qing eliminated Bao Shao?

Could it be that Duan Qing did not make his move previously because he was planning to eliminate them all in one go at the end?

The remaining participants in the City of Black Hands were startled. It’s obvious that this Duan Qing was planning to make his move toward the end of the round. It would serve as a great loss if they were to stumble into Duan Qing now.

“Humph! Such a naughty little wild horse, his score is now tied with mine!”

Zhao Fang could not help but harrumph after looking at the watery screen.

He was still feeling unpleasant after being snapped at with the words ‘piss off’ when he had offered to cooperate with Duan Qing. Why would Duan Qing be so harsh toward such a glamorous beauty like me?

“I’ll make sure to teach you a lesson when I see you later!”

Zhao Fang made up his mind. Following this, he suddenly saw a figure approaching from the corner of the street. His eyes immediately flickered as he executed his ‘Turtle-Breathing Death-Feigning Technique’, allowing him to conceal his auraeven his heartbeat stopped, as if he were dead.

This was his trump card all along;with the technique, even Martial Emperor Realm experts could not detect his presence, not to mention that the each participant’s cultivation was restricted to the peak Xiantian Realm.

“This guy will have a score of at least two hundred on him. If I were to obtain his points, and hunt a few more participants, I should be able to suppress Duan Qing’s score.” Zhao Fang stared at the approaching figure while gathering his force, “If I managed to accumulate two thousand Contribution Points every round of the competition, in addition to one thousand Contribution Points from the reward, I’ll be able to afford that drug. With its help, even a wild horse like Qin Nan would not be able to control his thoughts and fall in love with me…”

The thought of Qin Nan falling in love with him and ‘occupying’ him caused his blood flow to rapidly increase.

Although Zhao Fang was gay he was not interested in ordinary men. Therefore, when he had witnessed the epic chaos that had taken place while Qin Nan was leveling up to the Martial Emperor Realm, he fell deeply in love with him. Only an imperious man like Qin Nan is worthy of my, Zhao Fang’s, love!

“For the sake of love!”

Zhao Fang uttered a roar as the figure continued to approach him as his aura burst out from his body, which transformed into a killing blow being fired in his direction.

However, Zhao Fang was stunned after seeing the figure’s appearance.

Duan Qing?

Wasn’t this guy Duan Qing?

“Duan Qing, eat this!”

Zhao Fang was immersed in great joy after being stunned for a brief moment, as he lashed out his killing punch at his target.

He was utterly confident that even Duan Qing could not react in time facing such a sudden ambush.

“For the sake of love?”

Qin Nan had reverted his look back to Duan Qing’s appearance after switching his strategy, as there was no need to hide his looks after his plan was exposed. Furthermore, he had already discovered Zhao Fang’s presence on the journey here, but he had chosen to remain silent.

Now seeing Zhao Fang trying to ambush him and hearing his words, Qin Nan’s face was instantly twisted.

For the sake of love?

Who the f**k would want to have a love affair with you?

You still won’t leave me alone after I’ve changed my appearance to Duan Qing’s?

“F**k off!”

Qin Nan became enraged and lashed out a punch onto Zhao Fang’s face.


Before Zhao Fang could let out a cry of agony, his body was sent downward into the ground as if an atavistic beast had just collided with his face, resulting in quite a large pit in the ground.

His thoughts were instantly devoured by the intense pain, which caused him to fall unconscious.

Following this, an uproar immediately took place outside the City of Black Hands.

“What the f**k, f**k, f**k!”

“Damn, what kind of monster is this Duan Qing, to be able to eliminate Yu Luosha from the competition?”

Gasp, scary, absolutely scary!”


The disciples who were disqualified all took deep breaths at the same time.

That’s Yu Luosha being defeated!

The one who came first three times in a row and was known as the legendary King of Robbing.

Did that mean the legend was going to be shattered today?

That being said, many of the disciples were extremely furious. Yu Luosha is such a gorgeous lady, why was Duan Qing willing to hurt her?

Zheng Kuo’s eyes flickered after seeing this. Although this Duan Qing was quite naive, there was no doubt that he possessed an extraordinary cultivation, as expected of the disciple of Sacred Leader Qinglong. He was then immersed in his thoughts as he tried to figure out a way to promote the competition further using Duan Qing’s reputation in order to attract a bigger crowd.

However, at that particular instant!


A series of explosions took place in the City of Black Hands in a continuous fashion, as if endless claps of thunder were taking place.

The remaining names on the watery screen floating above the City of Black Hands were erased one-by-one, like a line of candles being blown out one at a time at a rapid speed.

Li Xiaoxue was defeated!

Some disciple was eliminated!

Someone was defeated!

In the blink of an eye, every participant was eliminated within a period of less than eighty breaths’ time. Only the two words ‘Duan Qing’ remained in the first spot, glowing brilliantly.


Every single disciple was lost for words.

Even Zhang Kuo could not help but open his mouth wide after seeing this, as his jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Are… Are you f**king kidding me?

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