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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 343


Chapter 343: Chapter 343 - Well Done

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Chapter 343 - Well Done

Qin Nan was shocked.

The sword in his hand?

His Martial Spirit?

Qin Nan was only attracted to the ancient sword as it was stained with the aura of the divine God of Battle, thus he was keen to acquire it. As for his divine battle Spirit, he had indeed encountered a problem recently;the divine Battle Spirit could no longer level up after consuming pills, it needed something else!

But how on Earth did Sacred Leader Qinglong know all this?

Without hesitating, Qin Nan immediately unleashed his left eye of the divine God of Battle and glanced at Sacred Leader Qinglong.

Even with a glimpse using his left eye of the divine God of Battle, he could not detect Sacred Leader Qinglong’s aura, which felt like an ancient black hole, unable to be seen through.

“Previously, the copper mirror knew that the divine Battle Spirit was not the Martial Spirit I was born with! But even the copper mirror could not tell the background of the divine Battle Spirit;how did this Sacred Leader Qinglong know about it? Not to mention that I’ve never unleashed my Martial Spirit in front of him…”

Qin Nan’s body turned tense as different thoughts flashed through his mind.

Although he felt like asking more questions, Sacred Leader Qinglong would most likely not reveal the answers to him due to the current situation.

“I’ll join the Qinglong Sacred Area!”

Qin Nan could not come up with another idea after a slight ponder, thus he decided to follow Sacred Leader Qinglong’s will and join the Qinglong Sacred Area for now. It was important for him to know what Sacred Leader Qinglong knew, and why he knew all his secrets!


Sacred Leader Feiyang was dumbfounded.

The Peak Leaders and the envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area were stunned on the spot.

Why would Qin Nan choose to join the Qinglong Sacred Area despite the outstanding offer from their Sacred Leader?

However, they soon realized that Qin Nan most likely made his decision due to the words spoken by Sacred Leader Qinglong, thus leaving him no choice but to join the Qinglong Sacred Area.

“Qin Nan, whatever Sacred Leader Qinglong promised to give you, I can give you too;whatever he can’t give you, I can give you instead!” Sacred Leader Feiyang groaned, “Think twice before you make your choice, as it is highly possible to affect your future, even with your talents!”

“Qin Nan, do consider it again!” Peak Leader Luo blurted out.

It was extremely difficult to find a genius like Qin Nan in hundreds of years, thus he would not want to miss the chance.

“Seniors, I’ve made up my mind.” Qin Nan said while bringing his fists together, “Thanks for appreciating my talents. The Feiyang Sacred Area is a nice place, but I’ll still choose to join the Qinglong Sacred Area, as it is more suitable for me!”

Sacred Leader Qinglong’s expression remained friendly like before, as if he had already predicted this to happen.

Peak Leader Duanmu and the others from the Qinglong Sacred Area wore joyful expressions. They could now imagine the storm that Qin Nan would stir after joining the Qinglong Sacred Area.

The people of the Feiyang Sacred Area wore unpleasant faces at that instant.

They would love to have Qin Nan join their Sacred Area, but since he had already made his decision, they would not force him to change his mind.

A sharp gaze could be seen in the eyes of Sacred Leader Feiyang as he said, “Qin Nan, since you have made your choice, I will not interfere any further! That being said, from today onward, you will be the enemy of the Feiyang Sacred Area’s disciples! Whenever possible, the Feiyang Sacred Area will hunt you down with all the firepower we have! Now is your last chance to change your decision!”

Although the two Sacred Areas had been competing against each other for a long time, it was rare for a serious battle to break out between the two. After all, a battle would result in great losses for both sides.

However, no one would have expected Sacred Leader Feiyang to be fond of a mere peak Martial Emperor Realm Qin Nan.

On the other hand, it was quite reasonable too. After Qin Nan displayed his talents, if the Feiyang Sacred Area could not recruit him as a disciple, they would definitely try their best to eliminate him. Otherwise, he would serve as a great trouble to the Feiyang Sacred Area in the future.

The Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area went enraged.

How nice!

They even start to threaten Qin Nan!

Were they not treating the Qinglong Sacred Area seriously?

However, before they could speak, Qin Nan burst out laughing all of a sudden, “Nice! That would be great! Sacred Leader Feiyang, I’ll be anticipating the arrival of the geniuses from the Feiyang Sacred Area;I hope they won’t let me down!”

After saying this, battle intent was fired into the sky from his body.

With his Dragon-Lined Golden Core being formed successfully, causing his cultivation to reach the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, his body and meridians were extremely thirsty for battles!


The more the better!

Only that was able to make him feel excited!

Sacred Leader Feiyang was stunned.

The Peak Leaders and the envoys from the Feiyang Sacred Area were astonished.

Why would a mere peak Martial Emperor Realm Qin Nan burst out laughing after being threatened by the Feiyang Sacred Area?

This guy was a f**king maniac!

“If that’s the case, let’s skip the useless bits. If you are able to emerge as an expert in the future despite being blacklisted by us of the Feiyang Sacred Area, I’ll be fairly convinced of your outstanding power!” Sacred Leader Feiyang was extraordinarily straightforward as he spoke, “You guys should stay and pick the remaining geniuses, I’ll be leaving first!”

After saying this, he took a step forward and tore the space apart, before his figure vanished into it.

He was here mainly to recruit Qin Nan. As for the other geniuses, they did not have the right for him to personally invite them to join the Feiyang Sacred Area.

“I’ll join the Feiyang Sacred Area!”

To everyone’s surprise, Jiang Bilan was the first one to speak.

“Very well!”

Even though the Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area were depressed as they did not acquire Qin Nan in the end, this Jiang Bilang’s result was only a bit weaker than the Imperial Exterminator’s, hence they would definitely welcome her.

“I’ll be joining the Feiyang Sacred Area too!”

Jiao Shiyi blurted out.


Jiao Zhe’s expression changed slightly;his desire was to join the Qinglong Sacred Area, but it appeared that Jiao Shiyi still could not restrain himself from going crazy for Jiang Bilan’s sake.

“Then I… I’ll join the Feiyang Sacred Area!”

Jiao Zhe let out a sigh in his heart and spoke with a stern look.

“HAHA, I’ll be joining the Qinglong Sacred Area!” Sima Kong let out a hideous laugh, “With big bro Qin Nan looking after me, who would I be afraid of?”

In the selection, besides Qin Nan, the top four geniuses had made up their minds.

The people from the two Sacred Areas showed no sign of fighting one another anymore. They only argued with one another at most to contest certain candidates, causing their faces to redden. That being said, the Qinglong Sacred Area ended up giving most of the geniuses to the Feiyang Sacred Area since they had acquired Qin Nan.

After all, it was important to achieve a balance between the two Sacred Areas.

“Sacred Leader!”

Upon seeing this, Qin Nan raised his head and glanced at Sacred Leader Qinglong.

“Come with me!”

Sacred Leader Qinglong let out a calm smile and waved his arm. Following this, both their figures instantly disappeared.

However, nobody knew that high up in the sky above, since the selection of the two Sacred Areas had taken place, a huge object had been witnessing the events taking place at the Qinglong Sacred Area.

No one could detect its presence, even the two Sacred Leaders had failed to do so too!

It was the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!

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