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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 33


Chapter 33 - Journey to the Sect

Without further ado, under Bai Heng's supervision, the people of the Fang Clan and Qin Tieba's group forfeited their cultivation and left Lingshui City.

Following this, news about the series of events that had happened in the Mystic Spirit Sect Disciples Recruitment Ceremony were spread throughout Lingshui City.

The whole city exploded.

The famous number one trash Qin Nan was a top genius, with a legendary eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, instead of trash?

The Fang Clan one of the top two clans had been wiped out, making the Qin Clan the real force of Lingshui City?

There was no doubt that each outcome had shocked everyone;the whole city was shocked.

...Three hours later, in the Conference Hall of the Qin Clan...

Qin Tian was in the main seat, with Xiao Qingxue and Bai Heng to his side. Below them were the remaining disciples of the Qin Clan and Qin Nan.

Qin Tian's face was fully red, as if he was extremely drunk, when he said, ’’Who could have thought...who could have thought that I, Qin Tian, have a genius son...’’

Tie San and the disciples were not bothered by it;the excitement on their faces showed no sign of disappearing.

In their view, what happened today was too unreal, as if they were all having a dream.

Initially, Qin Tian, Tie San, and the disciples had anticipated the fall of the Qin Clan, and their own deaths. Beyond their expectations, Qin Nan's sudden appearance like a divine Battle God had ended up turning the tables around!

Not only that, it was unimaginable what kind of future awaited the Qin Clan.

Xiao Qingxue, who was sitting at the side, let out a gentle smile after hearing the words. Then after something came to her she asked curiously, ’’Oh right, Qin Nan, didn't they mention that your Martial Spirit was just first-grade Huang ranked? What's really happening?’’

Xiao Qingxue's question had caused Bai Heng, Qin Tian, Tie San, and the others to perk up their ears and look at Qin Nan excitedly.

It was evident that Xiao Qingxue had asked the same question that they were curious about.

How had Qin Nan turned from a first-grade Huang ranked trash into an eighth-grade Huang ranked genius?

Qin Nan let out a smile as he had thought of an excuse for it and said, ’’When I was young, I was struck by a lightning. When this happened, a special technique appeared in my mind. This technique does not have any uses apart from being able to conceal my Martial Spirit's grade. That is why the Martial Spirit they saw during the Martial Spirit Awakening Ceremony appeared to be a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit!

’’Concealing a Martial Spirit's grade?’’

The crowd came to an understanding, surprisingly without further doubts.

There was such a thing as good fortune and there were many mysterious things to be discovered in this world. To find such a special technique after being struck by a lightning was not impossible at all.

Furthermore, they were unable to come up with any other explanations apart from this one.

To find the unowned divine Battle Spirit drop from the sky which has the capability of levelling up its grade some more was extremely unbelievable.

’’Does that mean your cultivation was not improved due to any special circumstances, but was a result of your practice?’’ Qin Tian asked suddenly.

’’Yeah, I did not stumble upon any good fortune it was all from my practice.’’ Qin Nan nodded his head, and continued with an apologetic tone, ’’I stumbled upon Fang Xue in the Longhu Mountain Range;that's how I learned about the Fang Clan's evil plot, and came up with a plan to keep my Martial Spirit a secret... I hope you all can understand the reason I did this.’’

’’Not a problem.’’ Bai Heng immediately answered, ’’Junior Brother Qin's talent is remarkable, who cares about the insignificant Fang Clan? I, Bai Heng, have made a mistake this time after being tricked by the people of the Fang Clan. If Junior Brother Qin had told me beforehand, I would have eliminated the Fang Clan straightaway, without a second word.’’

While Bai Heng was apologizing, he did not forget to secretly flatter Qin Nan too.

Qin Nan responded with a gentle smile.

Qin Nan tended to hold grudges;thus, despite Bai Heng's flattering words, Qin Nan would still deal with him when the time came.

’’Qin Nan, now that you've become an outer disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, there's something I have to remind you of.’’ As she switched her expression into a serious one, Xiao Qingxue continued, ’’In two days' time, you need to have finished everything you need to do. Then, you'll follow me to the Mystic Spirit Sect, as time is running out.’’

When he heard this, Qin Tian immediately replied, ’’There's no need to wait another two days. Qin Nan, you will leave tomorrow and follow Elder Xiao toward the Mystic Spirit Sect. Don't you worry, no one would dare to offend the Qin Clan now!’’

After finishing this sentence, a proud expression appeared on Qin Tian's face.

Tie San and the other disciples nodded their heads in agreement, with proud expressions on their faces too.

In Lingshui City or even in the whole Luo River Kingdom who would dare to go against the current Qin Clan?

Qin Nan took a deep breath, and said in a serious tone while looking at Qin Tian, Tie San, and the disciples, ’’If that's the case, I'll not stay any longer. Father, Uncle San, you guys, take care of yourselves. Once I've joined the Mystic Spirit Sect, I promise to visit you guys whenever I have the time!’’

Upon hearing this, Qin Tian, Tie San, and the others let out grateful smiles.

With Qin Tian having Qin Nan as his son with the Qin Clan having a genius like Qin Nan how could they be not satisfied?

’’It's decided then. You should give the two elders a tour around our Qin Clan.’’ Qin Tian said, while waving his hand. Since Qin Nan had just become a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, it was necessary to build a good relationship with Xiao Qingxue and Bai Heng.

’’I'll stay here. With my cultivation base and my experience, I believe I'm capable enough to lead a friendly discourse about cultivation with you guys...’’ Bai Heng said immediately.

Qin Nan nodded his head without saying a word, and left the Conference Hall, following after Xiao Qingxue.

Xiao Qingxue, who was in front of Qin Nan, was walking elegantly with a pair of beautiful eyes that looked around at the sights of the Qin Clan. However, her side gaze was focused onto Qin Nan.

The sights of the Qin Clan were insignificant in her opinion.

But Xiao Qingxue was quite interested in Qin Nan, who continued to give her surprises.

It was Qin Nan's first time to be alone with a young and beautiful lady, which made him feel unnatural, as he said with a wry smile, ’’Senior Sister Xiao, why do you keep staring at me...’’

’’I didn't know you would feel embarrassed.’’ Xiao Qingxue covered her mouth as she laughed, and then said, ’’Don't call me Senior Sister, that's terrible. It's ok to call me Qingxue.’’

Qin Nan was slightly stunning while he looked at her blossoming smile, ’’Uhh...’’

’’By the way, Qin Nan, you mentioned you acquired a special technique that is capable of concealing your Martial Spirit grade, right?’’ Xiao Qingxue asked.


’’Tell me then, is your Martial Spirit only eighth-grade Huang ranked? Or are you hiding something?’’ Xiao Qingxue's beautiful eyes appeared to be glittering.

Qin Nan was surprised, but quickly answered with a hollow laugh, ’’Why would I hide it if I had a stronger Martial Spirit?’’

Xiao Qingxue was going to refute this answer instinctively, but she ended up nodding her head without continuing the topic, with a sense of regret in her heart.

An eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was considered extremely powerful. It was already rare for Qin Nan to have such a highly-graded Martial Spirit. Why would she think Qin Nan's Martial Spirit would surpass eighth-grade Huang ranked? It was clearly impossible.

Despite that, what Xiao Qingxue did not know was that in just a few breaths' time, Qin Nan's heart rate had doubled, his forehead covered in a new cold sweat. Qin Nan did not expect Xiao Qingxue to have such a sharp instinct.

There was no doubt that the potential of the divine Battle Spirit had surpassed the eighth-grade Huang rank. As a matter of fact, eighth-grade Huang rank was just the beginning for the divine Battle Spirit.

’’Why are you sweating?’’ Xiao Qingxue caught a glimpse of the sweat on Qin Nan's forehead, but instead of pursuing for an answer, she said in a serious tone, ’’Qin Nan, do remember that even though you have an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, you should not be full of yourself in the Mystic Spirit Sect and be arrogant. You must focus on cultivation;if not, you'll regret it.’’

When she said this, Xiao Qingxue hesitated for a brief moment, before saying in a soft voice, ’’You have to know, there's no such thing as a limit there will be someone out there who's better than you. The Mystic Spirit Sect is only the beginning in this Canglan Continent.’’

Qin Nan was stunned at these words;he nodded his head heavily.

Qin Nan stayed at the Qin Clan for another day, despite Qin Tian's advice. In the second day's morning, he then departed for the Mystic Spirit Sect, together with Xiao Qingxue and Bai Heng.

However, something unexpected happened as he prepared to leave Lingshui City.

On the walls of the city stood Qin Tian, Tie San, and the disciples of the Qin Clan.

Apart from that, countless cultivators from Lingshui City appeared rapidly like a flowing stream and gathered around the Qin Clan. In just half the time it took an incense to burn, there was more than ten thousand people, which appeared like a wall made of humans when seen from afar.

Everyone from Lingshui City had come to bid him farewell.

Qin Nan was stunned at the scene, ’’Father......’’

’’Qin Nan, these cultivators of Lingshui City were not summoned by me they came voluntarily to wish you a safe journey!’’ Qin Tian shouted, his face showing his pride.

The cultivators of Lingshui City behind Qin Tian were all excitedly looking at Qin Nan, as if Qin Nan was their king in their minds.

In their minds, Qin Nan was no longer merely a genius he was a real legend!

Hence, they had all come to bid him farewell, shouting continuously.

’’Young Master Qin Nan, bon voyage!’’

’’HAHA, Young Master Qin Nan, remember to look after us once you've become a powerful cultivator.’’

’’I'm telling my son that Young Master Qin Nan should be his role model!’’

’’Young Master Qin Nan, we await your grand return!’’


Qin Tian appeared to be influenced by the emotions of the cultivators of Lingshui City;as he was looking at Qin Nan from afar, a mixture of sadness from the separation and some other complicated feelings were felt in his heart. He then yelled out, ’’Qin Nan, you must remember you are Qin Tian's son. Your future is to become a champion. Therefore, you must not give up, you must not afraid. Taking a step at a time, you will walk toward your success!’’

When he witnessed what was happening on the walls of the city and as he listened to the words of his father and these fellow strangers his heart was suddenly filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Qin Nan nodded his head heavily, and then turned around and started walking.

He did not say a word. The only thing left to see was the view of his back, as he continued with firm steps.

Qin Nan was not good at expressing himself. This was his only way of expressing his promise. His promise toward Qin Tian, toward Qin Clan, and also toward the people who had high expectations of him.

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