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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 327


Chapter 327: Chapter 327 - Skyrocketing Cultivation

Chapter 327 - Skyrocketing Cultivation

Although Jiao Shiyi was not as strong as his brother Jiao Zhe, he too was considered a highly anticipated genius as he was also appointed by a Peak Leader. Hence, he easily attracted the attention of the crowd with his entry.

That Pang Qiu managed to attract four hundred and seventy nine Dao-Seeking Face. Can this Jiao Shiyi beat his result?

Jiao Shiyi slowly arrived before the school of Dao-Seeking Fish and sat down with his legs crossed. The murderous look on his face was withdrawn all of a sudden, as his aura turned calm as a millpond, as if he had turned into a celestial being.

The rare change took the envoys and the crowd by surprise.

Even though this Jiao Shiyi was crazily in love with Jiang Bilan, they could not help but approve of his extraordinary talent. The way he could instantly control his thoughts had already surpassed many of the participants.

At that instant, a total of five hundred and thirty Dao-Seeking Fish turned around and stared at Jiao Shiyi. After a slight hesitation, a total of five hundred and nine Dao-Seeking Fish swam toward his figure while wagging their tails, spinning around Jiao Shiyi’s figure, as if they were dancing elegantly, causing the crowd to be astonished.

The surrounding geniuses wore a shocked expression on their faces;Five hundred and nine, Jiao Shiyi managed to trigger five hundred and nine Dao-Seeking Fish!

The spectating envoys’ faces shuddered violently, before an uproar took place among them.

“Five hundred and nine! That’s five hundred and nine Dao-Seeking Fish! It’s one of the best results even in previous years’ trial!”

“HAHA, Jiao Shiyi must join our Feiyang Sacred Area!”

“My ass, he belongs to our Qinglong Sacred Area!”

“F**k, are you looking for a fight?”


Although with his achievement, it was no longer the envoys’ concern to fight for his possession, they could not help but start quarreling with one another.

On the top of Duanmu Peak, the three Peak Leaders from Feiyang Sacred Area wore joyful expressions. They did not expect Jiao Shiyi to give them such a surprise.

“Peak Leader Duanmu——”

The other two Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area almost ran out of patience. Such a genius would definitely have a bright future ahead of him. It would serve as a great loss if they didn’t recruit him into the Qinglong Sacred Area.

“It’s fine.”

Peak Leader Duanmu purposely wore a stern look and shook his head while uttering the words.

The three Peak Leaders of Feiyang Sacred Area wore a grin in their hearts. Their guess was right;this Peak Leader Duanmu had set his eyes on some other participants, but he had not expected Jiao Shiyi to be so outstanding.

...Meanwhile, on the dojo...

“Fatty, did you see that?” Jiao Shiyi’s eyes sprang open as his body emitted a remarkable yet icy aura, “Remember to mind your words when you’re talking to Bilan!”

“Humph! Who do you think you are? Do you think your result is brilliant? If I don’t see you as human, you’re not a human!”

Sima Kong snapped with a scornful attitude, before he took a bite of his drumstick.


Jiao Shiyi’s face turned dark;this fatty was more shameless and stubborn than he had thought. He clearly knew that it would not get him anywhere if he continued to quarrel with him. He then glanced at Qin Nan and said, “Qin Nan, since you dare to humiliate Bilan with your words, I assume you to be quite confident in your talents. I’m eager to know how many Dao-Seeking Fish will you be able to attract! If you can’t even beat my result, please keep your mouth shut in the future!”

Nobody expected Jiao Shiyi to challenge Qin Nan at this time. Even Jiao Zhe could not stop him in time.

“You? What rights do you have to challenge me!”

Qin Nan let out a smirk.

This Jiao Shiyi kept on provoking him;did he really think that I’m one to be bullied so easily?

If it weren’t because these fish were staring at him weirdly, he would not hesitate to take his turn, and show him their difference in terms of talents!

“I don’t have the right? Then go ahead and prove me wrong;show the geniuses and the spectating envoys and Peak Leaders that you truly have the strength, instead of uttering boastful words here!”

Jiao Shiyi stood while holding his hands on his back;his gaze at Qin Nan was filed with provocation and battle intent.

This sparked the interest of the surrounding disciples and envoys. Judging from Qin Nan’s Inner Core, his talent should be quite extraordinary. How many Dao-Seeking Fish would he be able to attract?

The eyes of Peak Leader Duanmu standing on the top of Duanmu Peak glistened upon seeing this. Although he was confident that Qin Nan would make miracles happen here, he was eager to witness with his own eyes;What kind of result will Qin Nan achieve?

Qin Nan halted his breathing after being aware of the crowd’s gaze, as he glanced at the school of Dao-Seeking Fish.

It was as if the Dao-Seeking Fish were aware of his gaze, as they once again cast their side glance at Qin Nan at the same time while swimming freely around. It was as if there existed some sort of intelligence in their blue eyes.

Qin Nan could feel his hair standing on end, as his heart was filled with a great alertness, causing him to swiftly withdraw his gaze.

“What the hell do these Dao-Seeking Fish want from me?”

Qin Nan scolded in his heart.

Now that Jiao Shiyi had challenged him, how could he treat it like nothing;but at the same time, there was no doubt that something bad would happen if he were to walk toward the Dao-Seeking Fish.

“Screw it, who cares about the danger, since when am I scared of it?”

Qin Nan’s eyes instantly showed a hint of determination as he took a step forward in the direction of the Dao-Seeking Fish.

Who cares if there’s a terrifying surging flood in front of me, what has to be done must be done!

At that instant, a tremendous wave of energy exploded within Qin Nan’s body, causing him to be stunned. He then ignored the gazes of the crowd and sat down with his legs crossed while holding his breath.

The crowd of geniuses, the envoys, and the six Peak Leaders were stunned.

What’s going on?


In the midst of their doubts, blurry figures of beasts suddenly appeared behind Qin Nan’s figure, uttering a series of blasting roars, resulting in a spectacular sight.

Without any warning, a sprout of flames was ignited on Qin Nan’s palms, which was then spread to his entire body in the blink of an eye, causing his figure to be engulfed in a ferocious flame. At the same time, they could faintly see the silhouettes of an armor plate being drawn on top of the flame.

At that instant, the geniuses and envoys were dumbfounded. Even the Peak Leaders were astonished.

What’s happening?

Only the divine Sense of sixth-layer Martial Emperor Realm experts were able to materialize phantoms!

And it appeared that the strength of his flesh was currently on par with sixth-layer Martial Emperor Realm cultivators!

That being said, Qin Nan’s cultivation was only at the half-Martial Emperor Realm!

Leaving that aside, at the start of the trial, Qin Nan’s cultivation had already had a breakthrough, which grabbed the attention of the crowd.

Now only a period for five incenses to burn has passed, and he’s about to level up again?

Leaving that aside, how did both his divine Sense and flesh improve from the third-layer Martial Emperor Realm to the sixth-layer Martial Emperor Realm in one go?

What kind of f**king bullshit was this!

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