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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 32


Chapter 32 -Turning the Tables

In Xiao Qingxue's view, a sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit could only be somewhat admired.

However, an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was enough to heavily capture her attention.

An eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, how significant was that?

Even in the Mystic Spirit Sect, a person with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit would be considered one of the top talents.

For example, Xiao Qingxue's own was an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

’’Qin Nan, you...’’ Xiao Qingxue was indeed one of the top talents of the Mystic Spirit Sect, as she was able to calm herself down quickly, but a hint of a grudge could be seen in her eyes as she said, ’’You... You are pretty good at concealing it!’’

Qin Nan smiled and said while holding his fists together, ’’Elder Xiao, I was not purposely hiding it, I hope you understand. Besides that... Elder Xiao, with my current Martial Spirit's grade, am I qualified as a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect?’’

Upon hearing this, Xiao Qingxue let go of her grudge and faced the crowd, before saying in a loud voice, ’’We are only accepting one disciple in this Mystic Spirit Sect Disciple Recruitment Ceremony. Now, as an outer elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect, I declare Qin Nan to be the champion of the trials, and also an outer disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect!’’

The words were accompanied by a fearsome aura, which covered the area like an explosion.

It awakened most of the crowd who had lost their thoughts from the endless stream of shocks.

Despite that, Qin Tian, Tie San, and the others still had blank expressions on their faces, yet to recover from the shock.

On the other hand, Bai Heng's face was pale white.

The faces of Fang Rulong, Fang Li, and the people of the Fang Clan were pale too.

The faces of Qin Changkong, Qin Tieba, and their crew were even paler.

Qin Tian and Tie San's group were still confused, because they were unable to make sense of why Qin Nan who was initially a first-grade Huang ranked trash had turned into a top genius with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and was now a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect.

As regards Bai Heng, Fang Rulong, Fang Li, Qin Changkong, Qin Tieba, and the others;they now realized they had offended someone who they could not afford to offend at all.

An eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, one that only existed in the legends;whoever had it was known as the real one in a million genius!

The only one to be selected as the outer disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect in Lingshui City!

Offending someone with either identity was unwise.

However, they had seriously offended Qin Nan.

They mocked him, bullied him, and had even tried to kill him on multiple occasions... Would the current Qin Nan let them go?

A smile appeared on Qin Nan's face, who gently brought his fists together in a gesture toward Xiao Qingxue, expressing his gratitude.

Immediately after, Qin Nan's eyes looked toward Bai Heng on the platform and said, ’’Elder Bai Heng, I did ask you before;is it fine for a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect to kill some ordinary worldly people?’’

’’Err...’’ Bai Heng hesitated at the sudden question, but he quickly reacted by nodding his head like a chick pecking the rice on the ground, and said, ’’Yes yes yes, that is the case. Junior , do you have any worldly enemies? You can tell me straightaway;I'll help you to deal with them. Even though my cultivation base is not that high, it is more than enough to eliminate these worldly people!’’

In an instant, Bai Heng had completely abandoned the Fang Clan, and said the words with a flattering tone. It was not Bai Heng's fault;the main reason was that an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was simply too overwhelming.

The others might be clueless, but Bai Heng knew clearly that since Qin Nan had awakened an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, Qin Nan's status would be higher than his own once he joined the Mystic Spirit Sect.

This was because the Martial Spirit that Bai Heng possessed was only sixth-grade Huang ranked.

As a result, with Qin Nan's current identity, dealing with Bai Heng would be as easy as pie.

Between a rare talent eighth-grade Huang ranked disciple and an ordinary sixth-grade Huang ranked disciple, his sect would definitely choose the former and abandon the latter.

’’You have my thanks, Elder Bai Heng.’’ Qin Nan smiled gently, and he did not reject Elder Bai Heng's offer.

Even though in Qin Nan's heart, Bai Heng was included in the 'must-kill' list, since Bai Heng was a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, along with the fact that his cultivation had reached the peak of the Xiantian Realm, Qin Nan was unable to defeat him with his current capabilities.

Hence, Qin Nan decided to take his time to deal with Bai Heng after he had arrived at the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Qin Nan then looked toward the people of the Fang Clan and said, ’’You Fang Clan know clearly what has happened today. Now, I would like the Fang Clan to give me a satisfying resolution!’’

Fang Rulong, Fang Li, and their crew found themselves shivering, as fear grew unreigned in their hearts.

Resolution? What could they do?

The fact of the matter was that they had made a deal with Elder Bai Heng to forcefully threaten the Qin Clan. They even turned most of the people of the Qin Clan into betrayers after Fang Rulong showed his Martial Spirit... If Qin Nan did not show his authority suddenly, their Fang Clan would have wiped out the Qin Clan on the spot.

What resolution was possible to settle such deep hatred between the two clans?

In that moment, Fang Rulong, Fang Li, and the others could only stare at Qin Nan with begging eyes.

They knew in their hearts that the fate of the Fang Clan together with their lives would be determined by Qin Nan's decision.

’’Young Master Qin Nan!’’ Suddenly, a loud voice was heard, which continued, ’’The Fang Clan should not be spared! Before when the Fang Clan was threatening us, I betrayed the Qin Clan and joined them. Since then, I had the thought to wait for the right time to avenge the Qin Clan! Who could have thought you, Young Master Qin Nan, would stand out in the end...’’

No one had expected the one talking to be Qin Changkong.

Qin Changkong was dancing around, his face bright red while he said these words, as if every single word wasn't insincere. Everyone was stunned;how was it possible that there was such a shameless person in the world?

When he saw this, Qin Nan let out a sudden laugh an icy cold laugh as he said, ’’Shut your mouth.’’

Since Qin Nan still had his eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit unleashed, every single word of his was accompanied by a powerful and imperious pressure.

As the three words were spoken, Qin Changkong's expression changed immediately;he felt like an invisible mountain was pressing down onto his body, rendering him unable to speak any longer.

Qin Nan then stared at Qin Changkong, Qin Tieba, and their group of people with a pair of icy cold eyes, as he said, ’’Now, there is no point of explaining anything to me. I already knew that you were trying to overthrow my father which I did advise you not to do. Furthermore, when disciples of the Qin Clan were being crippled, not only did you not rescue them, but you instead chose to fawn over Bai Heng... And finally, when the Qin Clan was under threat from the Fang Clan, you chose to betray the Qin Clan and join the Fang Clan without any hesitation... You have to understand, from that moment onward all of you were no longer a part of the Qin Clan!’’

When they listened to the words, Qin Changkong, Qin Tieba, and the others'faces turned dull, filled with regrets.

Previously in the Qin Clan, Qin Changkong who thought he was the top genius, after awakening a fifth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit kept on mocking and annoying Qin Nan. He even participated in his father's plan to overthrow Qin Tian.

Qin Changkong and Qin Tieba finally realized how laughable their actions were.

They dared to call a genius with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit trash?

They dared to oppose a genius with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit on multiple occasions?

It was not only Qin Changkong and Qin Tieba, but the deacons and elders of the Qin Clan were also full of regrets too.

Previously at the Qin Clan, Qin Nan had already advised them in the Conference Hall, but none of them had listened.

They had treated Qin Nan as trash, as a waste!

Furthermore, what made Qin Changkong, Qin Tieba, and the people even more regretful was that when they were facing the threats of Fang Clan they didn't choose to stay in the Qin Clan? Why didn't they choose not to surrender even if it meant death?

If they had not betrayed the Qin Clan, it was possible that Qin Nan would have spared their lives because of their identities as part of the Qin Clan...

However, being regretful was not at all helpful in this world.

They could only blame themselves for bullying the weak, fawning upon the strong, and being extremely scared of death.

Qin Nan gave an expressionless look at the Fang Clan and Qin Tieba's group, as he said, ’’You all must forfeit your cultivation and leave Lingshui City. I'll give you time it takes three incenses to burn to do so. If you don't do so in the given period, I will show no mercy. If anyone disagrees, you can come up here now, and I'll grant you a quick death!’’

Every single sentence was filled with heavy murderous intent!

The people of the Fang Clan together with Qin Tieba, Qin Changkong, and the others had dull expressions on their faces, as they lowered their heads.

They had no other choice;in fact, Qin Nan's suggestion was the best outcome for them.

At least, their lives would be spared.

At the same time, from today onward, the Qin Clan had become the real powerhouse of Lingshui City with no opponents left!

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