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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 349


Chapter 349: Chapter 349 - Zhao Fang's Plan

Chapter 349 - Zhao Fang’s Plan

Currently, Qin Nan’s status was incredible, thus one would need a great authority in order to invite him out.

Did this City Lord of the City of Black Hands really manage to invite Qin Nan here?


That’s really impressive!

Is City Lord Zheng Kuo planning to make this King of Robbing Competition into a grand occasion?

“I want to join too!”

“If I managed to stumble into Junior Brother Qin Nan, it would be great if I had the chance to battle against him!”


If the arrival of the three Kings of Robbing before caused the disciples, custodians, and envoys to turn excited, the news regarding Qin Nan taking part in the competition caused the crowd to go completely crazy and immediately register their names to join the competition too.

Zheng Kuo curled his lips upward after seeing this.

Qin Nan’s face was incredibly dark.

Since when did I receive an invitation from Zheng Kuo?

No f**king way!

This Zheng Kuo purposely said so and used the term ‘highly possible’ in his words to trick the crowd. Even if Qin Nan did not turn up in the end, Zheng Kuo could easily manipulate the truth.

“He dares to use such a trick to attract the attention of the crowd…”

Qin Nan shook his head.

He had initially planned to borrow some Contribution Points from Zheng Kuo using the badge given by the Sacred Leader. However, since he was trying to trick the crowd, Qin Nan no longer felt any burden in his heart to ‘borrow’ more Contribution Points from him.

Since the place to register for the competition—the center of the square—was crazily crowded, Qin Nan waited for a moment before approaching the registration area.

Instead of approaching the disciple who was in charge of registration, Qin Nan transmitted his voice to Zheng Kuo straight away, “City Lord, I don’t have any Contribution Points on me at the moment. Am I allowed to borrow some from you?”

Meanwhile, Zheng Kuo was extremely busy at that instant, who had no time to deal with Qin Nan’s request.

Trying to borrow some Contribution Points since you don’t have any on you at the moment?

No f**king way.

That being said, when Zheng Kuo glanced at the badge in Qin Nan’s hand, his eyes were filled with surprise as he asked, “Are you the disciple of the Sacred Leader?”

“My name is Duan Qing, I hope City Lord Zheng Kuo would be willing to lend me a hundred Contribution Points!” Qin Nan calmly said.

“One hundred Contribution Points? No problem at all!” Although Zheng Kuo was curious why Qin Nan had no Contribution Points on him despite his current identity, he was utterly sure that the badge was real, causing him to blurt out with a smile on his face, “I did not expect our Sacred Leader to recruit another disciple. I’ve never heard of this news before!”

“The Sacred Leader only recruited me as his disciple recently.”

Qin Nan wore a calm expression while he asked as if a sudden thought came to him, “By the way, I’ve got a question here. What would happen if the forbidding aura of the city failed to restrict my cultivation?”

“Failed to restrict your cultivation?”

Zheng Kuo suddenly burst out laughing as if he had just heard a great joke. He did not answer Qin Nan’s words, but his figure rose into mid-air and uttered a shout facing the crowd of disciples, “Senior and Junior Brothers, I would like to announce one more thing;another unexpected person will be taking part in the King of Robbing Competition after receiving my invitation! This person is the disciple who Sacred Leader Qinglong recruited recently: Junior Brother Duan Qing!”

The words served as an explosion which had an effect on par with the news stating that Qin Nan was going to take part in the competition.

As everyone knew, since Sacred Leader Qinglong had recruited Tang Qingshan and the others as his disciples, no one including the Prospective Saints of the Qinglong Sacred Area had been recruited by Sacred Leader Qinglong.

If this Duan Qing was actually the disciple of Sacred Leader Qinglong, his talents could be expected to be extraordinary!

“F**k! City Lord Zheng Kuo is indeed going all out this time. He even managed to invite the recently recruited disciple of Sacred Leader Qinglong to take part in the competition!”

“Tsk tsk, three Kings of Robbing, Junior Brother Qin Nan, and Junior Brother Duan Qing were all invited here. I have no doubt regarding City Lord Zheng Kuo’s capabilities!”


These disciples were utterly impressed by Zheng Kuo, as they scanned Qin Nan’s figure.

The Kings of Robbing including Li Xiaoxue, Bai Shao, and Yu Luosha—who was the disguised identity of Zhan Fang—gazed in Qin Nan’s direction too;their eyes filled with a judging look.

Although they were not familiar with Duan Qing, they could tell that he was not one to be underestimated.

“This City Lord Zheng Kuo…”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened. He was aware of the hint of enjoyment being displayed on Zheng Kuo’s face when he was being complimented. Qin Nan finally realized that this Zheng Kuo was someone who loved to show off and be complemented by others.

Just like Qin Nan had expected, Zheng Kuo was incredibly joyful at that instant as he pressed his chest with his hand and mentioned, “Everyone, it’s Junior Brother Duan Qing’s first time to take part in the King of Robbing Competition. He even asked me what would happen if the City of Black Hands failed to restrict his cultivation. I believe there’s no need for me to answer this question;you guys will tell him the answer!”

“HAHA! Junior Brother Duan Qing, don’t even think about it. Even an envoy would be restricted, not to mention you!”

“Hehe, Junior Brother Duan Qing, you might have no idea, but the City of Black Hands was constructed by Peak Leader Zhangyu personally using some kind of atavistic pitch-black rocks. Once activated, one’s Martial Skill Mastery, cultivation, and Martial Skill Intent will be restricted!”


The crowd expressed their thoughts one at a time while laughing.

Zheng Kuo nodded his head in satisfaction, before glancing at Qin Nan and saying, “Junior Brother Duan Qing, do you understand now? I’m not trying to boast right now, but if you ended up being free from restrictions, the City of Black Hands would never trouble you, and it wouldn’t count as breaking the rules! It’s your own power to be able to ignore the restriction, thus everyone would not have any objection!”

Although the words seemed to be extremely sincere, Zheng Kuo’s tone was slightly indifferent.

So what if you are the freshly recruited disciple by Sacred Leader Qinglong?

Even if you are a Prospective Saint whose cultivation had reached the Martial Dominator Realm, your cultivation would definitely be restricted too!

“Is that so? Thanks for the clarification!”

Qin Nan’s expression turned calm.

Not only did this Zheng Kuo spread false information to boast his capabilities, he even exposed Qin Nan’s existence to the public, causing countless people to gather their attention on him, acting cockily at the same time as well. Qin Nan was not fond of his personality.

“Ok, the participants shall enter the City of Black Hands now, and spread far apart to find the best hiding spot. After half the period it takes for an incense to burn, I’ll activate the City of Black Hands to restrict your cultivation, which will mark the start of the competition!”

Zheng Kuo was aware of Qin Nan’s cold attitude, thus he did not waste any more time with him, and uttered a yell.

As soon as his words were spoken, everyone at the scene rushed toward the City of Black Hands like a surging tide.

Li Xiaoxue and Bai Shao both blended into the crowd.

On the other hand, Yu Luosha stood silently on her spot and showed no sign of rushing. Instead, she let out a smile and approached Qin Nan, before speaking in a gentle tone, “Junior Brother Duan Qing, I’m Yu Luosha. Are you interested in forming an alliance with me…”

If it were somebody else, the person’s soul would be hooked due to Yu Luosha’s attractive appearance and endless charm, which felt like a whirlpool attracting him.

However, Qin Nan was different, as he already knew that Yu Lousha was Zhao Fang’s disguise. He could not help but feel goosebumps appearing on his skin after seeing Yu Lousha’s behaviors.

“Piss off!”

Qin Nan uttered the words without mercy and swiftly left the place.


Yu Luosha—or rather Zhao Fang—was stunned.

He was utterly confident in his female appearance. Although not everyone would be seduced by him, no one reacted with such an attitude before.

“Humph, you naughty little wild horse. If it weren’t because I have my eyes on Qin Nan, the huge wild horse, I’d definitely teach you a lesson.” Zhao Fang let out a harrumph as his eyes were engulfed in flames, “Junior Brother Qin Nan, please wait for your Senior Brother. Wait until your Senior Brother has earned enough Contribution Points to buy that forbidden drug in order to take good care of you…”

Zhao Fang’s cheeks reddened as if an embarrassing thought had come to his mind. He then mumbled to himself, before stepping into the City of Black Hands.

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