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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 325


Chapter 325: Chapter 325 - The Brawl Between the Great Authorit

Chapter 325 - The Brawl Between the Great Authorities

At that instant, Qin Nan’s body tensed as his scalp turned numb.

Imagine a school of miraculous Dao-Seeking Fish swimming randomly in mid-air in front of the Peak Leaders, hundreds of envoys, and hundreds of disciples, all casting their side glance at you;how would you feel?

Qin Nan had always been sharp with his senses. This time, his instincts were trying to alert him of a great danger.

“Damn it, what the hell is happening?”

Qin Nan immediately gave up on the thought of participating in the trial, as his face was filled with an unpleasant look.

Why are these Dao-Seeking Fish staring at me, despite the fact that it’s my first time seeing them?

...Meanwhile, in the surroundings of the dojo...

The eyes of the envoys flickered as a chatter took place among them while they were spectating the trial.

“Have a guess, who’s going to be the King of Geniuses this time?”

“It should be Jiao Zhe i think, not only has he a seventh-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, he also has a just and kind attitude, with a firm will. It would be a surprise if he doesn’t get first place.”

“I don't think so;don’t forget about the Saintess of the Trading Alliance and that Pang Qiu. Both of them are quite mysterious too, and they might be able to turn the tables around!”

“It’s possible, so it’s hard to guess for now! However, it’s easier to guess if the King of Genius this year ends up triggering five hundred Dao-Seeking Fish!”

“Five hundred Dao-Seeking Fish? You gotta be kidding! Since the sect was established, no more than ten people have managed to attract five hundred of them!”


Besides the envoys, the six Peak Leaders at the top of Duanmu Peak had their eyes fixed on the dojo too.

“Peak Leader Duanmu, since you have taken two geniuses just then, and we didn’t even say a word, why don’t you give us this Jiao Zhe and Jiang Bilan? How’s that?” A Peak Leader of the Feiyang Sacred Area smilingly said.

The other Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area let out smirks in their hearts after hearing the words.

Everyone knew that this Jiao Zhe was Jiao Shiyi’s brother, and Jiao Shiyi was deep in love with Jiang Bilan. If the Feiyang Sacred Area recruited Jiang Zhe and Jiang Bilan, Jiang Shiyi would be going with them too.

As for that Pang Qiu, he was brought here by the Feiyang Sacred Area, so he would no doubt join the Feiyang Sacred Area in the end.

“I don’t agree with that;I’m the one appointing Jiao Zhe. Feel free to take Jiang Bilan, but Jiao Zhe will be following us.” One of the Qinglong Sacred Area’s Peak Leaders said with a smile.

Old fox!

Since Jiang Bilan was the Saintess of the Trading Alliance, even after joining a Sacred Area, she would be busy with the Trading Alliance still. On the other hand, there was no doubt that Jiang Zhe would have a bright future.

The three Peak Leaders cursed in their hearts, but still wore calm expressions on their faces, “In my opinion, that won’t be idea——”

Before they finished talking, Peak Leader Duanmu burst out laughing and said, “Jiang Zhe and Jiang Bilan? Feel free to take them, but on one condition;we of the Qinglong Sacred Area will be picking from the rest of the geniuses first!”

The Peak Leaders were startled.

What did that mean?

Did Peak Leader Duanmu just give up on acquiring Jiao Zhe, Jiang Bilan, and Jiao Shiyi?

“Peak Leader, this…”

The other two Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area immediately spoke, but halted their speech after seeing the stern look on Peak Leader Duanmu’s face.

The three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area wore suspicious looks.

Something’s not right!

This Peak Leader Duanmu was willing to give up three geniuses so he could choose the remaining geniuses first;why was that? Could it be that there’s a more terrifying genius hiding among the crowd?

As soon as the thought came to their minds, they immediately got rid of it. Only Qin Nan was quite interesting among the crowd, but they assumed Qin Nan’s Martial Spirit’s rank to be relatively weak, since he was only at the half-Martial Emperor Realm now, a huge difference compared to the other three geniuses.

“Peak Leader Duanmu, that’s what you said, don’t you go back on your words!” One of the Feiyang Sacred Area' Peak Leaders could not help but burst out laughing, wearing a pleasant smile on his face.

“That’s for sure.” Peak Leader Duanmu glanced at the dojo and his eyes flickered, “Someone is having a go!”

The other Peak Leaders immediately directed their focus to the dojo.

...Meanwhile, somewhere ten thousand li away from the Qinglong Sacred Area...

A powerful figure bursting out with a terrifying aura soared across the sky at a great speed, causing the space he passed by to vibrate vigorously.

The figure turned out to be Peak Leader Luo from the Feiyang Sacred Area, who had been at the Mystic Spirit Sect too!

“Damn it! Damn it!” Peak Leader Luo wore a furious expression as he uttered a roar, “Eldest Brother, I’ll never forgive you! You dare to send Third Brother to stop me! You f**king piece of shit, when was the last time the Feiyang Sacred recruited a peerless genius! If you guys ended up acquiring Qin Nan, I’ll demolish your Qinglong Sacred Area!”

“HAHA, Fourth Brother, why are you so mad? Eldest Brother is only being concerned with Qin Nan’s wellbeing, the Qinglong Sacred Area suits him better!”

Behind Peak Leader Luo, Peak Leader Zhang who was wearing a robe displayed a pleasant expression on his face. Judging from the time, they should be at the Dao-Seeking Fish trial by now, right?

If the trial has begun, Eldest Brother will definitely recruit Qin Nan!

“Third Brother, f**k you three hundred and sixty-seven times!

Peak Leader Luo let out a roar without turning his head around, as he increased his speed further, causing the space to shudder violently like shocking explosions.

The truth was that there was a reason why Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Zhang from the Qinglong Sacred Area would cooperate in order to stop Peak Leader Luo from the Feiyang Sacred Area at all costs!

Just a while ago, the Trading Alliance had sent over ten ‘shadows’ to Luohe Kingdom, but they were intercepted these Peak Leaders. In the process, they became aware of a strange fact.

These shadows of the Trading Alliance seemed to be gathering information about Qin Nan!

Why were they searching for Qin Nan?

With this concern, the three Peak Leaders immediately investigated Qin Nan’s background.

Through it, the three Peak Leaders could no longer resist their urge!

Achieved one thousand steps in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, making history in the Mystic Spirit Sect!

Completed the fifth round of the Trial of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, and obtained its secrets, the first one ever in history!

What was the Martial Serendipity Pavilion?

The three Peak Leaders were well-informed of it;even the two Sacred Areas did not dare to disturb it, which was also known as one of the forbidden areas of the lower district!

Apart from that, they had also received a message from Fang Jian.

Qin Nan with his mere half-Martial Emperor Realm cultivation completely crushed the Trading Alliance’s Ancient Dragon Auction;even the Six-Eared divine Being failed to find any evidence!

Were all these possible for an ordinary person?

Even other eighth-grade Xuan ranked geniuses would not be able to achieve such outstanding results!

Therefore, the three Peak Leaders assumed that in the trial of the Dao-Seeking Fish during the selection of the two Sacred Areas, Qin Nan would possibly achieve a shocking result!

Maybe… he could even surpass Tang Qingshan!

As a result, the three brothers began to fight each other in order to recruit Qin Nan to their sect!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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