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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 332


Chapter 332: Chapter 332 - Peak Leader Luo is Here!

Chapter 332 - Peak Leader Luo is Here!

“What? This guy is betting with Jiang Bilan?”

“F**k, isn’t that a sure loss! Six hundred and sixty-five Dao-Seeking Fish! Who’s able to beat that?”

“Such courage!”


The envoys were shocked after hearing the details of the incident, and immediately gave Qin Nan a death sentence.

Most of the time, in the two Sacred Areas, the Martial Dominator experts or the super geniuses would not easily look down on a disciple, as they never knew if the disciple would end up skyrocketing one day in a miraculous way with some sort of fortunate encounters, given that the grade of his Martial Spirit was sufficient.

However, if Qin Nan plans to beat Jiang Bilan, he would have to achieve a result on par with the Imperial Exterminator!

In the past hundreds of years, the Imperial Exterminator’s result was still ranked first despite the fact that countless geniuses had participated in the trial of the Dao-Seeking Fish.

The three Peak Leaders made up their minds upon hearing the chatter among the crowd, “Some of you might have no idea, but this Qin Nan is also an extraordinary talent! Peak Leader Duanmu has given up on Jiang Bilan and Jiao Zhe for his sake!”

The words served as a huge bomb being detonated among the crowd.

The eleven Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area were astonished, not to mention the envoys of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

“Peak Leader Duanmu did that just to acquire Qin Nan?”

“F**k me!”

“What’s wrong with Peak Leader Duanmu? No matter how outstanding Qin Nan is, he wouldn’t be able to match the talents of Jiang Bilan and the other three geniuses!”

“It’s a great advantage for us that the selection of the disciples is taking place at our Qinglong Sacred Area;we can easily recruit more geniuses with it! However, Peak Leader Duanmu decided to forfeit the chance to acquire the geniuses just for a single person, isn’t that a little bit too extreme?”


The anger in the hearts of these Peak Leaders and envoys was sparked, as an uproar broke out among them.

So what if you are the first Peak Leader?

That doesn’t mean you can be this ruthless!

Peak Leader Duanmu glanced at the three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area. These three old pricks are indeed people not to be taken lightly. They even remembered to backstab him under such circumstances. However, Peak Leader Duanmu’s eyes were filled with a firm look as a thought came to his mind.

Although Jiang Bilan’s result was quite shocking, why did that mean that Qin Nan wouldn’t be able to surpass it?

Records were meant to be broken!

“Qin Nan, you must not let me down!”

Peak Leader Duanmu mumbled to himself, and totally ignored the doubting words of the crowd.

Meanwhile, after the cunning acts of the three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area, the surrounding envoys and Peak Leaders on top of Duanmu Peak focused their gaze onto Qin Nan’s figure and began to utter mocking words. Despite that, Qin Nan’s figure was as calm as Mount Tai!

“The alert sense is growing stronger!”

“What kind of danger is it?”

“I shall not let my guard down!”


Qin Nan was extremely focused at that instant, as if he was an incredibly taut string. Every step he took felt like a thousand jun being dropped to the ground.

Although he was extremely confident in making the Dao-Seeking Fish go crazy, he must be alert at all times and prepare himself to face the incoming danger. It would serve as a great loss if he somehow ended up severely injured.

At that moment, a burning sensation could suddenly be felt coming from Qin Nan’s Dantian.

It appeared to be the Nine-Lined Golden Core, whose aura turned unstable as it emitted a strong force communicating the Heavens and Earth, and could not wait any longer to jump out of his body to trigger the Tribulation!


Qin Nan’s face turned slightly pale.

If the Tribulation were to occur when he was in range of the Dao-Seeking Fish, he would not be able to control his strength, which meant he would not be able to protect himself from the Dao-Seeking Fish if something dangerous were to happen!

The envoys and the Peak Leaders were aware of the rare phenomenon taking place, resulting in a shocked expression on their faces.

“Is he about to level up?”

“This ain’t good! If he were to trigger the Tribulation now, he would scare the Dao-Seeking Fish away!”

“Not only would this Qin Nan lose the bet, his result would be extremely bad too!”


The crowd shook their heads. The three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area almost burst out laughing while clapping their hands.


F**king brilliant!

This Qin Nan, even words can’t describe how unfortunate he is!

The geniuses let out a series of sighs after seeing this.

Jiang Bilan let out a sigh of relief. Although she was not totally sure that she could win the bet, she now was confident about it.

“After obtaining the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, maybe my cultivation would skyrocket after cracking the mystery. By then, despite Qin Nan’s formidable background, I would be able to eliminate him with ease after my strength is acknowledged by the headquarters!”

Facing Qin Nan’s scoldings, she did not appear to be mad, but in fact, she was withholding her anger. She had decided not to forgive Qin Nan. She would make him her slave, to serve her for the rest of his life!

Qin Nan was clueless as to Jiang Bilan’s thoughts, as he was now focused on controlling the Nine-Lined Golden Core with his will.

It was as if the Nine-Lined Golden Core had accumulated too much force. It did not react to Qin Nan’s callings no matter how hard he tried, as it shuddered even more vigorously, as if it was going to burst out from his body anytime soon.

“Crap! It seems like I can only go ahead and finish the trial as soon as possible!”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned determined.

Without hesitating, his figure turned into a burning shell as he he sprang toward the school of Dao-Seeking Fish in a ferocious manner.

At that instant, the disciples, the envoys, and the Peak Leaders were stunned.

They had witnessed Pang Qiu seducing the Dao-Seeking Fish with a drumstick, Jiao Shiyi altering his aura, Jiao Zhe unleashing his Dao Heart, etc. However, it was their first time seeing a person charging toward the Dao-Seeking Fish as if he was waging war against them!

What the hell was Qin Nan trying to do?

Was he waging war against the Dao-Seeking Fish?

Was this a f**king joke!

The three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area could no longer hold in their laughter after a slight pause.

They could now imagine the scene of Qin Nan’s defeat.

However, at that instant, a rare occurrence took place!


The space above Duanmu Peak was shattered into pieces as if it was being smashed by an atavistic giant. Following it, a ferocious figure sprang out from the gap!

The shocking occurrence astonished the envoys and the Peak Leaders, causing them to raise their heads and glance at the person. With a glimpse, the envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area turned excited.

“Peak Leader Luo!”

“Even Peak Leader Luo is here!”

“HAHA, he must be here for Jiang Bilan!”


Peak Leader Luo, the one who possessed the greatest strength in the Feiyang Sacred Area. However, due to his hot-tempered nature, he was appointed as the second Peak Leader instead, although he still possessed an incredible status in his Sacred Area.

The three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area burst out laughing after seeing his arrival, “HAHA, Peak Leader Luo, you are here too! Don’t worry, we’ve acquired Jiang Bilan! Not only that, Jiao Zhe, Jiao Shiyi, and Pang Qiu will be joining our——

Before the three Peak Leaders could finish, Peak Leader Luo suddenly uttered a roar toward Peak Leader Duanmu, “Eldest Brother, if you don’t give me Qin Nan today, I swear I won’t go easy on you!”

Following this, the entire place was immersed in a thunderous atmosphere!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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