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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 330


Chapter 330: Chapter 330 - The Saintess' Strength

Chapter 330 - The Saintess’ Strength

Jiang Bian’s expression changed slightly. If Qin Nan were to demand anything else, she would try her best to fulfill it, but the ancient sword belonged to Jiao Zhe, and because of Jiao Shiyi, Jiao Zhe was not too fond of her. It would be extremely difficult for her to acquire the ancient sword. However, it was so hard to bait Qin Nan into her trap, thus she was not willing to give up on the rare opportunity.

“Cultivator Jiao Zhe, is it possible to trade your ancient sword with me? Don’t you worry, I’ll try my best to satisfy your request.” Jiang Bilan swiftly said, as her gaze landed on Jiao Shiyi’s figure, with a hint of anticipation.

Jiao Zhe was startled;he was only able to discover this ancient sword coincidentally, which had been accompanying him for many years, thus he treated it preciously. He would not be willing to trade it even if he was offered a great fortune.

However, Jiao Shiyi’s heart softened after seeing the look in Jiang Bilan’s eyes. Even though he knew the ancient sword was extremely important to Jiao Zhe, he clenched his teeth and said, “Brother, I hope you would agree to hand the ancient sword to Jiang Bilan. From today onward, I’ll listen to your words and mind my behavior.”


Jiao Zhe’s eyes flickered with bitterness. Despite the fact that he was not willing to trade his ancient sword, he could only let out a sigh after seeing the look in Jiao Shiyi’s eyes, as he shut his eyes and said, “Saintess Jiang Bilan, I can give you this ancient sword, but on one condition—if you are able to trigger more Dao-Seeking Fish than me, I’ll then hand it over. If you are not able to surpass my result, I won’t be giving it away. If I’m giving it away, I hope it will be in good hands still.”


Jiang Bilan accepted the condition without hesitation, as she then spoke to Qin Nan, “Qin Nan, with all these seniors being the witnesses, once the bet is confirmed, you shall not regret.”

“Don’t worry about that;but you shall bet with me after acquiring the ancient sword!”

Qin Nan calmly said as he cast a side glance at Jiao Zhe. Qin Nan was no doubt unimpressed with Jiao Shiyi’s behavior, but on the other hand, he admired Jiao Zhe’s personality. He felt slightly guilty since he was trying to abuse the complicated relationships between the three to acquire the ancient sword. Therefore, he made up his mind that he would return the ancient sword to Jiao Zhe after discovering the secrets within it.


Jiang Bilan did not say anything further as her attractive figure approached the Dao-Seeking Fish at a calm pace.

The envoys were utterly excited after witnessing the bet between the two geniuses, causing the chatter among them to grow noisier.

“Interesting! Very Interesting! I’m not sure if this Jiang Bilan is able to beat Jiao Zhe’s result?”

“Beat Jiao Zhe’s result? Are you kidding me! Jiao Zhe has already triggered five hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish. She would need to at least attract six hundred Dao-Seeking Fish to beat him! How crazy would it be if she’s able to attract six hundred Dao-Seeking Fish!”

“Recalling the trials in previous years, the number of people who ended up attracting more than six hundred Dao-Seeking Fish is less than ten!”


The three Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area felt troubled after seeing Peak Leader Duanmu’s firm determination, as they focused their gaze onto Jiang Bilan’s figure.

On the other hand, the Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area were extremely joyful after recruiting two great talents. That being said, they were interested in the bet too;according to the previous deal, Jiang Bilan also belonged to the Feiyang Sacred Area too, thus they were eager to know her result.

Apart from that, they would like to see Qin Nan’s result too, as the three Peak Leaders were now convinced that Peak Leader Duanmu had made the sacrifice in order to acquire Qin Nan.

...On the dojo...

The geniuses stared at Jiang Bilan’s glamorous figure with their eyes filled with astonishment. They immediately held their breaths and fell silent, as they did not want to disturb her.


Despite the crowd being careful not to disturb Jiang Bilan, Sima Kong let out a harrumph in a smug manner.

He disliked this bitch Jiang Bilan to the max;it’d be the best if she ended up triggering less Dao-Seeking Fish than him. He would definitely mock her for the next ten days!

The crowd wore an unpleasant look on their faces, but they were not insane like Jiang Shiyi. They chose to ignore Sima Kong’s presence as they redirected their gaze onto Jiang Bilan’s figure.

As Jiang Bilan approached the school of fish, her entire aura tremendously change. If the previous Jiang Bilan possessed a noble aura, resulting in her being quite attractive, her current figure possessed an indescribable charm, as if every body part was extremely seductive, causing one to lose control of their mind.

At that instant, it was as if she had become the only female in the world, possessing an outstanding physique and an endless charm, attracting the attention of the geniuses and even the envoys, causing them to go crazy for her.


JIao Shiyi instinctively yelled, as he felt his soul being dragged away by the aura, as if his body no longer belonged to him. Beside him, Jiao Zhe wore a surprisingly icy look, who let out a harrumph, causing Jiao Shiyi’s figure to stiffen as he was awakened. However, the passionate look in his eyes showed no sign of dissipating.

“Dao-Seeking Fish, are you willing to follow me and enjoy ourselves together?”

Jiang Bilan—who had transformed into a peerless beauty—uttered the words, and her voice felt like Tianshan Fists, extremely clear yet magical, causing one’s heart to ripple.

Among the school of Dao-Seeking Fish, a total of six hundred and sixty-five of them turned around. Their eyes filled with a passionate glow, as they uttered cries and sprang toward Jiang Bilan’s figure, as if they had gone crazy for her.


At that instant, the six hundred and sixty-five Dao-Seeking Fish emitted a brilliant glow, resulting in a rare phenomenon that immediately shattered the barrier encapsulating the dojo. A brilliant beam was fired into the sky, flashing right in front of the countless geniuses, envoys, and the seven Peak Leaders!

At that instant, the crowd was utterly flabbergasted, leaving blank expressions on their faces!


Did Jiang Bilan just attract six hundred and sixty-five Dao-Seeking Fish?

In the meantime, in the Qinglong Sacred Areas, eight powerful auras sprang into the sky, which turned out to be eight Peak Leaders being startled!

Following this, the envoys in the Sacred Area all unleashed their auras in a bursting manner, which felt like a tower being lit up in the midst of darkness, which shone brightly on the entire Qinglong Mountain Range!


The Qinglong Sacred Area was instantly lit up!

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