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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 350


Chapter 350

Chapter 350 - Sweeping the Hord

’’Reporting to City Lord there are one thousand three hundred and sixty-four people participating in the competition!’’

A disciple went up to Zheng Kuo and said.

’’That many?’’

Zheng Kuo's face overflowed with joy. While being shocked, he felt incredibly proud of his outstanding wisdom.

He had spent a certain amount of Contribution Points to invite Li Xiaoxue, Bai Shao, and the legendary King of Robbing, Yu Luosha, to join the competition. Following this, the crowd was made to believe that Qin Nan was planning to join the competition too with his little trick. Furthermore, his luck was on point when he had stumbled into Sacred Leader Qinglong's freshly recruited disciple, Duan Qing, and took ahold of the opportunity to further promote the competition.

All of these procedures were to stimulate the disciples, causing them to feel that this King of Robbing Competition was extraordinarily grand.

’’That Duan Qing is so naive, feeling satisfied with merely one hundred Contribution Points. If I knew it all along, I wouldn't have spent a few hundred Contribution Points just to invite those Kings of Robbing from previous competitions...’’ Despite the outcome, Zheng Kuo still felt slightly disappointed, like finding a fly in the ointment.

If these King of Robbing were as stupid as Duan Qing, I would definitely have made a huge fortune.

...Meanwhile, in the City of Black Hands...

The cultivators simultaneously unleashed their divine Sense after entering the city to find a hiding spot.

Qin Nan arrived at a small hut in a remote area and sat down with his legs crossed to prepare himself for the competition. After half the period it took for an incense to burn had passed, his eyes sprang open and he glanced toward the center of the City of Black Hands.

’’The formation is activated;everyone's cultivation will be restricted. The first round of the King of Robbing Competition now begins!’’

Zheng Kuo floated in mid-air and declared in a blasting tone. Behind him, a total of twenty custodians whose cultivations had reached the Martial Emperor Realm executed a few hand gestures while forming the formation that then encapsulated the entire City of Black Hands.


The whole City of Black Hands, covering an area with a circumference of over nine hundred zhang, began to vibrate tremendously. An ancient formation was rapidly awakened, and following it, streams of invisible force spread to its surroundings before crushing down toward the city.

Qin Nan was startled;his blood, flesh, divine Sense, and Inner Core were being suppressed by an invisible force, aiming to seal his cultivation off.

’’Is it true that this forbidding aura cannot be overpowered?’’

A hysterical smile appeared on Qin Nan's face as he uttered a yell, ’’Be gone!’’

The Dragon-Lined Golden Core inside his body glowed with great brilliancy while emitting cries of dragons, which collided with the invisible force and instantly shattered it. As a result, Qin Nan's cultivation of the peak Martial Emperor Realm remained perfectly unaffected.

Qin Nan had already predicted this to happen.

Previously, his Nine-Lined Golden Core had already possessed an unbelievable power, not to mention the power it possessed after evolving into a Dragon-Lined Golden Core when it merged with the soul of the huge purple fish.

Even though the forbidding aura of the City of Black Hands was quite powerful and was able to suppress Martial Dominator Realm cultivators, it still did not stand a chance against his Dragon-Lined Golden Core!

’’Let's check where the others are!’’

Qin Nan's left eye emitted a golden glow as he scanned his surroundings.

The Martial Dominator Realm experts who caught his attention including Li Xiaoxue, Bai Shao, and the f**king gay[1] Zhao Fang all had their cultivations restricted to the peak Xiantian Realm.

’’Zheng Kuo, according to your words, I'm not breaking the rules if I managed to get rid myself of the restrictions of the City of Black Hands. Don't you accuse me later!’’

Qin Nan's eyes were filled with excitement.

His cultivation right now was at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, while the others were being restricted to the peak of the Xiantian Realm. The situation was similar to placing a tiger into a herd of sheep. Although it was more than a thousand sheep facing a tiger, they would all end up as a great feast for the tiger!

’’Let the hunting begin!’’

With a flicker, Qin Nan landed on the street of the City of Black Hands and roamed around at will.

Meanwhile, the entire City of Black Hands was immersed in murderous cries as a series of battles took place continuously.

’’Hit him!’’

’’Have a taste of my fists!’’

’’Down you go!’’


Qin Nan was like a ferocious tiger making his trip down the mountain, and along his path, every envoy or custodian he stumbled into was knocked out with a single punch. As a matter of fact, he even controlled the might of his punches to prevent his attacks from killing them.

In just a short period of time, a total of twenty cultivators were sent to the ground with a punch each, while their badges were robbed, resulting in a series of cries of agony.

’’I've earned four hundred Contribution Points in such a short amount of time!’’

Qin Nan wore an excited expression;at this rate, he could easily earn a few thousand Contribution Points in the first round of the competition.


With a piercing sound, a watery screen appeared in the sky above the City of Black Hands. On the screen were thirty names that kept on changing based on the Contribution Points that the participants had acquired.

Qin Nan was ranked first immediately on the list after robbing four hundred Contribution Points.

’’F**k me!’’

’’This... This Duan Qing is insane;did he really knock out twenty opponents when the competition just started?’’

’’As expected of the disciple of Sacred Leader Qinglong, such a powerful strength!’’


A series of astonished cries took place in the City of Black Hands.

Qin Nan's nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang divine Sense had covered the entire city. He ignored the cries as he was aware of the presence of a crew of ten people. Following this, he dashed toward the group at a rapid speed.

The group of ten people was made up of three envoys and seven custodians, whose faces turned pale when they saw Qin Nan appearing before them.

’’Shit, it's Duan Qing. Run spread out and run for your lives!’’

The group of ten showed no hesitation as they immediately fled in all directions.

’’Trying to escape?’’

Qin Nan stomped the ground causing several stones to rise into the air. He then lashed out a kick resulting in a series of piercing sounds. The fleeing people turned their heads around after hearing the noise, but before they could react, the stones struck their chests, leaving them on the ground uttering painful moans.

Qin Nan showed no mercy as he immediately took all their badges under their astonished gazes.

’’What the f**k!’’

’’Duan Qing has acquired six hundred points! That's three hundred points higher than Luo Yusha!’’

’’No way!’’


The cultivators who were fully focused on the changes on the watery screen were startled and burst out cursing.

Qin Nan did not hesitate for too long as he locked his sight onto another group of thirty people on the street. With a kick, his figure landed before the group, who all instinctively screamed after seeing Qin Nan's appearance.

’’Duan Qing is here!’’


These thirty cultivators were frightened to death as if they had encountered a savage beast.


Qin Nan was left speechless;these thirty cultivators were all remarkable geniuses normally, but they were as timid as a mice right now.

Don't they know that they could cooperate with one another to fight me?

’’This is bad, due to Zheng Kuo's dirty little trick at the square of the City of Black Hands, most of the participants know who I am. They will flee immediately after seeing me.’’ Qin Nan mumbled to himself. The competition consisted of ten rounds. It was not wise for him to withdraw from the competition;he should at least play around for a few more rounds, in order to earn more Contribution Points.

’’Time to switch to a different identity!’’

Qin Nan executed the Mortal Appearance-Changing Technique and switched his appearance to that of a bulky middle-aged man.


Qin Nan suddenly caught a glimpse of the changes on the watery screen. It appeared that Bai Shao and Li Xiaoxue had both accumulated over three hundred points, while the goddamned pervert Zhao Fang was even better, who had accumulated over five hundred points.

’’Even better, I shall come up with a better strategy, rather than robbing the participants one at a time!’’

A grin appeared on Qin Nan's face as his figure disappeared with a flicker.


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