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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 319


Chapter 319: Chapter 319 - Active Provocation

Chapter 319 - Active Provocation

The words served as a grenade, causing the geniuses to open their eyes wide and drop their jaws.

Who was Jiang Bilan?

The Saintess of the Trading Alliance!

One who was appointed by a Peak Leader!

Not to mention her glamorous appearance and the gentle attitude.

In other words, Jiang Bilan was exactly the ‘goddess material’ in the crowd’s heart, and Qin Nan treated her with utter disrespect and demanded her to piss off?

Even if there existed some conflict between Qin Nan and Jiang Bilan, he should not be so harsh with his words.

That being said, although the geniuses at the scene were hot-blooded younglings, they were not stupid at all. It was clear to them that Qin Nan most likely possessed a formidable background since he had the guts to utter such words after knowing the Saintess’ identity.

“My friend Qin Nan, why do you hate me so much?” Jiang Bilan curled her lips in a pitiful manner, “I know it was my fault for allowing the previous incidents to happen, but I hope you would give me a chance. With all honesty, I only want to be friends with you.”

Be friends?

With all honesty?

Qin Nan almost burst out laughing.

Although he had met some shameless pricks before, he had never seen anyone as shameless as Jiang Bilan. Qin Nan was confident that although she appeared to be sincere and regretful—and even after being scolded many times in a row—this Jiang Bilan would never repent.

“You are someone with a significant identity, and so am I. There’s no point wasting my time talking with you.” Qin Nan said with an expressionless face, “Therefore, can you just piss off like I asked you? How shameless are you!”

According to Qin Nan’s temper, he would usually lash out a slap on impulse. However, this Jiang Bilan had reached the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, resulting in a significant difference in terms of their cultivation.

If he were to fight her, it would not be considered courageous, but idiotic.

“Qin Nan…” Jiang Bilan’s expression remained the same, but her eyes began to turn teary, who appeared to be more pitiful than before.

Princess Miao Miao squinted her eyes as her tiny hand emitted an icy aura.

She could guarantee that if this Jiang Bilan were to continue acting shamelessly, she would definitely slap her in the face.

Were you trying to be a prick by abusing your peak Martial Emperor Realm cultivation?


The Princess shall teach you some manners with a slap!

However, at that instant, an unsatisfied voice could be heard, which turned out to be Huang Zhiheng turning mad, “Qin Nan, what’s wrong with you? I don’t know what happened between you two, but I only saw how Saintess Jiang Bilan treated you sincerely, and you decided to humiliate her with your words. Where is your tolerance as a respected genius?”

“That’s right!”

“Well said.”

“How narrow-minded!’


Many of the geniuses burst out scolding after hearing Huang Zhiheng’s words.

It was a great honor to receive the fondness of the Saintess, and yet this Qin Nan humiliated her twice in a row. Therefore, they immediately expressed their dissatisfaction and stood up for Jiang Bilan.

“Are you Jiang Bilan’s pet dog? If not, please stop barking!”

Qin Nan’s eyes coldly flickered.

Jiang Bilan’s words were no doubt setting him up, and yet these geniuses following the lead of Huang Zhiheng ended up falling for it such easily.

These guys have no idea that they are being used as tools;how are they even qualified to participate in the selection of the two Sacred Areas in the first place?


Huang Zhiheng’s expression turned dark. As a genius with a fourth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, since when had he been humiliated like this before? He immediately uttered a roar, “Qin Nan, I will not abuse my advantage. I’ll restrict my cultivation to the half-Martial Emperor realm and promise not to use any weapon or Martial Skill mastery, do you dare to fight me?”

A duel?

The crowd was startled.

The geniuses from Jianghuang City, in particular, wore complicated expressions.

As for Jiang Bilan, she continued to speak in a pitiful tone, “Senior Brother Huang, please don’t initiate a duel. It was my fault all along, so I can understand Qin Nan’s attitude. Don’t be mad;I believe he will approve of my sincerity after I apologize to him a few more times, and he will forgive me…”

“Forgive?” Huang Zhiheng glared with his eyes open wide, who turned even more furious, “A person like him is not worth apologizing to. I will challenge him to a duel today, and teach him some manners!” He then glared at Qin Nan and snapped, “What now? Weren’t you being smug just then? Are you too afraid to fight me?”

“Mind your words.” Qin Nan’s finger emitted a crackling sound as he calmly said, “Seal your cultivation first.”


Huang Zhiheng had completely lost his mind due to his anger, as he immediately sealed his cultivation.

Fang Jian squinted his eyes in mid-air, but he showed no intention of stopping the duel.

A hollow laugh could be seen deep within Jiang Bilan’s teary eyes. It was all part of her plan to manipulate the geniuses so they would be Qin Nan’s enemies.

It did not matter whether Huang Zhilong would win the duel or not;with just a few sentences, she was able to stir up trouble for Qin Nan, placing his life in danger without doing much of anything.

As for the geniuses at the scene, some of them cheered for Huang Zhiheng, while the others shook their heads and chose to be bystanders and spectate the duel.

“I’ve done sealing it!”

Huang Zhiheng’s restricted his cultivation to the half-Martial Emperor Realm and uttered a roar, “Bring it on!”

As soon as he said the words, with a shoosh, Huang Zhiheng could only see his vision turning blurry. Before he could react, a powerful punch could be seen expanding in his eyes, which landed on his face in a surprisingly fast manner.


A loud explosion took place in the ears of the crowd.

Huang Zhiheng’s entire figure was smashed into the ground, as his eyes rolled. The mark of a fist could be seen on his retracted face, as his nose and everything were broken, leaving him in a weakened state as he lost his consciousness.

At that instant, the geniuses cheering for Huang Zhiheng were stunned. The geniuses spectating the duel were stunned.

Was… Was that the end?

Although it was a fair fight, this Huang Zhiheng had a fourth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, and was a genius appointed by an envoy. How did he get knocked out by a single punch?

The rage in Qin Nan’s heart gradually dissipated, as he expressionlessly glanced at the geniuses cheering for Huang Zhiheng and said in a calm tone, “I hope you will use your brains more before you speak. Jiang Bilan forced me into a corner by damaging my reputation, causing an entire city to cast me aside. She even ordered experts to suppress me just to rob my possessions. None of you knew the truth, so you should keep your mouths shut. Otherwise, in a fair battle, you will share the same outcome as that guy over there!”

After saying this, Qin Nan’s eyes emitted an icy glow.

The geniuses who were cheering for Huang Zhiheng shuddered violently, as they could feel a chill rising in their heart. At the same time, a sudden thought came to them, Why would Qin Nan treat Jiang Bilan with such attitude for no reason? There must be some reasons behind it, and we are totally clueless about it.

The thought of them cheering for Huang Zhiheng caused them to feel embarrassed due to their idiotic act.

Jiang Bilan wore an unpleasant expression. She did not expect the Huang Zhiheng who she had spent her time provoking would end up being defeated in a single blow, which caused her to feel low-spirited, as all her efforts were in vain now.

“Well said!”

All of a sudden, a loud roar could be heard.

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