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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 328


Chapter 328: Chapter 328 - Jiang Bilan's Conspiracy

Chapter 328 - Jiang Bilan’s Conspiracy

The first reaction of the envoys was to take deep breaths.

“This guy is called Qin Nan, right? What exactly are the martial techniques he is practicing? How are they so powerful?”

“Half-Martial Emperor Realm! He’s only at the half-Martial Emperor Realm!”

“Tsk tsk, with his current cultivation, despite his slightly weaker Martial Skill mastery, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to face ordinary sixth-layer Martial Emperor Realm opponents!”


On the peak of the mountain, the three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area felt their hearts dropping.

With their experiences after roaming the lower district for many years, they could easily tell that Qin Nan’s Inner Core was something extraordinary.

Could it be that Peak Leader Duanmu has set his eyes on Qin Nan from the very beginning?

“Strange, very strange, since when did a genius like Qin Nan appear in the lower district;why haven’t we heard of his name before…” The three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area tried to organize their thoughts.

As for the other two Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Areas, their eyes glistened and their hearts were deeply impressed;As expected of Peak Leader Duanmu, to be willing to give up on Jiao Shiyi and the others, as his ultimate target was Qin Nan all along!

...Meanwhile, on the dojo...

The geniuses wore astonished expressions as they stared at Qin Nan with a hint of respect.

The initially conceited Jiao Shiyi was stunned on the spot, who no longer displayed the same attitude.

“Jiao Shiyi.” Jiao Zhe let out a sigh and spoke, “I won’t stop you from liking Jiang Bilan, but you should not be too full of yourself. Judging from Qin Nan’s current display of strength, you indeed don’t have the right to compete with him!”

Jiao Shiyi’s pupils contracted tremendously into the shape of a needle.

You are saying that I still don’t have the right to compete with Qin Nan after attracting five hundred and nine Dao-Seeking Fish?

However, as he thought of the rare sight that Qin Nan had triggered, the words were stuck in his mouth, unable to be spoken.

“Jiao Zhe!”

Jiao Shiyi took a deep breath and snapped, “Despite being my elder brother, why do you always want to control me? Fine, just like you said, I’ve no right to challenge Qin Nan, but what right do you have to teach me lessons?”

The words were like a heaven-shocking explosion.

Jiao Shiyi dared to talk back to his brother Jiao Zhe?

“Do you really think so?” Jiao Zhe wore a stern look, yet it felt imperious even without him turning angry.

Jiao Shiyi instinctively felt intimidated, but he knew the chance to be rare, thus he ended up biting the bullet and saying while clenching his teeth, “Jiao Zhe, it’s your turn to take part in the trial! If you are able to surpass me with your result, I’ll obey every single word you say in the future! If you fail to beat my result, then don’t you ever interfere with my decisions ever again!”

Normally, Jiao Shiyi would not dare to challenge Jiao Zhe.

However, it was different now, as he had managed to trigger five hundred and nine Dao-Seeking Fish. Even Jiao Zhe would not be sure if he was able to beat that result!

After all, it was not a matter of one’s Martial Spirit or one’s strength in attracting the Dao-Seeking Fish, everything about the person mattered!

“A real man keeps his words. Jiao Shiyi, you should be responsible for your own words once you speak them!”

Jiao Zhe spoke at a slow pace.

He was satisfied with everything regarding his younger brother, but for some reason, after Jiao Shiyi had met Jiang Bilan, he had completely lost his mind. Even when Jiang Bilan ignored his presence, Jiao Shiyi would still insist on his ways, and kill those who offended Jiang Bilan. Whenever Jiang Bilan asked for a favor from him, he would fulfill it at all costs.

Jiao Zhe was not too fond of Jiang Bilin himself, and he was not willing to interfere in Jiao Shiyi’s love affair either, but Jiao Shiyi’s behavior was beyond his acceptable limit.

As his older brother, it was extremely painful to see his younger brother suffer like this. However, despite all his efforts, he had failed to awaken his brother from his blind love.

“I, Jiao Shiyi, am a man of my word!”

Jiao Shiyi tightly clenched his fists.

“Very well!”

Jiao Zhe nodded his head, and without saying anything further, he started walking toward the Dao-Seeking Fish.

At that instant, the envoys and the Peak Leaders gathered their focus on his figure.

They did not expect to see Jiao Shiyi challenging his brother. That being said, they had high anticipation for Jiao Zhe;How many Dao-Seeking Fish would the famous Jiao Zhe attract?

The crowd could only see Jiao Zhe approaching the Dao-Seeking Fish, and similar to Jiao Shiyi’s actions, he sat down with his legs crossed while withdrawing his aura.

“Brother, I did not expect you to imitate my method!”

Jiao Shiyi wore a disdainful look.

If Jiao Zhe were planning to imitate me and communicate with the Dao-Seeking Fish, he would never surpass my result.

At that instant, the silent Jiao Zhe suddenly opened his eyes as he recited a continuous chant, “Since I was born, the lower district was flooded with wars, resulting in countless deaths. I was naive in my early age, not knowing the definition of human lives, but as I grew up, I witnessed how living beings died, and it hurts my heart, causing tears to roll down from my cheeks. Therefore, my purpose in becoming an expert is not to dominate the Heavens and Earth;instead, I only wish to see the world be filled with peace, and that’s the ultimate goal of my life…”

His voice was not loud, but it was as if the words had synchronized with the Heavens and Earth, resulting in a heavenly chant.

At that instant, the envoys and the Peak Leaders were utterly astounded.

Dao Heart!

Jiao Zhe had formed a Dao Heart!

What is a Dao Heart?

The life of a cultivator was filled with desires and dreams in pursuit of the path of an expert. When one’s goal was determined enough to be kept firm for the rest of the person’s life, the Dao Heart would be formed. The will of the person who formed the Dao Heart was impossible to be shaken.

Although Qin Nan never showed it, he had also formed his Dao Heart, but it was completely different than the one that Jiao Zhe desired.


At that instant, among the Dao-Seeking Fish swimming freely in mid-air, five hundred and ninety-nine of them turned around and swam toward Jiao Zhe without any hesitation. They surrounded Jiao Zhe’s figure and danced elegantly, as if they were following the rhythm of Jiao Zhe’s chant!


At that instant, the envoys were utterly dumbfounded.

Five hundred and ninety-nine!

Jiao Zhe had attracted five hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish!

“How is this possible!”

On top of Duanmu Peak, the two Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area and the three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area were shocked.

That’s a total of five hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish;less than ten participants were able to acquire such a result even in the previous years’ trial!

Those who had achieved a similar result had no doubt come to be named Peak Leaders, with well-known reputations in the entire lower district!

“HAHAHA!” At that instant, a bursting laugh took place all of a sudden, “Five hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish;it’s a surprise to see such a talented genius in the current selection! This genius shall be recruited into our Qinglong Sacred Area!”

The person turned out to be a Peak Leader of the Qinglong Sacred Area, who ran out of patience and came to the dojo after being notified of Jiao Zhe’s result!

“Don’t you dare!”

The three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area went enraged.

According to the deal, both Jiao Zhe and Jiang Bilan belonged to the Feiyang Sacred Area. Was this Qinglong Sacred Area regretful of their own words?

The three Peak Leaders could not care less if Peak Leader Duanmu was planning to acquire Qin Nan. We agree that Qin Nan is outstanding, but there’s no way he’s more talented than Jiao Zhe, right?

The entire Duanmu Peak was currently in a mess, as the two Sacred Areas were immersed in a tense situation facing each other. However, in the midst of the crowd, Jiang Bilan’s attention was never focused on Jiao Zhe’s figure, but her eyes had been staring at Qin Nan since a while ago, as she clenched her fists.

I must obtain it!

I must obtain the secrets on Qin Nan!

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