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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 340


Chapter 340

Chapter 340 - The Contest Between the Sacred Leaders

There existed a huge gap between the Xiantian Realm and the Martial Emperor Realm, similar to the difference between an ordinary human and a cultivator.

Only those who had achieved the Martial Emperor Realm could be considered to be embarking on the journey into the Martial World.

Meanwhile, as the nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang stormy clouds took shape, Qin Nan had no doubt become the single focus of attention on the entire Duanmu Peak!

’’Come at me Tribulation!’’

Qin Nan's blood rumbled vigorously, as if immeasurable battle intent was emitted while acting in harmony with the Dragon-Lined Golden Core!


Waves of lightning sparks descended continuously from the nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang stormy cloud like a thunderstorm, which encapsulated the entire dojo within a purple glow.

In the midst of the ferocious thunder, the Dragon-Lined Golden Core emitted a brighter glow instead, while remaining unharmed, as if it was currently in the midst of a baptism!

’’Martial Emperor Core solidify!’’

Qin Nan thunderously uttered.

To everyone's surprise, the Dragon-Lined Golden Core ascended straight at the stormy cloud, shattering the rays of lightning and collided with the nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang stormy cloud, causing it to break into pieces.


A Martial Emperor Realm force burst out from the Dragon-Lined Golden Core like a hurricane, which continued to grow stronger.


At that instant, a tremendous change occurred in Qin Nan's cultivation.

First-layer Martial Emperor Realm!

Second-layer Martial Emperor Realm!

Third-layer Martial Emperor Realm!

His cultivation finally stabilized after reaching the tenth-layer Martial Emperor Realm.

’’The Art of Heart Calming and Demon-Expelling!’’

Qin Nan currently possessed an imperious aura, as the divine Sense in his mind rapidly expanded all of a sudden, which gradually came to an end after reaching nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang. In the meantime, the Art of Heart Calming and Demon Expelling emitted a soft thud, which appeared to be a breakthrough as it had now reached the Perfection Stage!


Behind Qin Nan, countless blurry figures of beasts appeared and blended with one another into a giant bell emitting a buzzing sound. Each buzz was capable of shattering all external disturbances immediately, resulting in a tremendous power!

’’My Saber Intent!’’

Qin Nan uttered a loud roar.

Since he had placed all of his will into the Dragon-Lined Golden Core, which had successfully experienced a breakthrough, apart from his cultivation, his Martial Skills and Techniques were also leveled up through the baptism!


A hint of Saber Intent was accumulated on Qin Nan's body, resulting in a shocking strength, which appeared to have surpassed the Arcane Realm and reached the Force Accumulating Realm!

What was the Force Accumulating Realm?

A single slash was able to accumulate the force of the Heavens and Earth!

’’Left eye of the divine God of Battle!’’

An endless glow burst out from Qin Nan's left eye, which grew stronger into a golden flame and swayed according to the flow of the wind.

The left eye of the divine God of Battle was the divine God of Battle's body part after all. It was impossible for it to level up with the mere breakthrough of Qin Nan's Inner Core. That being said, its observational ability was improved tremendously due to the breakthrough.

’’My will!’’

Qin Nan wore a stern look on his face.

In his body, his blood emitted a series of loud explosions, which seemed to be forming a large formation, as if it was trying to evolve into a unique type of blood.

Previously, after obtaining the left eye of the divine God of Battle, this unique blood was formed inside Qin Nan's body, but it had been too faint to be noticed. However, it had now begun to grow. Although Qin Nan had no idea what power it possessed, he could feel his blood boiling with stronger battle intent!

’’And the last step, Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique!’’

With a shoosh, Qin Nan's hair was engulfed in golden flames all of a sudden. Following this, his neck, his shoulders, his chest, his arms, etc. were engulfed in flames too, as if his whole figure had turned into a man of fire.


An explosion took place on Qin Nan's body, which formed a golden blazing armor-plate covering his entire figure.


On his back, a five-zhang-long burning golden cloak could be seen dancing in mid-air due to the wind, resulting in a majestic appearance.


A loud clash was heard coming from the sky, as if the Heavens and Earth were celebrating.

At that instant, with the armor-plate, the rumbling Saber Intent, and the dancing cloak, Qin Nan's aura turned exceedingly imperious, as if a god of battle was standing between the Heavens and Earth!

The eyes of the Peak Leaders, the envoys, and the geniuses were filled with deep astonishment upon witnessing this.

What kind of monster was this!

His cultivation, Martial Skills, etc. had all skyrocketed to the peak of Martial Emperor Realm!

Besides that, the rumbling force and the imperious aura from his body were nothing expected to be coming from a Martial Emperor he was more like a Martial Dominator!

However, they had entirely no clue as to the troubles he had gone through.

Qin Nan had encountered tremendous difficulties when he had attempted to level up to the Martial Emperor Realm, in which his Inner Core had almost shattered to pieces. Following this, he consumed a great amount of resources for his Inner Core to recover and further refined it;he had even merged it with the will of his left eye of the divine God of Battle and the Chaos Qi.

As a result, he was able to soar into the skies instantly after having a breakthrough!

’’Golden Core, withdraw!’’

With a loud roar, the Dragon-Lined Golden Core in mid-air instantly descended and entered Qin Nan's body, causing his entire aura to be completed.

Not a single sign of joy could be seen on Qin Nan's face. Under the crowd's gaze, he sat down with his legs crossed, as the golden blazing cloak floated in the air.

Although he had succeeded in having a breakthrough, the improvement was far too great. Therefore, his first priority now was to stabilize his Golden Core, his flesh etc.


After Qin Nan calmed his thoughts, the steady pace of his breathing turned incredibly thunderous in the ears of the crowd.

The Heavens and Earth were immersed in dead silence;not a single sound could be heard apart from Qin Nan's breathing.

At this stage, even the Peak Leaders were lost for words.

A mere Xiantian Realm presence causing such a shocking scene when leveling up to the Martial Emperor Realm. Who in the lower district could match his talent?

Even Tang Qingshan himself did not trigger such a terrifying scene before!

’’Snatch him!’’

A blasting roar broke the silence of Duanmu Peak all of a sudden.

The one uttering the roar was none other than Peak Leader Luo!

The Peak Leaders and the envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area finally collected their thoughts as their expressions turned ferocious like a pack of starving wolves, while executing specific abilities aiming to grab Qin Nan's figure, together with five li of the land surrounding him!


Peak Leader Duanmu went enraged.

The same went for the Peak Leaders and the envoys of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

In just the blink of an eye, without any signal, an epic battle took place straight away.

The battle was different than the previous one;although no one planned to murder anyone, most of the Peak Leaders began to execute their strongest abilities, causing massive destruction to the place.

All for the sake of acquiring Qin Nan!

Are you kidding me;someone who managed to attract nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish and formed a Dragon-Lined Golden Core that triggered a nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang Tribulation how could they let a peerless genius like him go!

We must acquire Qin Nan today!

If Qin Nan ended up joining our Sacred Area, it's most likely that our Sacred Area would have a brilliant future if nothing went wrong!

At that instant, the entire Duanmu Peak turned dark all of a sudden, as an imperious aura encapsulated several thousands li from above.

A voice that felt like it was coming from above the Nine Heavens exploded.

’’Qin Nan belongs to us Feiyang Sacred Area!’’

The Sacred Leader of the Feiyang Sacred Area had arrived!


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