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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 331


Chapter 331: Chapter 331 - The Epic Contesting Battle

Chapter 331 - The Epic Contesting Battle

“Six hundred and sixty-five! Someone has attracted six hundred and sixty-five Dao-Seeking Fish!”

“Damn, that’s only a fish less than the Imperial Exterminator’s result back in the day!”

“Quick, go to the dojo now, we have to acquire this genius!”


Following this, a series of astonished and raging roars were heard, as numerous figures landed at the dojo like a succession of artillery shells, causing the surroundings of Duanmu Peak to quaver vigorously.

“Shit! Take Jiang Bilan away from here now!”

The three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area immediately recovered from their shock and shouted.

“HAHA, three old fellows, don’t even think about it!”

Eight powerful voices could be heard as the three Peak Leaders’ figures were instantly sealed, hindering their movements. The newly arrived people turned out to be the eight Peak Leaders who had been startled after knowing Jiang Bilan’s result.


The three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area almost vomited blood due to their anger.

They had forgotten about a crucial factor;they were currently at the Qinglong Sacred Area, thus they would not have enough firepower to contest with their opponents for the geniuses.

The astonished envoys all collected their thoughts and uttered a series of roars.

“Attention all envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area! Escort Jiang Bilan away now! We can’t let them detain her!”

“Come on! Kill!”


The envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area turned crazy and immediately lashed out their attacks.


“In your dreams!”

“This is the Qinglong Sacred Area, mind your behavior!”


The envoys of the Qinglong Sacred Area burst out laughing in a prideful manner.

The envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area were startled. Following a shudder of the Qinglong Sacred Area, a huge number of envoys made their way to the dojo, outnumbering the envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area by three times their amount, causing their faces to turn pale.

So shameless!

The Qinglong Sacred Area is f**king shameless, to bully them by abusing their numbers!

Since the barrier encapsulating the dojo was shattered, the geniuses were now aware of the shocking sight happening in mid-air. The utterly respected and imperious Peak Leaders and envoys were now crazily fighting each other for a mere woman. Although no one was actually being serious by executing their powerful attacks, the shocking aura alone was enough to astonish their souls.

Meanwhile, a thought came to the geniuses’ minds!

Jiang Bilan had achieved a result second only to the Imperial Exterminator in this trial;after the trial, her reputation would definitely skyrocket, and her name would shock the entire lower district!

“Stop it at once!”

All of a sudden, a thunderous roar exploded in mid-air, causing the entire towering Duanmu Peak to emit a terrifying force, as if the whole mountain became enraged following the voice.

At that instant, the Peak Leaders and the envoys felt their scalps going numb, and instinctively halted their actions.

The entire peak fell dead silent at that moment!

Peak Leader Duanmu’s figure rose and stood on the peak of the mountain, as if he had transformed into an imperious giant as he spoke, “Peak Leaders and envoys of the Qinglong Sacred Area, listen up;I’ve made a deal with the three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area. Both Jiang Bilan and Jiao Zhe now belong to the Feiyang Sacred Area! In return, we are allowed to choose any remaining geniuses! Do the three of you have any objections?”

“No objections! Not at all!”

The three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area immediately nodded their heads as their faces were filled with utter joy.

That’s Jiang Bilan, who triggered six hundred and sixty-five Dao-Seeking Fish, only a fish less than the Imperial Exterminator’s result;not to mention Jiao Zhe who had triggered five hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish, one that could be considered a super genius. Furthermore, Jiao Shiyi—who’s Jiao Zhe’s brother and deep in love with Jiang Bilan at the same time—would join the Feiyang Sacred Area too. Pang Qiu as well of course!

In other words, the top four geniuses were all acquired by the Feiyang Sacred Area!

What objections would they have?

As for Peak Leader Duanmu’s plan, they were now convinced that he was aiming to acquire Qin Nan, but that was nothing they need to be worried about that.

Even though Qin Nan was talented, there’s no way he could match Jiang Bilan’s achievement!

“Peak Leader Duanmu, what do you mean;why are you giving up on the top four geniuses;is it because of Qin Nan?”

“I don’t agree!”

“Yeah, me too!”


The eleven Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area stepped forward and snapped.

“No one is allowed to disagree!” Peak Leader Duanmu emitted an imperious aura and said, “End of discussion!”

Following his voice, the entire Duanmu Peak let out a buzz, as if the mystical being within the mountain was acknowledging his decision!


The eleven Peak Leaders stared with their eyes open wide, and their bodies trembling.

What was wrong with this Peak Leader Duanmu today?

That’s four super geniuses, how could he give them all to the Feiyang Sacred Area!

Over a hundred envoys who had hurried here wore unpleasant expressions. They had no idea why Peak Leader Duanmu had lost his mind, to be willing to give up on contesting for the geniuses.

After all, that’s someone who had triggered six hundred and sixty-five Dao-Seeking Fish, the second-ranked result in the entire history, second only to the Imperial Exterminator!

And there was Jiao Zhe, Jiao Shiyi, and Pang Qiu, three super geniuses too!


“Peak Leader Duanmu is extremely wise!”

“Right right right, Peak Leader Duanmu made the right choice!”


The initially furious envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area turned energetic as their hearts turned exceedingly joyful.

They had never expected the hopeless situation to have such a shocking turnaround!

The geniuses had no idea what was going on between the two Sacred Areas, as they stared with their eyes open wide and were utterly confused.

Jiang Bilan did not care about the quarrel between the Peak Leaders. Instead, she rose from the ground and let out a smile at Jiao Zhe, “Jiao Zhe, don’t worry;I’ll return the sword to you after Qin Nan loses the bet.”

“There’s no need for that. It doesn’t make sense to get something back after gifting it. I’m impressed by the Saintess’ extraordinary talents.”

Jiao Zhe wore a calm expression. Despite the unwillingness in his heart, he still handed the ancient sword over.

Jiang Bilan was slightly joyful after acquiring the ancient sword, who then glanced at Qin Nan and said, “Qin Nan, your turn!”

The geniuses, the envoys, and the Peak Leaders were stunned.

Were they still doing the bet?

Wasn’t it obvious who had won the bet?

In order to beat Jiang Bilan, Qin Nan would need to attract at least six hundred and sixty-six Dao-Seeking Fish, which would be on par with the Imperial Exterminator, Tang Qingshan!

Being comparable with Tang Qingshan?


There’s no doubt that Qin Nan would surely lose the bet!


Qin Nan rose from the ground. Although he realized that the nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish once again locked their side glances onto his figure, resulting in him feeling a chill down his spine, he showed no hesitation to step forward in a tensed manner while establishing communication with the seven ancient sabers in his storage bag, as if he was entering an execution ground!

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