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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 324


Chapter 324: Chapter 324 - Dao-Seeking Fish

Chapter 324 - Dao-Seeking Fish

Last time the eyes of the divine Battle Spirit acted strangely, and they led Qin Nan to discover the left eye of the divine God of Battle. Now that it’s happening again, did that mean another body part of the divine God of Battle was appearing?

“No no, the reaction is extremely weak, but it’s very close!”

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts as his eyes quickly scanned his surroundings.

Now that the duels between the Martial Emperor Realm participants were on, more people were crowding at the dojo, with disciples facing off with each other on over a hundred rings, utilizing their Martial Spirits, magical weapons, Martial Skills, etc., resulting in the dojo being filled with shockwaves and explosions.

“Could it be him?”

Qin Nan’s gaze was locked onto a dojo, on which stood Jiao Zhe and a genius.

Jiao Zhe wore a stern look on his face, “Friend, I try my best in every duel I face. I apologize in advance if I were to cause you injuries.”

Saying this, he slowly took out an ancient sword from his storage bag.

The ancient sword was extremely unique;its surface was carved with numerous intricate runes, and the razor-edge was filled with variously-sized gaps. The sword appeared to be an antique, but the aura emitting from the ancient sword was utterly terrifying.

“It’s the sword!”

Qin Nan’s breathing halted.

When the sword appeared in his sight, his left eye burned slightly fiercer, with a hint of intimacy, as if the sword was linked with his blood.

“I got it;this sword is somehow stained with the aura of the flesh of the divine God of Battle, but an extremely weak one, which is why the left eye of the divine God of Battle is triggered…”

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization, who made up his mind after taking a deep breath.

Either way, he had to obtain this ancient sword.

There existed a relationship between the sword and the flesh of the divine God of Battle. It was highly possible that he would be able to find the remaining body parts of the divine God of Battle through it.

That being said, Qin Nan did not make his move instantly. After all, this ancient sword was now in Jiao Zhe’s possession. Even though it was extremely important to him, it was not reasonable for him to rob it. The only choice now was to communicate with Jiao Zhe after the selection, and see if he were willing to trade it.

“Let’s take a look at the cultivation of the participants!”

Qin Nan took a deep breath and calmed his thoughts, before he glanced at Jiao Zhe, Sima Kong, and the others.

There was a reason why these people had been appointed by the Peak Leaders—Jiao Zhe, accompanied by a ferocious aura, ended up defeating his opponent with a single blow. Sima Kong on the other hand, flung his drumstick like a mace and knocked his opponent out by giving a blow to his head. Despite the hilarious sight, there was something worth mentioning about it;it appeared that Sima Kong’s chubby flesh had practiced some body-tempering technique, granting him such extraordinary strength.

Apart from Qin Nan’s observation, the envoys surrounding the dojo were secretly taking notes too while analyzing the talents of the participants, but they showed no sign of expressing their thoughts yet, as it was only the first round, which was aimed at having a brief understanding of their strength. The real deal was the upcoming second round.

“The duels of the Martial Emperor Realm participants have finished! The third phase begins now;the duels between Xiantian Realm cultivators…” After a slight hesitation, Fang Jian then read a list of numbers.

There were only a few Xiantian Realm disciples compared to the Martial Emperor Realm disciples. The opponent Qin Nan was facing was also a half-Martial Emperor Realm cultivator, but ended up being defeated with just a single punch, causing the envoys and the geniuses to let out a sigh, as they were unable to observe Qin Nan’s true strength.

After half the period it took for an incense to burn, the trials of the Xiantian Realm disciples came to an end.

“According to the rules of the selection, Martial Ancestor Realm experts are not required to take part in the second round!” Fang Jian uttered with a thunderous voice, “Martial Emperor Realm and Xiantian Realm cultivators are advised to take part in the second round. I’ll go through the rules;the trial this time is different than usual. The two Sacred Areas will be using a rare being of the Heavens and Earth, known as the Dao-Seeking Fish! It is able to smell the potential, talent, Martial Spirit, and personality, etc. of you, and decides whether to approach you or not. A higher number of fish indicates a greater hope to become a real expert in the future!”

Dao-Seeking Fish?

The geniuses were stunned;it was their first time hearing of such a fascinating being.

Qin Nan frowned slightly too, but he soon came to a realization. This Dao-Seeking Fish most likely has the same concept as the Potential Stone of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, with a slight difference in terms of capabilities.

“We’ll now invite Peak Leader Duanmu to unleash the Dao-Seeking Fish!”

Fang Jian turned around and yelled while bringing his fists together.


The crowd could only hear an explosion coming from the peak of the mountain, as if a giant hand that traveled over hundreds of li was striking downward, tearing the space above the dojo. Fish began to swim freely out from the gap, although they were currently in mid-air.

The fish were thoroughly crimson in color, and their eyes emitted a blue glow. On their gills were two long whiskers, while their scales were filled with countless runes, giving them a mysterious aura.

The gap vanished as nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish swam out from it.

“Such miraculous Dao-Seeking Fish!”

Apart from the crowd, Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with a surprised look too.

Although the Dao-Seeking Fish did not possess any cultivation, Qin Nan failed to see through them even with his left eye of the divine God of Battle.

Fang Jian scanned the geniuses and smilingly said, “This Dao-Seeking Fish is fascinating indeed. I believe most of you would know the Imperial Exterminator, right? Let me remind you—the Imperial Exterminator managed to trigger six hundred and sixty-six Dao-Seeking Fish in his attempt, astonishing the two Sacred Areas!”

After saying this, Fang Jian swiftly added, “Of course, one’s Martial Spirit’s rank is important to attract the Dao-Seeking Fish, but that is not all that matters. Back when the Imperial Exterminator was a participant, there was one guy whose Martial Spirit was two grades higher than his, but he still lost to the Imperial Exterminator!”

The crowd was utterly astounded hearing this.

As expected of the Imperial Exterminator, making history by crushing the ultimate rule of the Canglan Continent!

“Ok, let’s start the trial.” Fang Jian said, “You guys decide on the order yourself. By the way, you won’t need to do anything in the trial, there’s no need to unleash your Martial Spirit. All you have to do is to walk closer to the Dao-Seeking Fish, and they will automatically swim to you.”

The trial began, but nobody moved among the geniuses.

No one was willing to take the first move without observing the situation first. It would serve as a great loss if they ended up triggering less Dao-Seeking Fish as a result.

“Well, if no one is trying, I’ll be first then. Let’s see if I can break the record left by the Imperial Exterminator!”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself, as his blood started boiling.

For this round, his opponents were no longer the participants around him, but the record left by the Imperial Exterminator!

However, as soon as he took a step forward, an indescribable feeling rose in his heart, a very strange one, as if he was being locked onto by a beast, but he could not feel any life-threatening danger around him.

“What is going on?”

Qin Nan stood behind the crowd and checked his surroundings, but he realized that even Jiang Bilan was not looking in his direction;she was busy observing the Dao-Seeking Fish.

“That’s weird…”

Qin Nan frowned slightly as he directed his gaze toward the dojo. With a glimpse, he froze.

The nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish continued to swim around in mid-air. The blue glow from their eyes and the crimson glow from their bodies combined together, resulting in a mystical sight. However, Qin Nan sharply discovered that despite the fact that the nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish were swimming in a disorganized fashion, their eyes were casting side glances at him!

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