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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 345


Chapter 345: Chapter 346 - Homose*uality

**Chapter sponsored with thanks to Alucard and Simoliunas**

Chapter 346 - Homose*uality

The envoys, custodians, and disciples moved aside to make way in an orderly fashion.

Qin Nan was startled after glancing at the incoming stranger. The young man had not reached his thirties yet, but his cultivation was now half-Martial Dominator Realm. Although he could not detect the rank of his Martial Spirit, judging from his strength alone, the rank would be at least eighth-grade Xuan ranked or even higher.

“Peak Leader, and the rest. Just like I said, I’ll be guiding Junior Brother Qin Nan. What do you guys think?”

The young man let out a soft laugh. His gentle voice was extremely soothing.

“That’s not a problem!”

“First Senior Brother, go for it!”

“Aha, since First Senior Brother is here, I’ll be leaving first!”


The previously tense atmosphere between the envoys and the custodians vanished as they shook their heads and gave up on the idea of contesting for the chance.

Peak Leader Duanmu raised his head slightly and spoke, “Zhao Fang, you will be in charge. Remember to tell them the stuff about the two Sacred Areas in detail.”

“Roger that!”

Zhao Fang nodded his head and smiled, before he made an inviting gesture to Qin Nan and his crew. After Qin Nan and the others acknowledged the gesture, they immediately followed Zhao Fang’s lead and left the place.

Meanwhile, the envoys and the custodians stared at Qin Nan and his crew as they walked away. Their eyes were filled with a troubled look.



“The Qinglong Sacred Area, sixteen mountains;each mountain has their own strength. For example, Duanmu Peak mainly focuses on improving one’s state of mind. The Fabled Immortal Lotus Dojo and few other places are useful in improving your state of mind. Similarly, you will find various dojos, Martial Skill inheritances, Pill Alchemy, friendly duels, casinos, shops, etc. on other mountains—pretty much everything.

“Our Qinglong Sacred Area is different compared to the Feiyang Sacred Area;the Feiyang Sacred Area focuses on strength alone. The stronger ones will be respected while the weaklings will be treated like servants. Only the powerful geniuses are allowed to kill anyone ruthlessly. On the other hand, our Qinglong Sacred Area emphasizes on teaching everyone how to survive.”

Zhao Fang explained everything at a steady pace, allowing Qin Nan and his crew to learn more information regarding the two Sacred Areas.


Qin Nan was confused when he heard the term.

It was his first time hearing a faction focusing on survival.

“Correct, surviving it is.” Zhao Fang wore a pure smile as he continued, “In the Qinglong Sacred Area, you have the chance to learn Pill Alchemy or Weapon Forging, etc. Why are these important? That’s because the previous Sacred Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area agreed that the path of a cultivator does not only include fights and blood, nor fame and reputation, but that it is more about surviving. In simpler words, if you are quite good at Pill Alchemy, even if your cultivation is relatively weak, you won’t find yourself struggling after heading to the upper district, since you will be able to make a living by making pills.”

Zhao Fang hesitated for a while before he continued, “Besides that, you are allowed to challenge anyone to a duel in the Qinglong Sacred Area, but you are not allowed to kill, or cripple one’s cultivation or body. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter who you are, you will be severely punished. That being said, scamming, cheating, and robbing are not breaking the rules here in the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

“What? Robbing, cheating, and scamming are not violating the rules?”

Sma Kong stared with his eyes open wide.

If that was the case, this Qinglong Sacred Area was like a paradise to him!

“Interesting! Interesting!”

A grin appeared on Princess Miao Miao’s face. Even the Longhu Ancestor Beast beside her chuckled as evil thoughts were formed in his mind.

“Yeah.” Zhao Fang’s expression remained the same as he said, “The sect wants the disciples to know how dangerous the Martial World can be. With just a careless mistake, even an expert would suffer losses.”

“I see…”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered.

The focus of the sect was to allow the disciples to learn various skills and witness the cruelty of the world in order to improve their survival skills and alertness.

Although Qin Nan was thirsty for battles, it was his first time hearing such an extraordinary way of teaching in a sect, thus he was quite interested in having a go.

“Alright, here we are. Longhu Ancestor Beast, Princess Miao Miao, Pang Qiu, these will be your residences from today onward!”

Zhao Fang’s footsteps came to a stop.

They could only see three pitch-black caves halfway up the mountain. The entrance of the caves were surrounded by wild grass, with no sign of Qi around, as if the place was utterly filled with poverty.


Princess Miao Miao and the others were stunned.

Are you seriously calling these caves residences?

It was nothing but a cave!

Was the Qinglong Sacred Area seriously forcing them to live in a place like this?

Zhao Fang said with a stern look, “For your information, every freshly recruited disciple will be living in caves like this from the start. This is the arrangement from the Sacred Area, in order to train your skills, and learn how to personally renovate your own residence.”

Train our skills?

Personally renovate?

“How about Qin Nan?”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast checked his surroundings and blurted out.

Qin Nan was slightly confused too. The next thing he knew, Zhao Fang reached out with his finger and pointed at a small palace located two li away from the three caves, which was surrounded with Qi and active forbidding auras to prevent people from stalking inside it. White mist could be seen close to the palace, giving it a magical appearance as if it were a small mystical palace.


The faces of Princess Miao Miao and the others instantly turned dull.

Didn’t he just mention training their skills and personally renovating their residences;why was there such a huge difference between Qin Nan’s residence and theirs?

Although they were not crazily talented like Qin Nan, they too were considered rare talents!

“Please forgive us;due to the threatening of the Feiyang Sacred Area, it’s our responsibility to provide a nice residence for Junior Brother Qin Nan, to prevent his secrets from being peeked at.” Zhao Fang spoke in a serious tone, “Ok, enough with the explanation. Here is a scroll for each of you, and take your time reading it in order to familiarize yourself with the Qinglong Sacred Area.”

Zhao Fang threw three scrolls into their hands and grabbed Qin Nan’s hand and dragged him away.

At that instant, Princess Miao Miao and the rest were furious!

F**king hell!

This was definitely biased!

After clenching their teeth for a moment, Princess Miao Miao and the others withheld the urge to beat the crap out of Zhao Fang and started renovating their residences with a cold expression on their face.

Qin Nan was surprised as Zhao Fang brought him to the small palace.

The palace was laid with over hundreds of forbidding auras, each tightly linked to the rest, resulting in an incredibly large terrifying formation. Even a Martial Dominator Realm expert would be killed on the spot if they tried to trespass into the area with brute force.

“Junior Brother Qin Nan, as a Prospective Saint, this is what you should be getting.” Zhao Fang reached out his hand and placed it on Qin Nan’s shoulder as he smilingly said, “However, the competition in the Qinglong Sacred Area is quite intense, don’t let your guard down.”

“Thanks Senior Brother for reminding me!”

Qin Nan said in a serious tone. Zhao Fang had been taking good care of him throughout the journey, while explaining all the stuff in details.

“Aiya, why are you being so courteous? We are going to be a family soon.” Zhao Fang pinched Qin Nan’s shoulder as his stern face reddened slightly with a hint of shyness.


Qin Nan was slightly stunned. Why was this First Senior Brother behaving like this all of a sudden? Meanwhile, Qin Nan was aware of Zhao Fang’s hand, which gave him goosebumps, causing him to instinctively take a step backward and bring his fists together, “Thanks, Senior Brother. I’ll call it a day here. I’ll be entering the palace.”

“Don’t go yet, here is a Qinglong Scroll, inside it…” Zhao Fang reached out his hand to hand a scroll over, while trying to grab Qin Nan’s palm.

Qin Nan discretely dodged it and took the scroll away, before he asked, “First Senior Brother, do you know where I can get Primary Stones in the Qinglong Sacred Area?”

“Primary Stones?” Zhao Fang blinked his eyes as his voice turned even softer, “That’s some expensive stuff, and you would need to trade them at the Danxia Peak. I only have a few despite saving for a long time. Why not come to my palace, I’ll give you the ones I have…”

“Oh! Senior Brother, see you!”

Qin Nan had no intention to stay any longer as he immediately sealed the palace by triggering the forbidding auras.


Zhao Fang stared with his eyes open wide, as his face turned red and gloomy at the same time. After a while, he stomped his foot on the ground and harrumphed, “Qin Nan, I swear I’ll get my hands on you!”

Judging from his current appearance, he no longer had the imperiousness of the First Senior Brother. Instead, he was more like a Junior Sister who had just fallen in love and uttered a confession.

Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief after entering the palace, while wearing a pale expression due to the discontented feeling.


What the f**k was wrong with this First Senior Brother!

He was a homose*ual pervert!

Why would this pervert be aiming for me?

“Shit, his cultivation is too strong;there is no way I can face him. I’ll teach him a lesson after improving my strength!” Qin Nan waved his palm and forcefully calmed his thoughts before he picked up the scroll and took a look inside it.

At that instant, in Qin Nan’s mind, countless rays of light blended together and formed a giant map, showing sixteen mountains and lines of words that felt like a blue dragon glancing down at all creations.

“So…Is this the Qinglong Sacred Area?”

Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

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