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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 335


Chapter 335: Chapter 335 - Qin Nan's Fury

Chapter 335 - Qin Nan’s Fury

Dao-Seeking Fish: a rare creature formed by the Heavens and Earth. It was able to detect the talents and personality of cultivators and swam toward them.

The only difference between it and the Potential Stone was that the rank of one’s Martial Spirit was not a huge factor, and it was unable to predict the future either. That being said, judging from the trials in previous years, those who had managed to attract a certain amount of Dao-Seeking Fish had ended up having a bright future.

The Peak Leaders and the envoys themselves had personally experienced the trial.

Therefore, the two Sacred Areas were going completely crazy over Qin Nan. Even the Peak Leaders put their identities aside and displayed their shamelessness to the max, waging war against each other straight away.

Why was that?

Although the Imperial Exterminator had only triggered six hundred and sixty-six Dao-Seeking Fish, his following achievements had shocked the entire lower district, although due to that particular incident, he had completely changed and slaughtered a vast amount of people.

Now that Qin Nan was the first one in the entire history to attract nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish, how terrifying would his future be?

Totally unimaginable!

Everyone knew that the two Sacred Areas were different compared to sects like the Mystic Spirit Sect. They were the two strongest factions in the lower district, thus they emphasized the future more. Most of the experts would not be full of themselves despite their status and authority. Instead, they would focus on training the younger generations, as they were the future of the sects!

All of a sudden, while Duanmu Peak was immersed in a shocking battle, a furious roar was heard.

Although the roar was considered incredibly weak in the midst of the battle, it turned out to be exceedingly clear in the ears of the crowd at that instant, as the person uttering the roar was Qin Nan, who was surrounded by the Dao-Seeking Fish!

“F**k! Stop it at once! Something’s wrong with Qin Nan!”

“Damn it, why are you still attacking, hold it right now!”

“Shit, Qin Nan’s is encountering some problems!”

“Stop stop stop;anyone who doesn’t stop now will be tortured later!


The Peak Leaders of the two Sacred Areas immediately collected their thoughts and uttered the roars.

At that instant, in just a short period of over ten breaths’ time, the calmness of Duanmu Peak was restored after the shocking explosions.

The Peak Leaders and the envoys all gathered their attention on the dojo at the same time.

After all, no one had witnessed anyone attracting nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish. Even the Peak Leaders had no idea what was happening to Qin Nan, thus they did not dare to move.

If they were to disturb the process and cause Qin Nan to be severely injured, they would feel supremely regretful.

“F**k off!”

As the place fell into a dead silence, a terrifying murderous voice exploded.

In the center of the nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish, a ferocious flame was fired into the sky, who appeared to be Qin Nan.

Currently, Qin Nan was extremely furious, who held two sabers in his hands and executed his body technique to the extreme, before emitting terrifying Saber Intents while slashing at the Dao-Seeking Fish.

This time, Qin Nan had really gone mad!

He finally realized why the Dao-Seeking Fish were staring at him, why the Dao-Seeking Fish dashed at him like a pack of starving wolves!

The reason being that the Dao-Seeking Fish were aiming for the Chaos Qi inside his body!

In just a short period, before Qin Nan could react, the Dao-Seeking Fish had managed to steal ten streams of Chaos Qi from his body!

The current situation was different than before. Since the divine Battle Spirit had ceased to level up, the Chaos Qi had stopped appearing since then. As a result, there were only forty streams of Chaos Qi left in his body. Each stream was incredibly precious;even the mysterious copper mirror was fond of them, thus Qin Nan had treated the remaining Chaos Qi with utter care!

However, this bunch of filthy animals dared to rob him of his Chaos Qi!


Qin Nan lashed out with countless of Saber Intents enclosing the nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish. On the other hand, the Dao-Seeking Fish whose bodies emitted a strong crimson glow and eyes emitted a bright blue glow showed no sign of being intimidated facing Qin Nan’s attacks. Instead, they continued to dash toward Qin Nan and attack him, resulting in a series of loud explosions.

At that instant, the Peak Leaders and the envoys of the two Sacred Areas were dumbstruck.

What...what...what...what the hell was happening?

Why...why were they fighting each other?

Throughout all the years of organizing the trial, it was their first time seeing a genius battling against the Dao-Seeking Fish!

Most importantly, under such circumstances, which side should they assist?

Was it helping Qin Nan to fight the Dao-Seeking Fish?

Or stopping Qin Nan from harming the Dao-Seeking Fish?

Even the Peak Leaders who were exceedingly experienced were left helpless on the spot, with no idea as to what they should do.


“Dao-Seeking Fish, you bunch of assholes!”

“I will not let you go today!”

Qin Nan’s furious voice could be heard, as his left eye vigorously emitted a golden glow and his body emitted powerful Saber Intents. Facing such a terrifying combination of attacks, even a sixth-layer Martial Dominator Realm expert would be suppressed with ease, but the Dao-Seeking Fish showed no sign of being affected.

Leaving that aside, the Dao-Seeking Fish were incredibly smart. While dodging Qin Nan’s attacks, they even knew how to execute formations, allowing a single Dao-Seeking Fish to lunge forward at a great speed and bite Qin Nan’s body, resulting in a stream of Chaos Qi being lost.

After the stream of Chaos Qi was stolen by the Dao-Seeking Fish, its body began to emit a blinding glow, as it shared the stream of Chaos Qi with each Dao-Seeking Fish in order to digest it. Following it, their aura would boost rapidly. At times, they would utter noises similar to a disdainful laugh, as if they were mocking Qin Nan.

In just a short period, Qin Nan had lost twenty-six streams of Chaos Qi out of the remaining forty streams!

“Heavenly Accumulating Strike!”

Qin Nan’s eyes coldly flickered as he leapt into the air. On his fingertip, his cultivation and his Saber Intent, etc. were all being accumulated, resulting in a terrifying blow.

The faces of the stunned Peak Leaders and envoys in mid-air turned pale as they let out curses.

The school of Dao-Seeking Fish emitted an intense glow after detecting the sense of a threat, before they spread out in all directions.

“Die you motherf**kers!”

Qin Nan’s eyes were locked onto hundreds of the Dao-Seeking Fish who failed to escape in time. He was about to execute his Heavenly Accumulating Strike without showing any mercy.

However, at that instant, a rare phenomenon took place.

From Qin Nan’s body, a boiling gust of wind was emitted in all directions from his pores.

It was as if he had transformed into an atavistic beast at that instant. Upon opening his mouth, an endless gust of wind was spat out from his throat, resulting in a tornado sweeping the dojo, causing the temperature of the place to rise, as if summer had arrived.


Qin Nan was startled.

The Nine-Lined Golden Core could no longer be suppressed, as the Tribulation was triggered!

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