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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 342


Chapter 342: Chapter 342 - Deciding Where to Go

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Chapter 342 - Deciding Where to Go

The Peak Leaders and the envoys were startled. They had not expected Qin Nan to suddenly mention the bet. As a result, they all directed their attention onto Jiang Bilan’s figure.

The two Sacred Leaders frowned slightly, but were relieved after the Peak Leaders explained to them the event that had occurred, following which smiles appeared on their faces.

This young lad is quite vengeful.

Jiang Bilan’s attractive face instantly reddened, as her body turned tensed.

She could easily tell that the authorities of the two Sacred Areas were all staring at her. The crowd of geniuses was staring at her too.

This caused her face to burn and her heart to be pierced.

What was Qin Nan implying?

Was there any doubt as to who had won the bet?

Now, thanks to his question, he had gathered the attention of the crowd onto her;was he trying to humiliate her?

As the Saintess of the Trading Alliance, Jiang Bilan was far more forbearing than ordinary people. However, due to the great sense of humiliation, she could not help but bite her lips, as she was on the verge of exploding.

I must endure it!

I’ll let him pay ten times the price in the future for humiliating me!

“Do you think I’m humiliating you?”

All of a sudden, Qin Nan spoke, as if his eyes were able to peek through Jiang Bilan’s thoughts.

Jiang Bilan was slightly stunned.

How did he know?

“You must be thinking that I could see through your thoughts.” Qin Nan nailed it once again as he said with a calm smile, “It’s simple;you are too selfish, someone who only cares about yourself, and are willing to do anything to achieve your goals. Therefore, you will think that I’m humiliating you. Of course, these are all some bullshit I came up with, I’m just trying to tell you that…”

Qin Nan paused for a moment before he said, “I’m indeed humiliating you!”


Jiang Bilan could feel a powerful slap landing on her face.

Qin Nan ended up saying all that as if he was able to read her mind, and was trying to explain his actions. However, in the end, he suddenly changed his tone and admitted he was only humiliating her.

The way he played with his words resulted in a much stronger impact to her!

“Qin Nan, you——”

Jiao Shiyi’s eyes were engulfed in flames with a murderous aura, as if he was going to spring forward any second now.

“What about me?”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned cold, “I have no plan to waste my time with a brainless idiot like you, f**k off!”

This Jiao Shiyi thinks he is worthy of challenging me?

If it weren’t because of his respectable brother Jiao Zhe, I would already have crushed him into pieces!

“Jiao Shiyi, don’t be reckless!” To everyone’s surprise, Jiang Bilan took the heat off from Jiao Shiyi as she glared at Qin Nan with her attractive eyes, “Thanks for teaching me a lesson today;here is your sword!”

Qin Nan had initially planned to punish her further, but his left eye started burning again after seeing the ancient sword, dragging his attention away.

“This sword…”

Qin Nan took the ancient sword, which began to buzz in his hand, as if it was celebrating.

Jiao Zhe wore a surprised look seeing this, as the unwillingness in his heart dissipated, while he exclaimed, “A famed sword befits a hero. My friend Qin Nan, I stumbled into this sword coincidentally in an ancient place. I’m glad that the sword is excited to be in your hands.”

“I’ve stolen this sword from you with a trick. I’ll definitely return this sword to you in the future, and I owe you a favor for lending me this sword for the time being!”

Qin Nan’s expression turned stern as he straightened his figure and brought his fists together toward Jiao Zhe.

This ancient sword was quite important to Jiao Zhe, but his act of acquiring it through the bet with Jiang Bilan was indeed something not to be proud of.

The geniuses were startled after seeing this.

Who was Qin Nan now?

The genius whom the two Sacred Leaders were fighting each other to acquire!

However, after obtaining the ancient sword, not only did Qin Nan express his gratitude to Jiao Zhe in such a serious fashion, he had even promised to owe him a favor.

It was not necessary for him to do so, but he chose to do it!

This only proved that Qin Nan was someone who emphasized treating everyone with sincerity and honesty based on how they treated him, and showed no intention of abusing his status and authority!

As a result, even the geniuses who were blaming Qin Nan previously were startled.

Did that mean that Qin Nan was the one causing the conflict between him and Jiang Bilan?

Absolutely not!

“You are being too serious with that!”

Jiao Zhe immediately replied.

Qin Nan let out a smile;his first impression of Jiao Zhe was quite agreeable. If possible, he would be willing to be friends with him.

“I shall take a look at the secrets of the ancient sword later. Now is the time to make my decision!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself as he stored the ancient sword into his bag. He then glanced at the two Sacred Leaders.

At that instant, the atmosphere between the Peak Leaders and the envoys intensified, as the two Sacred Areas were having a face-off against each other.

Sacred Leader Feiyang wasted no time as he blurted out, “Qin Nan, once you join the Feiyang Sacred Area, I’ll give you everything you demand! I’ll kill anyone who you are not happy with! Besides, you can also become the Prospective Saint of the Feiyang Sacred Area! Once your cultivation has reached the requirement, you will then be allowed to take part in the Battle of the Saint!”

The crowd was astonished after hearing the words.

The two Sacred Areas had their own Saint.

The Saint was appointed in order to take charge of the Sacred Area in the future!

In order to become a Saint, there were two criteria to be fulfilled;a sufficiently ranked Martial Spirit and great talents in other fields!

That being said, Qin Nan was indeed qualified to be appointed as a Saint.

Sacred Leader Feiyang was not done as he continued with a thunderous tone, “Furthermore, I will also recruit you as my core disciple, and teach you everything I know!”

The Peak Leaders and the envoys were further astounded.

Sacred Leader was recruiting a disciple!

Everyone knew that the two Sacred Leaders were both Martial Sacred Realm experts, who would not easily recruit one to be their disciple.

Most importantly, Sacred Leader Feiyang had never recruited any disciple, unlike Sacred Leader Qinglong who was the master of Tang Qingshan, Peak Leader Duanmu, and Peak Leader Zhang.

At that instant, even the eyes of the envoys were filled with a hint of jealousy while glancing at Qin Nan’s figure.

This opportunity was something they hoped for even in their dreams!

Peak Leader Duanmu and the rest panicked.

Judging from Sacred Leader Feiyang’s offer, he was incredibly serious about acquiring Qin Nan.

Why did Sacred Leader Qinglong still remain silent?


Peak Leader Duanmu ran out of patience and blurted out.

“Hmm, don’t worry.” Sacred Leader Qinglong let out a smile and said in a friendly tone, “The offer from Sacred Leader Feiyang is indeed impressive, and I believe it’s something that our Qinglong Sacred Area could not offer. After joining the Qinglong Sacred Area, we’ll definitely appoint you as a Prospective Saint too, but as for the benefits, you will have to compete with the other disciples;your identity would not change the rules.”

Sacred Leader Feiyang’s lips curled upwards.

It seems like Qin Nan would surely choose to join the Feiyang Sacred Area now.

Since the offer I gave was way better.

Qin Nan frowned slightly. Judging based on the attitudes of the two Sacred Leaders, it appeared that the Feiyang Sacred Area was a better choice on the surface. However, the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Princess Miao Miao both decided to join Duanmu Peak without having a discussion with him, causing him to have a headache.

At that instant, the eyes of Sacred Leader Qinglong glistened as he looked at Qin Nan and said, “However, we Qinglong Sacred Area are able to answer your doubts. For example the sword in your hand, or should I say, the doubts regarding your… Martial Spirit!”

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