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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 337


Chapter 337: Chapter 337 - Six Hundred and Sixty-six Zhang

Chapter 337 - Six Hundred and Sixty-Six Zhang

“Attention everyone, some of you might not know this.” Peak Leader Duanmu took a deep breath and said in a serious tone, “For Atavistic Cultivators, their Inner Cores are also known as Golden Cores, with the classification of different levels. The first level is three golden lines. The second is six golden lines, and the third is nine golden lines! According to the ancient records, those who managed to form a Nine-Lined Golden Core were referred to as Supreme Emperors! In other words, below the Martial Ancestor Realm, one who possessed a Nine-Lined Golden Core would be the strongest!”

The crowd of envoys was utterly shocked.

The same figure appeared in their minds at the same time: the Imperial Exterminator, Tang Qingshan!

The Imperial Exterminator, Tang Qingshan, had mastered the well-known Imperial Mortal Scriptures, which allowed him to dominate cultivators in the same realm! However, the current Qin Nan was also considered the strongest among the cultivators of the same realm without practicing the Imperial Mortal Scriptures!

The Supreme Emperor;how imperious is that!

“Impressive! Impressive!”

“Qin Nan’s rising will definitely lead the lower district!”

“How is that enough? In my opinion, he will surely surpass the Imperial Exterminator’s achievements!”


The envoys exclaimed.

Meanwhile, the envoys and the Peak Leaders wore pairs of fiery eyes.

A peerless genius like him, we must recruit him to our Sacred Area!

If they were able to acquire Qin Nan, they wouldn’t need to worry about the future of their Sacred Area. Once Qin Nan grew stronger, it would lead the entire sect to a brilliant future!


As the force of the Heavens and Earth turned vigorous, a thick stormy cloud was swiftly gathered. In the midst of the cloud, it was no longer a blue rumbling lightning, but purple rays of lightning, resulting in a shocking scene.

Seeing it, the crowd of envoys was shocked.

“That’s a Nine-Lined Golden Core, how many zhang will the stormy cloud of the Tribulation be?”

“I remember that according to the records, the Imperial Exterminator triggered a five-hundred-zhang stormy cloud when he was leveling up to the Martial Emperor Realm;even the two Sacred Areas were dumbfounded hearing that!”

“Looking at the Saints of our Sacred Area, or the Prospective Saints, or the legendary authorities, the stormy clouds they triggered were around three hundred to four hundred zhang!”

“Qin Nan will surely surpass them all!”


Apart from the envoys, the eyes of the thirty-two Peak Leaders of the two Sacred Areas were filled with great anticipation.

Qin Nan has broken the Imperial Exterminator’s legendary record in the trial of the Dao-Seeking Fish!

Now that the Tribulation was triggered, can he beat the Imperial Exterminator’s legendary record once again?


The stormy clouds accumulating in the sky were spread toward the surroundings, as a terrifying aura was emitted.

One hundred zhang!

Two hundred zhang!

Three hundred zhang!

Four hundred zhang!

At that instant, the Peak Leaders and the envoys were astounded, as if their hearts were hung in their throats.

Five hundred zhang!

The Peak Leaders and the envoys shuddered violently!

Six hundred Zhang!

Upon reaching six hundred and sixty-six zhang, the Tribulation finally stopped growing.

The Peak Leaders and the envoys on Duanmu Peak were lost for words.

Six hundred and sixty-six zhang!

How crazy was that?

It’s one hundred and sixty-six zhang more than the Imperial Exterminator’s Tribulation!

Another legendary record was completely broken by Qin Nan!


Among the geniuses, only Sima Kong was able to retain his thoughts. Despite that, his face wore a blank expression as he mumbled to himself.

As a man who was marked with five black lines by the Trading Alliance, in terms of knowledge, the amount of stuff he knew was even more than the Peak Leaders. Despite that, even his knowledge proved to be useless today!


Qin Nan suddenly frowned.

He could faintly feel that after the six hundred and sixty-six zhang Tribulation was formed, his Nine-Lined Golden Core appeared to be slightly unsatisfied.

It was as if the Core was trying to complain that this six hundred and sixty-six zhang Tribulation was nowhere enough to match his identity.

“What’s going on?”

Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a golden glow as he glanced toward the sky.

With a glimpse, he immediately detected a concealed force of the Heavens and Earth being accumulated behind the stormy clouds, with a hint of unfriendliness.

“The calamity of Atavistic Cultivation!”

Qin Nan was startled.

When he was trying to level up to the Martial Emperor Realm at the Mystic Spirit Sect, he did encounter the calamity too, but back then his Inner Core had transformed into a colorful Inner Core after merging with the will of the left eye of the divine God of Battle, granting it an incredible strength that was able to shatter the calamity into pieces.

Initially, Qin Nan thought the calamity had thoroughly dissipated after being shattered last time, but it appeared again this time!

“It seems like the force of the calamity hindered the growth of the Tribulation of the Nine-Lined Golden Core, resulting in the Tribulation stopping at six hundred and sixty-six zhang! Furthermore, it seems like the force of the calamity is still growing, in order to snipe my Nine-Lined Golden Core!”

Qin Nan wore a stern look as he swiftly discovered the secrets behind it.

This type of atavistic calamity was extremely difficult to deal with. It almost knocked his Inner Core back into his body last time. Besides, the force of the calamity was even stronger now, posing a great threat to his level up.

What should I do now?

“Damn it, I don’t have any Chaos Qi left. Otherwise, I could merge the Chaos Qi with my Inner Core to improve its power!”

Qin Nan instinctively clenched his fists tight.

Thanks to these goddamned Dao-Seeking Fish!

The Peak Leaders and the envoys finally realized something was wrong as they saw the Tribulation showed no sign of descending.

“Calamity! Qin Nan used to be an Atavistic Cultivator!”

“This ain’t good! Many geniuses in the past failed to level up to the Martial Emperor Realm because of it!”

“Shit, what now?”


The Peak Leaders and the envoys felt their hearts being hung again, as if they were the ones trying to level up instead of Qin Nan himself, causing them to turn exceedingly worried.

At that instant, a rare phenomenon took place.


A series of explosions took place all of a sudden.

Each of the nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish fired a crimson glow from their bodies into the sky. Following this, an imperious aura was formed, which was nothing weaker than Qin Nan’s six hundred and sixty-six zhang Tribulation.

At that instant, the Peak Leaders and the envoys were stunned.

What the hell was going on?

Why were the Dao-Seeking Fish experiencing a rare change too?

Qin Nan’s attention was attracted by the rare occurrence as well. With a glimpse, his face was filled with astonishment.

What the hell, were these Dao-Seeking Fish evolving?

Qin Nan was stunned for a brief moment before he immediately came to a realization. The Dao-Seeking Fish were crazily sucking the Chaos Qi from his body. It was highly possible that the Chaos Qi was extremely beneficial for them, which caused them to evolve now!

The question was, what would these Dao-Seeking Fish evolve into?


At that moment, each of the Dao-Seeking Fish emitted a blinding red light from their bodies, which struck a specific spot in the air, resulting in a shocking explosion. Following it, an ancient-looking arch doorway slowly appeared, with the grunt of the ocean being emitted from it.

As the red glow on the bodies of the Dao-Seeking Fish disappeared, they immediately swam toward the arch doorway as their eyes flickered with a vigorous glow, before they leapt into the air into the arch doorway.

Fish leapt through the Dragon’s Gate, and soared into the sky![1]

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: This is a reference to an ancient Chinese myth.

According to the tales, in the ancient era, since the water of the Yellow River of China was relatively polluted, ordinary fish would not be able to live inside it. Only the carp species which is more tolerant of the environment they lived in were able to survive. Furthermore, the water they lived in was muddy, causing the scales on the carp to look ‘golden-ish’. The people back then realized that in every year’s spring, these ‘golden’ carps would swim in the reverse direction of the current and tried to leap through the ‘Dragon’s Gate’ (known as Yumen Kou today). However, since the current was too strong, no fish was able to leap through the Dragon’s Gate successfully. Therefore, the people thought that if a carp managed to leap through the Dragon’s Gate, it would evolve into a dragon.


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