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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 347


Chapter 347: Chapter 347 - The City of Black Hands

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Chapter 347 - The City of Black Hands

“Qinglong Ranking!”

“The cultivating dojos of the sixteen mountains!”

“The robberies, scams, and fights happening in the city!”

“Nine Great Mortification Sacred Areas!”


On the Qinglong Map, countless information was marked behind each mountain. With a quick thought, Qin Nan could easily retrieve the information he needed.

“Let’s take a look first!”

Qin Nan immersed his divine Sense into the map. After a while, he roughly learned the essential information provided by the map.

There existed a Qinglong Ranking in the Qinglong Sacred Area, which was split into the Sacred Leader, envoys, custodians, and disciples. Even though he was still a disciple since his cultivation was only at the peak Martial Emperor Realm, he was ranked first among the disciples. Besides that, there was also a ranking for the Prospective Saints, but he failed to read it with his current cultivation.

Furthermore, each mountain of the Qinglong Sacred Area had their own benefits regarding cultivation, Martial Skills, Weapon Forging, etc., with countless places that allowed the disciples to practice their skills.

Qin Nan also learned something important through the map—here at the Qinglong Sacred Area, there existed important things known as Contribution Points!

With sufficient Contribution Points, one would be able to trade it for pills, Martial Skills, Mystical Weapons, etc. in the Qinglong Sacred Area.

“Perhaps I could trade these Contribution Points for Primary Stones?”

Qin Nan quickly scanned the list in the scroll, which contained over ten thousand tradable goods. After browsing the list for a while, he finally found the amount of Contribution Points needed for Primary Stones.

“What? One can only get a Primary Stone with Contribution Points? And a Primary Stone costs ten thousand Contribution Points?”

Qin Nan’s face instantly turned dark.

After reading the information, he learned that killing a peak Martial Emperor Realm beast would only grant him half a Contribution Point. Killing a peak Martial Ancestor Realm beast would grant him five Contribution Points. Furthermore, with the information provided in the Qinglong Scroll, completing the most difficult mission on the list would only grant him a thousand Contribution Points.

The objective of that difficult mission was to slay a Martial Dominator Realm thief!

“I’m not sure how long it would take to accumulate ten thousand Contribution Points!”

Qin Nan’s face turned incredibly unpleasant.

He even doubted if Sacred Leader Qinglong was pulling a prank on him by asking him to collect the Primary Stones.

“That being said, there are other ways to earn Contribution Points too. Apart from doing quests, one could rob, scam, gamble, or sell their stuff.” Qin Nan took a deep breath to settle his thoughts.

Under such circumstances, even if the Primary Stone was worth ten thousand gold, he would still try his best to get it as well.

However, after Qin Nan read a little further, his heart turned darker than ever. The Contribution Points one would receive from selling their possessions were incredibly low. Selling an Emperor Weapon would only grant him three Contribution Points, and no one was allowed to sell more than three Mystical Weapons.

At this rate, doing quests and trading stuff was not worth the efforts. Only gambling and robbing were left.

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

He was utterly relieved since gambling and robbing were allowed in the Qinglong Sacred Area, and they had even constructed a specific city. After suppressing their cultivation to a certain level, the cultivators would enter the city and rob one another in a fair manner.

“I shall go to the City of Black Hands!”

Qin Nan rose from his seat and stared at Princess Miao Miao and her crew who were currently busy renovating their caves, before he left the place.

The City of Black Hands was not located on Duanmu Peak. In fact, it was located at the third-ranked peak, Zhangyu Peak. Qin Nan was faimiliar with the Peak Leader of this Zhangyu Peak, as he was one of the Peak Leaders who went to the Mystic Spirit Sect;his full name was Zhang Yu.

However, Qin Nan did not expect himself being surrounded by countless cultivators of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

“Move move move! Qin Nan has come out!”

“What, let’s go take a look!”

“Hehe, I’ve been fond of him for a long time but I’ve no idea what he looks like.”


These cultivators were only custodians and disciples. They did not have the right to be the spectators of the selection taking place at Duanmu Peak. Following this, after hearing the incidents occurring there, they could feel their blood boiling instinctively, and were keen to meet Qin Nan.

In just less than sixty breaths’ time, many disciples and custodians arrived in a rapid manner.

Most of the time, Qin Nan could not care less about other people’s gazes, but when he saw over seven hundred disciples following behind him, immersed in a chatter while pointing their fingers at him and gossiping, he frowned slightly.

“Why would I care about other people’s comments?”

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts.

To his surprise, the crowd grew bigger in less than ten breaths’ time. There were more than a thousand people here, resulting in an uproar.

“Hey, Junior Brother Qin Nan, wait for me!”

“Hehe, Junior Brother Qin Nan, I’ve something to talk to you about!”

“Aiya, Junior Brother Qin Nan, can you sign an autograph for me?”


In less than three breaths’ time, Qin Nan was densely surrounded by people. His ears began to buzz due to the chatter of the crowd.


Qin Nan’s face immediately reddened.

He finally realized how bad it would affect him after becoming famous.

How the hell do I go to the City of Black Hands with these many people following behind?

“Sorry, guys. I’ve got something to be busy with today, I’ll be heading to the palace now!”

Qin Nan brought his fists at the crowd and let out a smile. With a kick, his figure vanished swiftly, resulting in another roar as over a thousand people were following behind him like a huge wave.

Qin Nan was left with no choice;he could only return to the palace and wait a total of three hours before the crowd in front of his palace began to dissipate.

“I shall change my identity.”

Qin Nan executed the Mortal Appearance-Transforming Technique and switched his appearance to a dispirited yellow-skinned young man, a completely different look.

“Sacred Leader Qinglong had predicted this would happen…”

Qin Nan let out a sigh as he took the badge given by Sacred Leader Qinglong and hung it on his waist. After waiting for a while, Qin Nan finally left the palace without anyone following him.

...A period of time after, at Zhangyu Peak...

Zhangyu Peak was different comparing to Duanmu Peak. Although they both were incredibly huge thus giving them an intimidating look, the former was surrounded by a misty aura, like a mystical mountain.

On Zhangyu Peak’s dojo was a huge furnace, which was engulfed in various black-colored flames. Many disciples and envoys dived into the furnace in order to temper their flesh, resulting in endless cries of agony.

“I shall try that too next time, and see if I’m able to level up my Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique.”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself while increasing his pace based on the directions given on the map provided in the Qinglong Scroll.

After a moment, he arrived before a pitch-black city situated halfway up the mountain. A series of deafening cheers and screams could be heard coming from the city. It did not look like a city filled with robberies.

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened as he slowly entered it.

No one would have expected the City of Black Hands to experience its first calamity on this day, despite having been in existence for over hundreds of years!

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