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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 348


Chapter 348: Chapter 348 - The King of Robbing
Chapter 348 - The King of Robbing

The entirety of the City of Black Hands covered an area with a circumference of over nine hundred zhang, resulting in a magnificent view. The city was built with some sort of atavistic pitch-black rock, granting it a mysterious aura.

At the entrance of the city was a square, which was currently crowded with over thousands of people.

Qin Nan was startled after roughly glancing in the square’s direction. Among the crowd were a few Martial Dominator Realm envoys.

“Greetings to my Senior and Junior Brothers!” At that instant, a young man rose into mid-air at the center of the square and said in a blasting voice, “I am the City Lord of the City of Black Hands, Zheng Kuo;the Competition of the King of Robbing that is held once every month here in the City of Black Hands will be taking place today! The rules are simple—there will be ten rounds of competitions, and the one ranked first will be given the title ‘King of Robbing’! Plus one thousand Contribution Points as the prize!”

“The Competition of the King of Robbing?”

Qin Nan standing a distance away was startled, before turning joyful.

This King of Robbing Competition is quite interesting;one will be given one thousand Contribution Points after coming first in it!

Qin Nan immediately made up his mind and swiftly went forward and blended into the crowd. However, he did not cause an uproar this time.

“Hehe, I’ll definitely be the King of Robbing!”


“Do you know that some of the previous Kings of Robbing will be taking part this time too!”

“F**k, are you serious?”


Qin Nan listened to the chatter while being in the midst of the crowd. Apart from meaningless comments, there were also people talking about the rules regarding the King of Robbing Competition.

The rules were indeed exceedingly simple—anyone who was interested in participating in the competition would receive a badge after paying twenty Contribution Points, which would allow the person to enter the City of Black Hands. The atavistic pitch-black rocks of the city were capable of restricting one’s cultivation and Martial Skill Masteries etc. to the Xiantian Realm once activated. Even a Martial Dominator Realm expert could only use the strength of the Xiantian Realm.

Furthermore, within the City of Black Hands, apart from the mystical weapons that were sold by the official parties, no one was allowed to use their own Mystical Weapon.

“Interesting, this is very interesting!”

It was as if a cloud of flames had been ignited in Qin Nan’s eyes.

If there were a thousand people participating in this King of Robbing Competition, and if Qin Nan managed to rob them all, that would be a total of twenty thousand Contribution Points! Even robbing a hundred out of the thousand people would grant him two thousand Contribution Points!

This way of earning the Contribution Points was indeed faster than earning them through doing quests or selling their mystical weapons!

“I shall get my badge first!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

Although he had no Contribution Points with him at the moment, he was fortunate enough to have been given the identity badge from Sacred Leader Qinglong. The badge would allow him to borrow twenty Contribution Points with ease.

At that instant, a sudden uproar took place among the crowd.

“Look! He is the eighth King of Robbing!”

“Shit, isn’t that Li Xiaoxue, who is ranked fifth in the ranking of custodians!”

“She is participating too? Her look is really terrifying!”

“Why would she be called her name[1] despite her fierce look?”


Qin Nan’s movement came to a stop in the midst of the crowd as he glanced in the direction of the uproar.

A woman with fierce facial features and a few scars on her faces wearing a torn armor-plate could be seen, who emitted a ferocious aura.

“Fifth-ranked in the ranking of custodians;this Li Xiaoxue should not be underestimated.”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

In the Qinglong Sacred Area, there were at least three thousand custodians. Therefore, being able to be ranked fifth among the three thousand custodians was an indication that she possessed an extraordinary strength or Martial Spirit.

However, the cultivation, etc. of a participant would be restricted inside the City of Black Hands. As a matter of fact, Qin Nan would not be intimidated even if he ended up facing her in the competition.

“Hehe, eighth King of Robbing, I did not expect you to be here. Great timing though, I would like to see who’s better between us!”

All of a sudden, above the crowd of thousands of people, a white-shirted young man with a charming aura arrived, whose face was faintly filled with a hint of pride.

“That’s the third King of Robbing: Bai Shao!”

“This Bai Shao concealed his identity with some kind of hidden technique. No one knows his real identity!”

“Hehe, two King of Robbing are taking part in the competition this time. This is going to be quite fascinating!”


The atmosphere of the scene turned lively following Bai Shao’s entry.

Although many of the disciples would participate in the King of Robbing Competition every time, it was extremely rare to see two previous Kings of Robbing taking part in the competition at the same time.

“Guys, the eighth and the third Kings of Robbing are not the only ones here today;a legendary figure of the City of Black Hands is here too!” The City Lord, Zheng Kuo, suddenly let out a yell, “Let us welcome the legendary King of Robbing who has won the fifth, sixth, and seventh competitions in a row: Yu Luosha!”

The words served as a great shock to the crowd!

Even Bai Shao and Li Xiaoxue were both dumbfounded, as if they had encountered a great foe.

The crowd of disciples turned extremely excited, as if they were on drugs.

“Shit! Yu Luosha is here!”

“What the actual f**k, if I managed to defeat her, I’d become a legend myself!”

“F**k off, Yu Luosha is my beloved woman. I must take part in the King of Robbing Competition too!”

“HAHA, I’ll be joining too. I’ll protect Yu Luosha;even if I cannot protect her, it’d be my honor to be knocked unconscious by her!”


Following the cheer from the crowd, a lady could be seen approaching the area.

The lady wore a long snowy white dress, exposing the fair skin around her chest. Her face was similar to a lotus emerging from the water, and although her physique was not extremely curvy, there was a unique charm to her, as if every action she took could hook the souls of the crowd.

The male disciples in the surroundings began to howl while letting out a series of cheers.


Qin Nan’s face stiffened. He almost vomited blood straight away.

So this is Yu Luosha?

She is f**king Zhao Fang, the First Senior Brother of Duanmu Peak!

Initially, Qin Nan’s attention had been caught by Zhao Fang since he had the same name as the Sect Leader of the Flying Sword Sect. Later when Zhao Fang had touched his hand, Qin Nan had been further scared by his strange behavior.

Currently, it was obvious that Zhao Fang had used some sort of disguising technique to transform into a female!

The others might not be able to see through the disguise, but Qin Nan could easily tell with a glimpse that the aura being emitted from Yu Luosha’s body was exactly the same as Zhao Fang’s!

“Hi, Senior and Junior Brothers, I am Yu Luosha.” Zhao Fang’s face reddened slightly as he spoke in a loving tone, “I hope you will all be going easy on me in this King of Robbing Competition. I really appreciate that, and will pay your favor back in the future.”

Countless disciples completely lost their ground after hearing the words and immediately agreed to the suggestion, resulting in a lively scene.

On the other hand, Bai Shao and Li Xiaoxue both harrumphed. Their achievements were nothing impressive compared to Yu Luosha’s. That being said, it was too early to determine who was going to be the winner!

“Besides, I’ve got an important announcement to make!” Zheng Kuo suddenly said in a mysterious tone, “Let me ask you all—who is the most famous genius in the two Sacred Areas now?”

“Qin Nan!”

“Of course it’s Qin Nan!”


Many of the disciples immediately answered.

Even the Saints of the two Sacred Leaders could not match up to Qin Nan’s reputation.

Zheng Kuo nodded his head in satisfaction as he said in a proud tone, “I’ve already invited Junior Brother Qin Nan here on behalf of the City of Black Hands. If everything goes according to plan, it’s highly possible that Junior Brother Qin Nan will be here!”


Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Xiaoxue here means ‘Tiny Snow’ in Chinese if taken literally.


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