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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 316


Chapter 316: Chapter 316 - The King of Geniuses

Chapter 316 - The King of Geniuses

“How is this possible…”

Leng Aotian was utterly dumbfounded.

Shouldn’t he be the winner of this year’s selection for the two Sacred Areas?

How did he lose to this Qin Nan who appeared out of nowhere?

Are you kidding me!

Leng Aotian’s expression turned incredibly dark, who almost vomited blood on the spot.

How disgraceful!

Last year, he suffered a total defeat after stumbling into that genius. Following it, he spent a year cultivating in seclusion just to come first this year, and finally achieved an outstanding result of forty inches. However, he ended up encountering this Qin Nan who managed to draw the entire saber out from the ground after discovering its true form!

Why am I so unlucky?

What did I do to deserve this?

Is God pulling a prank on me, by not allowing me to come first despite all the effort I put in!

“Qin Nan, I hate you!’

Leng Aotian withheld the anger in his heart and uttered a roar at Qin Nan before fleeing from the scene.

Qin Nan was utterly confused;I don’t think I’ve offended him before. Isn’t it just a competition, why does he hate me all of a sudden?

“Leng Aotian!”

The envoy of the Feiyang Sacred Area’s face turned pale as he rose from his seat and planned to chase after him. However, before he could react, Leng Aotian’s figure had already vanished from his sight.

Cough Cough, I did remind you there’s no point for this competition. Leng Aotian had already suffered a great shock last year;why would you want him to suffer again this time? But you never believed my words, and insisted on betting with me…” Fang Jian let out a sigh while shaking his head. Leng Aotian was quite talented, leaving him with a great future ahead. However, his luck was not that great, and with his stubbornness, together with the shock he just experienced, it would not be easy for him to recover.


The envoy of the Feiyang Sacred Area felt like vomiting blood, but he was instantly left speechless.

Meanwhile, the geniuses now looked at Qin Nan differently.

At the beginning, they were disdainful toward Qin Nan, as they assumed him to be appointed due to this background.

However, Qin Nan was able to reveal the true form of the saber and completely drew it out from the ground. There was no way they could match his talent.

“Brother Qin, sorry for misunderstanding you just now.”

“Junior Brother Qin Nan, it was my fault for what happened just then. I hope you wont fuss about it.”

“Hehe, I know you are a forgiving person, who wouldn’t bear grudges against us.”


Although the geniuses felt quite awkward, most of them were willing to apologize.

The ability to know when to yield and when not to yield was essential for true geniuses. It was quite rare to meet someone who was so extreme about coming first.

“It’s not that of a big deal.” Qin Nan brought his fists together and smilingly said, “It’s all luck that I’m able to draw the saber out, all thanks to my eye-technique, which allowed me to see something different. As for the previous two rounds, there was something wrong about my cultivation, which prevented me from taking part in the trial. As a result, Envoy Fang Jian decided to appoint me so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.”

“No wonder…”

The geniuses finally knew the truth now;even those who did not apologize in the first place went up to Qin Nan and begged for forgiveness.

These people initially thought that Qin Nan was pretending to be weak so he could attract the attention of the crowd.

“That’s all for today, congratulations to those who managed to pass the trial.” Jianghuang stood up and said with a smile, “I have to admit that this year’s selection is quite remarkable. I’m very pleased with your performances. However, don’t feel too relieved yet, as the real trial only starts after passing this trial. According to the tradition of the two Sacred Areas, since the ultimate trial was being held at the Feiyang Sacred Area last year, it’s the Qinglong Sacred Area turn this year to organize the trial! You will be taking a day off to rest up, and we will be heading to the Qinglong Sacred Area tomorrow!”

“Got it!”

Over a hundred disciples who passed the trial uttered a yell at the same time, their eyes showing a hint of excitement.

Although Qin Nan had ended up grabbing all the attention of the crowd during the selection, they were not too fussy about it. They understood that there would definitely be differences between people, thus there was nothing like a total fair competition for everyone. What they should be focusing on now was joining the two Sacred Areas, and striving to improve their strength, in order to achieve their own goals.

After Jianghuang finished organizing everything, he uttered, “Qin Nan, follow me!”

Following this, Qin Nan, Fang Jian, Princess Miao Miao, and the Longhu Ancestor Beast were led by Jianghuang into a room inside the City Lord’s Mansion.

Jianghuang held the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge in his hand, who stared at the chilly reflection on the saber’s surface with a complicated expression. He could not help but exclaim, “I’ve finally understood why I was unable to fully awaken its consciousness after all these years, because I’ve been wrong all this time… Qin Nan, this is all thanks to you!”

Qin Nan shook his head while wearing a smile.

He had incidentally discovered the secrets of the saber with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, which allowed him to awaken its consciousness. That being said, even without its secrets, Qin Nan was confident that he could still have thoroughly dragged it out from the ground!

“I remember that you are a saber user. Since you are the one who drew it out from the ground, I’ll now gift this Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge to you, as a reward for coming first in the trial, how does that sound?” Jianghuang suddenly spoke.

Qin Nan was startled, as he did not expect Jianghuang to say such words. He immediately shook his head and said, “Jianghuang, this saber is no doubt a rare piece of treasure that possesses an incredible value. Thus, I will not accept this gift. Besides, this saber doesn’t suit me at all anyway.”

These words were the words of his lungs[1].

After arriving at Jianghuang City, Qin Nan always had the chance to acquire a saber that belonged to the category of Emperor Weapons, or even Dominator Weapons. However, he had decided not to do so, mainly because in his view, the most important factor was the person holding the saber.

If the person holding the saber was strong enough, even a Mystical Weapon would be able to destroy a Dominator Weapon.

Therefore, Qin Nan would not be greedy for any magical weapon, as his own strength was his only focus.

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast both wore dull expressions. Qin Nan is such an idiot;why wouldn’t he accept the gift and sell it later, it would definitely allow them to earn a huge fortune.

Jianghuang’s eyes were filled with admiration. Following this, he said in a calm tone, “Qin Nan, although I have no idea regarding the exact rank of your Martial Spirit or your strength, I have to remind you that the trial at the Qinglong Sacred Area will be completely different than the trial here. The upcoming trial will have geniuses that the envoys and the Peak Leaders discovered within the lower district. Everyone will possess incredible talents that you can’t afford to underestimate.”

“That being said, if possible, I hope you will become the King of Geniuses this year!”

“King of Geniuses?” Qin Nan was startled.

This time, it was Fang Jian’s turn to speak, “The selection of the two Sacred Areas is different comparing to other sects’. Firstly, we will gather all the geniuses at the same place, and let them display their strength through the trial. Following this, the two Sacred Areas will pick the geniuses that they are fond of. When the two Sacred Areas are both interested in the same genius, to an extent that they would fight one another just to claim the person, that genius will be known as… the King of Geniuses!”

“So that’s what it is!”

Qin Nan immediately understood. When the two Sacred Areas gathered the geniuses in one place and tested their strength, only those with outstanding performances would be able to attract the attention of the envoys and the Peak Leaders of the two Sacred Areas, causing them to fight one another in order to recruit the talented ones. As a result, the one who stirred the most epic competition between the two Sacred Areas would be regarded as the King of Geniuses!

“Very interesting!”

Qin Nan let out a smile, as the blood in his body became excited once again.

Following this, the crew chatted with one another, and Qin Nan spent half of the day cultivating while observing his Inner Core. The following day, under the guidance of Fang Jian and the envoy of the Feiyang Sacred Area, the group departed for the Qinglong Sacred Area!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: A common idiom in Chinese, which refers to words being uttered with all honesty.


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