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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 320


Chapter 320: Chapter 320 - Willing to be Her Tool

Chapter 320 - Willing to Be Her Tool

The crowd could only see a chubby man chewing at a drumstick in his hand, leaving oily stains on his face.

The chubby man took another bite at the drumstick and glanced at Qin Nan before he exclaimed, “This buddy right here was exactly right, well f**king said! This Jiang Bilan is an absolute b*tch, who dares to cause such a scene here. If my cultivation were strong enough, even slapping her in the face would not be enough to release my anger.”

Jiang Bilan was startled.

The surrounding disciples were astonished.

Where did this fat guy come from, and why would he be cursing the Saintness?

At that instant, another blurry figure arrived from the sky, who also had a vague appearance, “Fang Jian, this guy is Pang Qiu, the genius whom I appointed. Please take good care of him.”

After saying this, the blurry figure vanished.

The crowd was utterly amazed. They had not expected this slobby fatty to be someone who was appointed by a Peak Leader.

Fang Jian was astounded, as this Peak Leader had always stayed in seclusion in the Qinglong Sacred Area, and it was rare to meet him in person. To his surprise, this Peak Leader would also appoint a genius. It was his first time doing so in the past five years.

“Pang Qiu[1]? What an interesting name.”

Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a glow as he glanced at the chubby man. However, his expression changed after the glimpse.

What Pang Qiu, he could see five extraordinarily brilliant black lines on his forehead—this guy was none other than Sima Kong!

Why was this Sima Kong a participant for the selection of the two Sacred Areas, and how was this guy appointed by a Peak Leader?

Sima Kong gave Qin Nan a wink after realizing his identity had been exposed.

At that instant, Jiang Bilan spoke in a calm tone, “Err, this Pang Qiu friend, I’m afraid I’ve never met you before. Why would you embarrass me with your words?”

“Hehe, you’re asking me why?” Pang Qiu let out a strange chuckle and said, “I, your brother Pang, has always been a straightforward man. Who does not know the cunning behaviors of the Trading Alliance? You won’t differ too much long as you are from the Trading Alliance!”

The geniuses could feel their lips twitching after hearing the words.

The cunning behavior of the Trading Alliance?

Within the lower district, the Trading Alliance was famous for being just and fair, but why was it a totally different case in his words?

As a result, many of the geniuses felt sorry for Jiang Bilan. It’s obvious that Jiang Bilan didn’t do anything bad at all, but she ended up being humiliated in such disrespectful manners. That being said, no one would dare to comment further on the topic, as this fatty was someone appointed by a Peak Leader, a powerful talent.


Jiang Bilan had already felt unpleasant after stumbling into a brick wall when facing Qin Nan. Despite her remarkable patience, she was on the verge of turning furious after being scolded like that.

However, before she could go enraged, a sudden loud roar was heard, which felt like a bomb being detonated!

“How bold!”

Following the roar, a piercing sound was heard, as a white-shirted young man holding a longsword emitting an icy glow could be seen dashing toward Pang Qiu while emitting a terrifying murderous intent.

“Stop it!”

A sudden change took place to the scene;before the crowd could react, Fang Jian uttered a furious roar and reached out his hand, which transformed into a giant hand and grabbed the streams of Sword intent in his hand, nullifying the attack.

Following this, Fang Jian snapped in a cold tone, “Friendly duels are permitted in the Qinglong Sacred Area, but murder is a serious crime! Since it’s your first time breaking the rules, your life will be spared this time. If it were to happen again, you will be slain right on the spot!”


The white-shirted man withdrew the sword as his expression turned dark. Although his killing blow was stopped, he had no intention of hiding the murderous intent in his eyes.

Meanwhile, another blurry figure arrived from the sky, who uttered a blasting yell, “This genius is appointed by me!”

The crowd was utterly astonished once again.

Another Peak Leader!

This white-shirted man who appeared ferociously was also appointed by a Peak Leader!

“Damn it, so what if you are appointed by a Peak Leader? I don’t even know you, and you are trying to kill me;are you insane!” Sima Kong went enraged as his chubby hand exhorted a powerful might. It was as if the drumstick in his hand would be hurled like a weapon anytime soon.

“I don’t know you!” The white-shirted man spoke in a cold tone, “But you dare to humiliate Bilan with your words;killing you a hundred times would not be even enough to repay your sin! And you, you are Qin Nan, right? I was told that you too had humiliated Bilan! I don’t care if you team up with this fatty. I’ll seal my cultivation and have a fight with you two!”

The white-shirted man glanced at Qin Nan, his eyes fully filled with murderous intent.

Qin Nan’s eyes gradually turned sharp.

I just finished dealing with an idiot, and here comes another one?

Although this white-shirted man possesses a sixth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, he really thinks he can defeat both of us with the same cultivation level?

Leaving aside Qin Nan, Sima Kong was someone who was marked with five black lines. Even the left eye of the divine God of Battle was unable to peek through all his secrets. It would not be a problem for him to smash this white-shirted man.

The surrounding geniuses were astounded. This white-shirted man is indeed ruthless, planning to fight them two when he had just arrived here.

“F**k, you dare to challenge us two because of that b*tch? Do you think I’ve been eating vegetables all my life?[2] Forget about sealing your cultivation;show me what you’ve got, and be prepared to be spanked by my drumstick!” Sima Kong shuddered violently due to his extreme anger, causing the fat on his flesh to vibrate vigorously.

I, Sima Kong, had roamed across the lower district for many years, since when have I been disrespected like this?

Do you think you are Qin Nan!

“Because of that b**ch?” It was as if someone had just stepped on the white-shirted man’ tail, causing him to turn exceedingly furious as he snapped, “I, Jiao Shiyi, don’t care if she offended you two, or if you two offended her. If you dare to humiliate her, I’ll surely murder you!”

The surrounding crowd was startled.

They finally realized that this Jiao Shiyi was most likely a suitor of the Saintess. Therefore, he planned to fight them regardless of the truth.

“Jiao Shiyi, are you done?”

However, at that instant, an angry voice was heard.

The crowd could only see a white-robed man carrying a longsword on his back wearing a furious expression as he approach them. With a closer look, it appeared that his looks bore some similarities with Jiao Shiyi’s face.

Furthermore, behind this young man stood a tall blurry figure, who appeared to be another Peak Leader!

“Jiao Zhe?”

One of the disciples among the crowd let out a scream, as his face turned pale.

The other geniuses were shocked after hearing the name.

“What? He is Jiao Zhe?”

“Even he is participating in the selection?”

Crap! There’s no doubt that he will be the King of Geniuses! Why are we even here!”


Qin Nan’s eyes glistened as he glanced at Jiao Zhe’s figure.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Pang Qiu (胖球) means plump/chubby ball.

[2] TL Note: No offense to vegetarians or vegans. It’s a slang in Chinese which is the same as saying ‘Do you think I’m that weak?”


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