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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 323


Chapter 323: Chapter 323 - The Burning Left Eye of the divine G

Chapter 323 - The Burning Left Eye of the divine God of Battle

The crowd became aware of the strange sight that was taking place on the dojo.

“Able to give birth to divine Sense at a cultivation of the half-Martial Emperor Realm, I’m afraid not many people have managed to achieve that!”

“What do you mean not many people? It’s my first time seeing it!”

“Strange, very strange indeed;could it be that this lad has some extraordinary treasures or some sort of unique martial technique?”

“That still doesn’t make sense!”


The envoys were immersed in a chatter.

Although these Martial Dominator Realm experts were quite knowledgeable and had witnessed countless odd phenomenons in their lives, it was their first time seeing Qin Nan’s case, and they had never heard of it before either.

As for Qin Nan, he had no idea that he had once again become the limelight of the crowd. He was fully focused on managing his Inner Core.

Similar to the incident before, streams of golden light could be seen emitting from the Inner Core, which coiled around its surface, resulting in another three golden lines marking the surface. As a result, the Inner Core now had six golden lines on its surface.

Besides, Qin Nan also discovered that the moment his Inner Core had six golden lines marked on it, the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique and the Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling both had breakthroughs, reaching the Greater Success Stage. Even his initially hundred-zhang[1]-wide divine Sense was expanded, becoming two hundred zhang wide!”

“Bizarre, absolutely bizarre! My Inner Core now has three extra golden lines, which caused my strength and my divine Sense to be on par with a third-layer Martial Emperor Realm presence, but it still feels dead, as if the connection between it and the Heavens and Earth was shattered, thus unable to trigger the Tribulation…” Qin Nan was utterly confused.

He had initially thought that the rare change of his Inner Core this time would be able to trigger the Tribulation, but it fell dead once again.

“Is it possible that my Inner Core would never trigger the Tribulation, although it’s going to keep improving?”

Qin Nan’s face turned dull.

After devouring the streams of Chaos Qi, his Inner Core continued to grow stronger and surpass ordinary people, but he was still unable to level up!

“F**k it! Since you like to devour the Chaos Qi to improve yourself, I’ll let you devour it all! I’m eager to know if you are able to reach the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm!”

Qin Nan clenched his teeth and controlled streams of Chaos Qi to dissolve into the Inner Core once again.

The Inner Core shuddered violently, before absorbing the Chaos Qi in a frenzied manner, a total of twenty streams in a row, before it fell silent after being shrouded in a grey mist.

Obviously, the Inner Core was once again trying to have a breakthrough, although there was no sign of the Tribulation being triggered!


Qin Nan exhaled deeply and got rid of the thoughts in his mind, before his eyes sprang open.

He was stunned after his eyes were opened, seeing the geniuses surrounding him and their eyes staring straight at him, as if they were looking at some kind of ‘monster’.

“Qin Nan, that’s so sick!” Sima Kong immediately went up to him and blurted out, “Tell me quick, how the hell did you give birth to divine Sense with just a cultivation of the half-Martial Emperor Realm?”

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization;apparently, the crowd’s attention had been attracted by the rare phenomenon taking place as his Inner Core was leveling up.

“Qin Nan, congratulations. It seems like your cultivation has improved once again.” At that instant, Jiang Bilan took a step forward wearing a blossoming smile on her face, as if she was sincerely joyful for Qin Nan’s sake.

Jiao Shiyi held his breath after seeing this. He had spent many years trying to pursue Jiang Bilan’s love, but she had never treated him like that before.

Qin Nan and Sima Kong both wore disgusted expressions.

How shameless could this Jiang Bilan be?

“Qin Nan, what’s with your expression? I see that you are seeking death!” Jiao Shiyi went enraged.

Qin Nan dares to show such a disgusted expression despite Jiang Bilan’s attitude toward him;this is ridiculous!

“Shut up!” Jiao Zhe lashed out a slap to Jiao Shiyi’s head, before he brought his fists together at Qin Nan, “My friend Qin Nan, sorry about that;my young brother here lacks some manners…”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned cold;this was the second time Jiao Shiyi had tried to stir up trouble with him.

At that instant, the duels of the Martial Ancestor Realm experts had come to an end. Eight Martial Ancestor Realm experts were selected by the Peak Leaders. The remaining were then appointed by the envoys to join the two Sacred Areas.

Fang Jian was clear on the situation taking place, as he immediately blurted out, “Ladies and gentlemen, the duels of the Martial Ancestor Realm experts have finished. Now, let’s move on to the duels of the Martial Emperor Realm experts! Number one hundred and twenty versus number one hundred and thirty;one hundred and thirty-one versus one hundred and thirty three…”

“Mind your manners!”

Jiao Zhe uttered a roar at Jiao Shiyi and gave Qin Nan an apologetic look, before his figure landed on a ring with a flicker.

“Qin Nan, I’m warning you;you better be more respectful toward Jiang Bilan!” Jiao Shiyi was about to make his way to his respective ring after his number was called. Before he took his leave, he said to Qin Nan with a cold tone, “Otherwise, when my brother is not around, I’ll surely make you pay!”

After saying this, with a kick, his figure flew into a ring.

On the other hand, Jiang Bilan wore a sorry look, but a hint of pride flickered deep within her eyes.

Qin Nan, weren’t you full of yourself?

Now that you have befoed Jiao Shiyi, regardless whether he’s able to defeat you, you won’t have a pleasant time here!

“This Jiao Shiyi is definitely a dumbass, too bad my opponent is not him, otherwise, I’d teach him a lesson on your behalf!” Sima Kong spoke with a furious look, but no one knew if he was serious about it.

Qin Nan glanced at Sima Kong without saying anything.

All of a sudden, a burning sensation could be felt coming from his left eye, and despite the fact that it was extremely faint, Qin Nan managed to detect it.


Qin Nan was startled;Why was the left eye of the divine God of Battle reacting this way?

Following this, Qin Nan’s expression changed greatly as a sudden thought came up to his mind.

This burning sensation… Wasn’t it the same feeling from the Longhu Mountain Range?

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Same as Li(里), Zhang (丈)here is a unit to measure distance. Its value varied over time, but I’ve always treated it as six-foot in the novel since its traditional Chinese setting, and back then people used it to describe the average height of a man, which is why husbands were called Zhang Fu (丈夫) in ancient times.


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