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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 338


Chapter 338: Chapter 338 - The Contest of Life and Death

Chapter 338 - The Contest of Life and Death

“Fish leaping into the Dragon’s Gate?”

“My god, these Dao-Seeking Fish can still evolve!”

“F**k, are they trying to evolve into Dao-Seeking Dragons?”


The Peak Leaders and envoys exclaimed in astonishment.

Fish leaping into the Dragon’s Gate, it was a popular saying among the cultivators regarding an old legend. It was said that every fish possessed dragon’s blood. After thousands of years of cultivation, the fish would then be able to trigger the Dragon’s Gate, and evolve into a real dragon after leaping into it.

Many of the ancient fish-type beasts did manage to evolve into true dragons in the past.

That being said, these Dao-Seeking Fish were not beasts at all;they were rare beings formed by the Heavens and Earth.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

The Dao-Seeking Fish leapt into the Dragon’s Gate one after another, and from the deep region inside the gate, it felt like an incredible force was being accumulated, as if a powerful presence was being born.

“The assholes, trying to evolve into real dragons with my Chaos Qi!”

Qin Nan clenched his teeth while staring at the sight.

If it weren’t for the incoming Tribulation, he would surely spring forward and slash the Dragon’s Gate into half.


All of a sudden, an explosion took place behind the stormy cloud, which turned out to be the calamity of the Atavistic Cultivation finishing gathering its force, which transformed into a blurry figure of a giant hand like the God’s hand reaching out to the Nine-Lined Golden Core.

The Nine-Lined Golden Core began to buzz after sensing the danger, which seemed to turn furious as the will of the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique, etc. burst out from it.


Even the Nine-Lined Golden Core could not match the strength of the blurry figure of the giant hand, causing it to be constantly knocked back.

Qin Nan’s face turned pale too as his figure was knocked back with the Core, causing his aura to be weakened.

The Peak Leaders and the envoys whose attention was attracted by the Dao-Seeking Fish before turn panicked after witnessing the scene, causing their bodies to feel tense. They clearly knew that the real challenge for Qin Nan was not the Tribulation, but the calamity of Atavistic Cultivation. Furthermore, they were not allowed to interfere with the calamity;Qin Nan could only face the calamity with his own strength!

“Trying to snipe me last time, and this time too;do you really think I’m one to be bullied easily?”

Qin Nan felt his throat being filled with blood. That being said, the injury managed to awaken the pride in his bones, as he immediately unleashed his divine Sense and controlled his Nine-Lined Golden Core to dash forward at the calamity instead of backing off.


Each time the Nine-Lined Golden Core collided with the calamity, it would result in a shockwave in the surroundings, as if the space was being twisted.

Although the Nine-Lined Golden Core appeared to be the weak side, its strength was still extraordinary enough, allowing it to not be defeated in a short period of time.

Meanwhile, the nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao Seeking Fish had all leapt into the Dragon’s Gate. Following this, a powerful force exploded deep within the Dragon’s Gate, as if a huge creature was taking form.


A shocking and imperious roar could be heard.

The crowd could only see a five-zhang-long giant purple fish with a pair of wings, a pair of golden eyes, and scales like a dragon on its body soaring into the sky with an imperious aura.

Different than the Dao-Seeking Fish, its entire aura had fully merged with the Heavens and Earth. With a thought, the ground shook tremendously. Apart from that, a mystical glow was emitted from its eyes, filled with intelligence.

“Human, you dare to oppose me;now that your Tribulation is here, I shall teach you a good lesson!”

The giant purple fish stared at Qin Nan with a disdainful look, as it suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a force of the Heavens and Earth, firing at the calamity taking the shape of a blurry giant hand.

The scene took place so quick that the Peak Leaders and the envoys did not manage to capture it.

Qin Nan held his breath.

Following this, the aura of the giant hand turned powerful all of a sudden, causing the hand to actually materialize, before crushing down on the Nine-Lined Golden Pill.


The Nine-Lined Golden Core was severely damaged, causing its aura to be extremely weakened. Even cracks could be seen on its surface.


Qin Nan’s face turned incredibly pale as if his body had just collided with a giant beast, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood, leaving him in an exceedingly weakened state.

“HAHA, I’m really being taken good care of by the Heavens and Earth! I did not expect to stumble into a Nine-Lined Golden Core as soon as I was born! I shall devour your Golden Core now, and evolve into an Atavistic Dao-Seeking Dragon!” The eyes of the giant purple fish were filled with a smug look.

Although it had managed to leap into the Dragon’s Gate after absorbing Qin Nan’s Chaos Qi, it had yet to evolve into a real dragon.

If it were to devour the Nine-Lined Golden Core, it would truly evolve into one!


With a flicker, the giant purple fish immediately arrived above the Nine-Lined Golden Core, as it opened its bloody mouth and tried to devour it.

“How bold!”


“Stop it you filthy piece of shit!”

“Not on my watch!”


At that instant, the Peak Leaders finally reacted and became enraged, causing the entire Duanmu Peak and the Heavens and Earth to shake violently.

Even though they had no idea what exactly this purple giant fish was, it was trying to devour Qin Nan’s Nine-Lined Golden Core?

I don’t care what you are doing, but you are seeking death with your action right now!

The giant purple fish had expected this. Initially, when he first discovered the Chaos Qi inside Qin Nan’s body, it did not act straight away as it was scared of these experts. However, after Qin Nan took the initiative to approach the Dao-Seeking Fish, they finally had the chance to suck his Chaos Qi without alerting the Peak Leaders. Everything was going according to its plan;even the Peak Leaders would not be able to slaughter it in such a short time.

Once it consumed the Nine-Lined Golden Core, it could roam the Heavens and Earth at its free will;these Peak Leaders would no longer be a threat!


The injured Qin Nan sensed grave danger at that instant.

If the Nine-Lined Golden Core were to be devoured by this asshole, the consequences would be unimaginable!

In the nick of time, countless thoughts flashed across Qin Nan’s mind, as if a switch had been toggled.

He was even calmer when his life was at stake!

“There must be some way!”

“I can’t let it devour my Core!”


Qin Nan’s mind was tensed to the extreme.

Meanwhile, it was as if it had gone in slow-motion. The actions of the Peak Leaders slowed down, the giant purple fish’s speed was also incredibly decreased.


Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a mystical glow when a sudden thought came to his mind!

This giant purple fish was the product of nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish evolving, and those nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish had only managed to evolve after sucking his Chaos Qi!

Chaos Qi was something that belonged to him, something that originated from the Atavistic World.

Previously at Jianghuang City, he had managed to detonate the Weapon Spirits in the weapons by controlling the Chaos Qi!

Although this giant purple fish had absorbed the Chaos Qi, the primary force of the Chaos Qi still remained inside its body!

He could control the Chaos Qi, same as last time!

“Either way, I should try doing it now!”

Qin Nan immediately unleashed his divine Sense in a crazy manner and encapsulated the figure of the giant purple fish in this time of life and death.

The purple giant fish hesitated slightly. Following this, it fiercely bit at the Golden Core without hesitation.

One inch!

Half an inch!

The entire Nine-Lined Golden Core was totally devoured by the giant purple fish, which wore an excited expression on its face.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a mystical glow!

I did it!

He finally established connection with the countless strands of Chaos Qi inside the body of the giant purple fish!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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